My small bathroom with memories

My Small Bathroom and Easy Hacks to Keep It Cute and Uncluttered

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My Small Bathroom and Easy Hacks to Keep It Cute and Uncluttered with Where Bloggers Live

Who really wants to see my small bathroom? I wasn’t the only one that had that reaction when Bettye suggested “Now I sit me down to poop” (her words, not mine, LOL). Bettye laughed that she has a very UNBLOG worthy bathroom, yet I bet her photos turn out amazing. She has such a knack for great photos.
And here I am with somewhat “nice” albeit small bathrooms, yet I struggled with the photos.

Quote of the day: I am still determined to be cheerful and to be happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learnt, from experience, that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not upon our circumstances.” Martha Washington

While I have a couple of hacks that work for us to make my small bathroom workable, I am not always perfect about keeping them uncluttered. This is definitely a case of doing what I say, not what I do, haha!!

Guest Bathroom

If you’ve been here a while, then you might remember that we just moved to this house 2 years ago. This house that we purchased had been flipped before we moved into it. The house is a mid-century house built in 1967. Therefore, the bathrooms are small with only one sink in each of them.

I thought you might like to see the guest bathroom before and after it was redone. We liked everything about the “new” guest bathroom except the original bathtub that wasn’t in the best shape.
The new white cabinets and black quartz countertops were all part of the flipped house which we thought was marvelous. These are all used in both bathrooms and even the kitchen (which you can see in my kitchen post).

Adding in a walk-in shower to the guest bathroom was one of the three projects that we had done soon after we moved into the place. And luckily we did it before coVid and the rise of construction costs.
We did worry that taking out a tub would hurt our resale value; however, our realtor thought that wouldn’t be the case since we live in a retirement community. Plus it’s what we wanted.

Adding Decor

Even though it’s a bathroom, why not make it pretty if you can. I decided to take a canvas painting that had been hanging in our kitchen in our other house, and use it above the toilet.

There was no towel rack in this bathroom, and a traditional rack might have interfered with the shower door opening outwards. That’s when I came upon the idea of using the brushed nickel command hooks. I used two medium-sized ones for the hand towels, 2 large ones for the bath towels, and smaller hooks for the washcloths.
I consider it towel wall art!

Other Hacks for the Guest Bathroom

Solar light

Just recently we added a solar tube light to the ceiling in our guest bathroom because it had no outside window for natural light. I know you look at it and think it’s a light, but it’s a tube to the outside instead. What this means is during the day, we don’t need to turn on the light.

We just marvel at how it makes the bathroom seem bigger because it’s so light and bright. HOWEVER, my stepmom has one of these in her bathroom and it’s not as noticeable. We theorize that it’s because her ceilings are 12 feet high whereas ours are only 9 feet.
If you have low ceilings and many sunny days where you live, then this could be a fabulous addition to a dark bathroom.

Best kind of shower niche

The other thing we LOVE in the guest bathroom, even more than in the master bathroom is the shower niche. Most shower niches (as seen below in our master shower) are vertical which isn’t as helpful for storing out shampoos, conditioners, and soap.
Granted this has to be done while the shower is being installed, but if you ever are thinking of tiling/remodeling your shower, keep this in mind!

The Master Bathroom

I don’t have any photos of the master bathroom before it was flipped, but here are the photographs from when we purchased the house. One of the reasons we thought a one sink bathroom would work for us is because of the counter area right outside the bathroom which is part of our bedroom.
That outside area has become my makeup area. I didn’t include any “now” photos of this area but I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you that we added a medicine cabinet on the small wall for more storage of my skincare essentials.

My Small Bathroom Extras

Instead of decorating the wall above the toilet as we did in the guest bathroom, we decided to hang one of these bathroom cabinets for more storage. Personally, I like how there is space for a little decor with the storage unit.

If you notice, there is a cord unplugged on the bathroom counter. That is the plug for our heated toilet seat. We have one of these in both the guest and master bathrooms but only plug them in when it’s winter. Laugh if you must, but I think it’s just as good as our heated car seats!

Insider tip: If you are considering a heated toilet seat, make sure to check if your toilet is round or elongated.

Shower water filter for my small bathroom

Shower Hack

This isn’t the prettiest photo, but I wanted to showcase 2 things. One is the white piece hanging at the top of the shower. It’s a water filter system that we installed last year. The reason we tried it is for the same reasons we filter our water to drink, as a health precaution. However, a great side effect is how my skin isn’t as dry.

We also added a double shower head so we can take showers together. To make the second showerhead more convenient for our narrow shower we hung it with a mop gripper.

Other Tricks

My small bathroom gets awfully cluttered when we have both of our electric toothbrushes on the counter. So we came up with a system to store them inside of the medicine cabinet. There is enough space to have the cords plug into the outlet and still close the door.
I also love using these magnets to hold my tweezers and scissors on the back of the medicine cabinet door.

Insider tip: Did you know that I’m a retired dentist? I wrote two posts here and here if you’d like some tips and advice.

Did you know there are double towel racks? This item has been a space lifesaver in my small bathroom.

Now feel free to share your own hacks to make a small bathroom seem less cluttered. We can all learn from each other!!

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My small bathroom hacks

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