Nancy’s (60’s) Summer Travel Capsule

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What Nancy (the 60’s model) took!!

Last week we started on a three week series to show some ideas for vacation wear. The 50’s age group capsule was shown here.

Now I get to exhibit what we packed for Nancy’s 2.5 week vacation.  Background info: Nancy went on a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest.  Nancy’s travel friend usually likes to go carry-on only—gasp!  However, for this trip, she did decide it was okay to change their routine and check their bags especially because of the variation of temperatures reported for the river cruise.  We actually started planning outfits when we thought she  was only taking a carry-on, wonderfully, we were able to add more items once they came to their senses and changed the strategy (yippee).

Travel Capsule:

Travel Capsule--Shoes

Shoes: We started with shoes because they take up a lot of space. We had Nancy pack 3 pairs: a walking shoe, a dressier shoe, and a casual sandal. She did add another pair of sneakers to the mix!

Travel Capsule--bottoms

Bottoms: We then continued the process by deciding on the bottoms she should take. She included a skirt, 3 pairs of capris and 2 pairs of pants. Each piece was planned to be worn at least 3 times.

Travel Capsule--jackets

Jackets: Nancy needed more than 1 jacket.  She actually took both a raincoat & heavy coat (both not pictured) because she’d been warned by fellow travelers that had been on this same trip that the weather could be unpredictable. It’s a good thing as she did need them.

Travel Capsule--Tops

Tops: To continue be prepared for changes in temperatures we made sure to pack tank tops, short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts!

Travel Capsule--jewelry

Accessories:  For this trip, Nancy had 1 scarf (large)(not pictured), 1 hat (a must for anyplace sunny)(not pictured), 1 bathing suit for just in case they made it to the baths in Budapest (not pictured), and assorted jewelry. She actually forgot to take bracelets and so she bought two at the beginning of the trip that she wore the entire time.

Thanks again for supporting my new endeavor! This week I’ll style a Scarf for our travel experience!  To see the tunic styled for travel wear from last week: start here.