My Research with Comfortable Bras Comparing Styles and Companies

My Research with Comfortable Bras Comparing Styles and Companies

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Is there such a thing as a comfortable bra

My Research with Comfortable Bras Comparing Styles and Companies

Comfortable bras? Are they unicorns?? I’m sure many of you would believe that, but I’m here to talk some biology and maybe that will help you figure out an option that would be better for you. (And no, this isn’t a sponsored post)

Quote of the day: “The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” Dale Carnegie

I’m a firm believer that our bras can be a game changer. Having the girls in the right place make clothes fit better, along with making us feel younger! This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed this matter on this blog. But I started to get irritated with the fact that at the end of the day, my bra was annoying me. You know that feeling, wanting to yank it off as soon as you get home?

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Then this summer, I decided I was going to find a comfortable strapless bra and I’ve tried 10 of them (which will be a blog subject soon). Along the way, I decided to delve more into researching comfortable bras comparing styles and companies. So here we are.
Of course the thing to remember is we are all different. Different shapes, different concerns and different struggles. So while one type is great for me, you need to analyze the facts I’m sharing to find what’s good for you.

First, Comfort

Comfort is very subjective. So let me define what it means to me and what has changed in the way I look at comfortable bras.
Uncomfortable is the idea that you want to tear off your bra after hours of wearing even though it felt fine when you first put it on in the morning. That is because the band does 80% of the work for your bra and that is what is driving you crazy at the end of the day.

But now think of the man who lays on a bed of nails. Have you ever seen that? (We had a physics professor at CU that demonstrated this….it was SO cool). The reason he can lay on a bed of nails is because his weight is evenly distributed over the sharp nails.
And that’s the secret for finding comfortable bras, at least for me. The idea that the “band” is not just a two inch piece of material helps to evenly distribute the pressure and even at the end of the day, makes it not annoying!

Some of you might talk about underwires as being uncomfortable. Personally, that isn’t the case for me, so it’s not what I will focus on for this post.
So let me give you my history with comfortable bras and some facts as I see them. And let me add in ALL of these bras I am reviewing are comfortable for ALL day along without that back fat look!!


This is the first “aha” moment I had with comfortable bras. It was a sponsored post at the time for the three of us to try out Shapeez bras. The big selling factor was the disappearance of back fat or any bra lines!!
It was after wearing my Shapeez bra that I realized how and why they were more comfortable.

Variety: There are cami versions along with this short version. I wear the short version during our Arizona summers and they are not any hotter than a normal bra.
I have not tried the wireless version, but it’s available.
1. Easy to step into and out of with no clasps.
2. No uniboob
3. Wicking fabric which is why they aren’t hotter than a normal bra.
1. The molded cups tend to make me look bustier. I couldn’t order the non foam style because it’s not available in my size.
2. The other disadvantage is the limited colors (only black and nude).
3.The higher back can also be seen under some of my lower cut tops.
My favorite: The tankee short. I do like the camis, but they ride up a little. Not super annoying, but I like the shorter ones even more.

Ruby Ribbon comfortable bras

Ruby Ribbon

I wanted to try Ruby Ribbon when my friend, Shelbee, shared about these comfortable camis. However, when I checked their site, I didn’t find my size. Too bad, I didn’t ask more questions at the time, because they do size differently than the usual.
However, then I was reintroduced to them and told they did have my size. The first 3 demi styles (like the short version of the Shapeez above), I purchased on my own during one of their sales. Then Carol also sent me a cami version one to compare to my Shapeez one for the purpose of this post.

If you are interested in Ruby Ribbon, please go through Carol’s link here, and she has a sizing form that allows you to find the types that work for you. Use the contact me form in the upper right of her page to tell her what you need and she will take care of the rest. Or email her at and tell her I sent you.

Variety: They not only have cami and demi versions of bras but also shaping bottoms and leggings. Another nice option is whether you want full support or light support. It’s much more tailored this way.
1. What I love is the different colors. In fact, maybe you remember my “leopard cami” under a low cut top lately. That was really my leopard demi bra!!
2. There isn’t any padding so I look much smaller in the bust—-yay!!
3. No uniboob
4. Wicking fabric so easy to wear in the heat.
5. TONS of sizes and personalized options like how much support, etc.
1. While I like the no padding, this could be a disadvantage under light colored tops. That’s why they have “petals” available to purchase. However, I just use some pads I had from other sports bras when I don’t want to “nip out”.
My favorite: Again, I like the shorter one which they call “demiette.”
$50 (on sale) – 84


I happened to be shopping at Marshalls, and saw a 2-pack of these for $15. Could such a great deal even be real? I figured even if I hated them, I could wear them around the house because the tag said lounge bras.
These are fabulous however, they must be discontinued since they aren’t on the Nautica site anymore. That’s probably why they were at Marshalls.

Therefore, I can give you the rundown on them, however, once Sierra is sold out (through that link above), I’m not sure how to get more. But it has taught me a couple of details to look at when trying other brands.

Variety: No idea.
1. I loved how tight these were. They really kept the girls in place.
2. No padding which can be good or bad depending on what you like. Easy to add a form if you need it but it doesn’t come with it.
3. Middle separation so no uniboob.
1. I had to put these on over my head. Too tight to step into them.
2. The V is not very low, so I can’t wear it under all tops.
3. Nylon material so not for 100 degree days.
4. It did stretch out and wasn’t as tight after I washed it.
2 for $15…A STEAL.


So many women talk about Soma and seem to love the brand. Therefore, this research would not be complete without trying their version of these bras.
The first one I ordered online was a total miss….no support at all. However, when I returned it in the store, the manager was very helpful and showed me the Enbliss bralette.

Of course, when you say bralette, I think no support, which goes to show it’s helpful to talk to someone instead of just shopping online.

Variety: I tried the standard and the racerback version. But there isn’t any variations and sizing besides these.
1. Comes with removable cups.
2. Soft material but not wicking.
3. Could step into or put on overhead.
1. No middle separation so it creates the uniboob.
2. The material is soft but not great for 100 degree days.
3. Band is not as thick so doesn’t keep the girls quite as perky.
My favorite: The standard seems more comfortable. The racerback pulled annoyingly around my neck for some reason.
$46-48 but many times they have BOGO 50% off or other sales.


I found these options to be SO eye opening. Truly, I have been wearing all of these options daily and I never have that feeling of needing to yank it off at the end of the day.
Do I ever still wear my “normal” bras. Rarely. If my top is such that I need a “smaller” bra, then I usually resort to one of the strapless ones I love. (Can you believe I said I love a strapless bra. I know, it’s crazy. But be on the lookout for that post too!!)
The only other time I wear my “normal” bras is when I go to a facial or massage, because I don’t want to get the oils on these bras.

A couple of tips:
1-Don’t wash the pads if possible or at least hand wash them.
2– Alternate. Meaning, don’t wear the same bra 2 days in a row. This holds true for any bra so the elastic doesn’t get strained.

Do I have a favorite from the above? I would say my LEAST favorite is the Soma bralette just because I don’t love a uniboob and I sag a little more in it. But if that doesn’t bother you, they are inexpensive and soft.
My favorite? I would say that I LOVE all of the options that Ruby Ribbon offers and they have occasional sales too. Yet while I love the fact that there are some colors available, I only wish there were more. However, the other nice thing with Ruby Ribbon is you are supporting a small business. It is a company like Tupperware and you are helping out a real person with your purchase.

My research with comfortable bras

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