My Unique Daily Outfits For Winter

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Since I took a couple of weeks off for the holidays, this daily outfit post is a tad longer than usual. However, I didn’t showcase my outfits from when we were visiting Austin, since you will be seeing those looks later on the blog.

I worked hard to incorporate both dresses and jeans along with a variety of color combinations.


This sequin top is quite sentimental for me, so I try to wear it at least once a year. I wore it with a black skirt last winter here.

So today I tried it with my pair of leather pants that I wore recently here.

The most interesting thing about this outfit is how the boots and pants seem to match so well. YET the boots are olive green, and the pants are brown.

Insider tip: Don’t get too caught up in what “color” something says it is (or the color you “think” it is) because colors are subjective and can be influenced by the lighting or environment.

We were going out to celebrate with friends tonight, so I added pearls (2 different pearl necklaces) to the look.


This was a hang out at home day until we went to Pilates, yet I still wanted to wear fun things.

I grabbed this sequin tank top and my new “fuzzy” shacket that I found shopping on my birthday at Francesca’s. You may think of it as a young girl’s store, but I find some of the best jewelry there (and this shacket).

Insider tip: The size on the shacket was Large which isn’t usually my size. But it’s a great reminder that sizes are just as subjective as color. Try things on and don’t get caught up in the labels.

Need other ideas about styling shackets. The three of us had fun with them here.

I was trying to decide which blue necklace I should wear, so I put on both of them!! Another good trick you might want to experiment with.

Corduroy jeans were chosen to make the sequins more casual, and I picked the tan ankle boots (which are thrifted).


Merry Christmas. We were off to have dinner at Lesley’s and possibly make it to church tonight.

It was going to be a chilly Christmas here in Arizona, so I pulled out this wool dress that my mom made me years ago,

I wore it on the blog years ago with a statement necklace and grey boots. And I remember wearing it for Valentine’s day once with my original pair of snakeskin boots.

The funny thing is when I first bought my original snakeskin boots, I worried, I would never wear them. And that they would be inappropriate (I found them secondhand so they were a budget-oriented price).

However, I found that they were the perfect boot with so many of my winter dresses, that when they wore out, I replaced them.

The fur stole is thrifted also, and I held it together with a large bird brooch (found at the Vegas airport gift shop. The moral of the story is you can find some wonderful ditties at gift shops, haha)


I decided to finally don some red for the holidays. This fur-trimmed red sweater I’ve had since Rob and I started dating (over 18 years ago).

It was found secondhand and had a small hole in it, which I darned. Since you can’t really wear a necklace with it, I safety pinned a pendant on the fur.

The red plaid skirt I’ve worn with 5 different color combinations in the summer. Today, I paired it as a monochrome look.

The tights are a black print (which you can’t really see), and the black patent boots are a recent thrift store purchase.


Is it just me or do you find that normal legging can be too thin for the colder months? That’s one of the reasons I LOVE fleece-lined leggings and tights. But as another option, I decided to layer a pair of distressed jeans over my cat leggings.

I wore the faux leather top that I recently bought at Ann Taylor (still available here) with my birthday rewards. Why did I buy it? Because it’s something I don’t already have in my closet. Since it’s short-sleeved, I layered a long cardigan over it AND then a faux fur vest over the cardigan.

For my pops of color, I added in a turquoise Gibby’s scarf (found here and use code Jodie20 for 20% off) along with turquoise earrings and my turquoise glasses.


I can’t tell you how I want to keep reaching for my jeans instead of dresses when it’s chilly outside. However, I’m trying to make sure I have variety in my looks.

This outfit is one I put together thinking I would wear it for Christmas Eve Eve in Austin. I didn’t though, so it was still hanging together on my rolling rack.

The red “shirt” underneath the dress is actually a hoodie cardigan. I’ve worn it here in these blurry photos in the past.

And the dress is from when the Limited went out of business. I do love it for the winter because it’s thick and lined. I wore it on our Alaska cruise and showed how you can mix it up by wearing a skirt over it or a sweater over it. Now I switched it up by wearing the sweater under it!!

The OTK boots are thrifted and there is just a peek of leg showing. Since the rest of me is so covered and warm, the bare leg is fine even for me who is usually so cold.


Confession time: I wore this sweatshirt to Pilates and Strength Class on Monday and Tuesday. Yet it wasn’t really dirty yet, so I decided to wear it for my daily outfit too.

These jeans are suede (almost plum in color) in the front and black in the back. I wanted to wear this short-sleeved cardigan with them but was struggling with what top to wear under it. That’s when I saw my sweatshirt laying on top of my workout clothes, haha!

I added in my pink combat boots (available here) which have such a soft insole, and my Gibby’s headscarf (bad hair day). Kim always shows her headscarves pulled forward more, yet I like to have some bangs hang out. Code Jodie20 gives you 20% off.

The overall look may be a tad mismatched and funky, but then again, I would rather that than sloppy and boring!


You can tell we took photos outside before I took these since my glasses are dark. In fact, I just got 2 more pairs of glasses, both progressive and transition lenses, each for under $200. This pair is purple although I thought they were more bright pink on the website (my bad though because they were described as purple).

I feel like the color is the one thing you can’t trust buying anything online. But as long as you can tell if it’s a warm vs. cool color, then I think it’s all good.

Onto the outfit. This pair of silver camo jeans are super heavy, therefore, they only get worn in the winter. The turtleneck is dark purple, so I lightened it up with a turquoise cardigan over it.

The turquoise necklace (thrifted) pops beautifully against the darker turtleneck, don’t you think?

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