My Mom Made It Boutique for Open Shoulder Tops

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Eating ice cream wearing tops that My mom made it for women's clothes

My Mom Made It Boutique for Open Shoulder Tops

Quote of the day: “You can start having an impact on your immediate environment. Be kind, listen, have goodwill. It has a ripple effect. I’ll start there.” Gal Gadot

Many of you brought up the idea of a Mom Made It Boutique since my mother is such an amazing seamstress. We worn quite a few things my mom has made including some t-shirt dresses recently.  And the funny thing is I had just read this post from my Forever Fierce friend, Anita. In her post she used this open shoulder top pattern to make her shirt.  I sent the post to my mom and she went out to purchase the pattern. Needless to say the material was from her stash in the basement. And I’ll give you more insight into the specifics about the materials below.

I still see many open shoulder tops out in public and at the stores. We have worn this kind of shirt on the blog 2 summer’s ago, because I think they work for us older women. Heck, since then, Nancy has purchased a couple of other versions of this blouse and my mom wears hers regularly.

My mom made it with an open shoulder top

As for the quote, let me relate it to our Forever Fierce group on Facebook. That’s how I know Anita who is the inspiration behind these tops. I met her in LA last summer when the group met for the first time. She was there with her husband Cecil, who ended up passing away just a couple of months ago (less than a year from when we had met him) from a brain tumor. It was a huge reminder of how life can be so short and fragile.

Needless to say Anita has been so inspirational in her faith even during the hard times. And I’m looking forward to giving her a huge hug at our next get together in LA on October 19-21. Catherine gives 17 reasons why everyone should attend this event. The only requirement is being part of the Forever Fierce FB group and being kind.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

My mom made it with a striped top for women over 50

Shorts: LOFT (similar here)~~Top: Mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: DIYed by Jude-Merona (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: c/o Trendz (similar here)~~Hat: Chico-c/o (similar here)

My mom made it hand sewn for women over 40

My mom made it with print mixing for women over 40

Why I Wore This Outfit

I really wanted to work in some print mixing with this top. My first attempt was a new polka dot maxi skirt, but the blues didn’t seemed to work together. So I opted for these shorts. I know many women give up wearing shorts after a certain age. That’s why I was so happy that Lesley wore a pair last week.

I’ve worn these shorts on the blog before and I really love them. They seem long enough when I’m standing; however, when I sit down I’m not as comfortable. So I decided to lengthen them as much as the hem would allow. It made them almost an inch longer, and now I bet they will get much more wear.

How You Could Change This Outfit

Silver sneakers are really like a neutral. These were DIYed for me by a wonderful friend 2 years ago. I’m always surprised at how much I wear them because they really go with everything. But if you don’t have or want a pair, then white sneakers would be great too. Or denim sneakers. Don’t you think you’d wear those a ton?

Interesting Tidbit

I can’t believe how much I’ve loved this clear purse. When you just don’t have the right color purse, it’s the right color. Besides, you can change the look of it by using different colored small bags inside it. And the obvious fact of how easy it is to find your phone is a big plus.

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit

At the park wearing cold shoulder tops that My mom made it for women's clothes

Pants: Casual Corner (similar herethese are a fabulous deal. You might want to stock up for next summer)~~Top: Mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: Rocket Dog (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here as the cutest pineapples)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

My mom made it hand made for women over 70

My mom made it hand sewing for women over 60

Why Nancy Wore This Outfit

Since it was a hot day, Nancy grabbed her capri pants to stay cool. I had suggested white bottoms since the top was white and green, and it would look very summery. We all ended up wearing sneakers since it was an outdoor event, and these blush sneakers have been a great buy for Nancy.

I love that she accessorized with yellow for her earrings, purse and bracelet. It’s a great way to introduce a third color which looks so modern.

How You Could Change This Outfit

If you aren’t a huge fan of adding in another color to your outfits, then a white purse would be perfect too. Heck, this is probably the best time to snag one while they are on sale for the end of the season. Or how about a straw purse? That’s another great summer bag that’s being sold for a great price right now.

Interesting Tidbit

Nancy just bought this hat at a small store in an independent assisted living community where she was visiting a resident. Considering we have been wearing hats more and more, along with the fact that the proceeds went to help the people who live in this place, it was a perfect purchase. I do have to laugh that Nancy is becoming as good a shopper as my mother. Leave no gift shop unturned!

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

My mom made it by hand for lady over 80

Pants: SK (similar here)~~Top: Mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: Keds (similar here)~~Earrings: Target (similar here)~~Purse: Wine Carrier (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

My mom made it by hand for older lady

My mom made it hand made for women over 80

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

My mom forgot to include this part in the synopsis I ask for regarding each outfit. So let me give you the scoop. When I went over to her house after these tops were done, she had hung up this blouse with 2 different green pairs of pants. And I know many of you are the matching type too. Yet I’m trying hard to give us other options. Why you ask? Because most of you are already good at matching. That’s how you grew up and that’s what you’re used to doing.

So leave it to me to try to push you out of your normal and introduce you to some other ways to combine pieces in your closet. The advantage of this is you can look more modern and stylish on top of having way more clothing combinations. What it comes down to is I asked my mom to wear this top with her yellow pants. And she lovingly obliged.

How You Could Change This Outfit

Maybe you don’t have yellow pants in your closet? If you still wanted to keep covered, you could always opt for tan pants. Or how about a maxi skirt? Even jeans would work with this top if the weather isn’t incredibly hot.

Interesting Tidbit

The white flowers that my mom added to the front of her straps came from a neighbor who also sews. This neighbor had an estate sale so my mom had purchased several shoe boxes of sewing notions.

On a different subject, my mom’s purse is also a wine carrier. For those of you who remember the one I was carrying recently, my mom saw this at Bed, Bath & Beyond and remembered how I had used it as a purse. She loved the colors so much that she bought it. Trust me, there will never be wine in there unless I get my hands on it.

Summer fun wearing items that My mom made it by hand with tattoos

Tips & Tricks

When I first saw these open shoulder shirts at the stores, I thought every woman would love them because you could still bare your shoulders, wear a normal bra, yet cover the upper part of the arm. Yet what I quickly learned when I suggested this, is that not everyone is a fan. Shocking, I know.

For those of you who complain that your shoulders are too broad or other such poppycock, I’d like to point out that there are so many variations available. Just like with any other clothing item, if you really want to wear it, I’m sure you can find one that appeals to you. If you don’t like it, that’s your prerogative too!

Summer fun wearing items that My mom made it by hand for older lady

Oudoor fun wearing items that My mom made it by hand for older lady

We attended an outdoor picnic wearing our matching tops on this very warm day. It was a day of fun events like face painting (which we had the artist paint on our shoulders instead), corn sack throwing, Jenga, and even an ice cream truck.

Needless to say the ice cream truck was my husband’s favorite part. And it’s a local ice cream called High Point Creamery with the most amazing flavors. I had Salted Caramel, and Rob had Coffee Bean.

Are you interested in the material for these tops? My mom started with the green and white print that she found in the basement. After she started putting the pieces together, we found some holes in the material from a seam, and we think they used to be curtains that hung in one of my old houses. She didn’t have enough for the third top, so I suggested this blue & white stripe material. It was also in the basement as a material purchased to line a trunk from ages ago. That never happened so why not use it for a clothing item? This striped material is a little stiffer, so she found the white material, which is also curtain material, for the ruffle. Hey, if Scarlet O’Hara and the von Trapp children can wear curtains, why can’t we?

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