Becoming Natalie Cook from Charlie’s Angels

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Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for Older women

Becoming Natalie Cook from Charlie’s Angels

Quote of the day: “It’s important to be adaptable. You enjoy the ride instead of pining for things that cannot be.” Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Leave it to me to say “yes” to Sheela & Eve for another collaboration without really knowing what they were talking about. But Charlie’s Angels was the idea, and Sheela was truly excited for this theme. And I can see why. If you’ve been following Sheela for awhile, then you know she’s been working her butt off to get her health and body back to feeling great. And she’s succeeded amazingly. So it doesn’t surprise me that she wants to kick a– with an idea like this.

And at first, the 3 of us just didn’t know how to approach this idea. So we googled a ton of images. Sheela had told us that Natalie Cook was a little dorky and very goofy. She was the more “girly” of the group who loves one shoulder tops (well, loves showing off her arms in general). Natalie was played by Cameron Diaz in the movie.

And just like when we copied what the young girls were wearing, we have learned to take a concept and make it ours. And as you can tell by the photo above, we had quite a fun time taking these photos.

Eve  I am enthralled that Eve wore a metallic dress for Natalie Cook.

Of course the description is that she’s the “girly” girl of the group, so it makes perfect sense. And with the metallic sneakers, she’s a shining light. Eve just finished her finals for her first semester at college. So let’s all give her a pat on the back!


Sheela  I love that Sheela even wore shorts for this Natalie Cook inspiration.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that she lives in the southern part of this country, and therefore she wasn’t freezing her booty off, LOL!! Like I said, Sheela has been working out faithfully and with the determination that I only wish I had lately, so good for her for showing off her legs!

Charlie's Angels Natalie Cook

Sweater with Lace-Up Sleeves – c/o Forever21~~Blush Sock Ankle Boots – c/o Forever21~~Pink Camo Shorts – H&M~~Bracelets – c/o Kollectin

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Sometimes you read one part of the description, and that’s the part that sticks with you.

So when I read that Natalie Cook from Charlie’s Angels liked showing off her arms, I figured I could pull out my off the shoulder shirt again. Not that I’m really showing off my arms, I’m really showing off my shoulders, but that’s how my brain works at times.

This shirt was part of my outfit for our girlfriend event at Chicos this spring. I really love that it has statement sleeves, but the one thing I don’t like is that the off the shoulder portion doesn’t stay put very well.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for women over 50

And even though many of the outfits from the Charlie’s Angels movie were black, I had to throw in a little color with my earrings and bracelet. I also had a jacket in the car that was orange, since it is almost winter where we live.

When I was researching Natalie Cook’s images, I noticed that she wore many flared pants.

Of course maybe this was because the Charlie’s Angels movie came out in 2000. Were skinny jeans even a thing back then?

This pair of black trouser jeans was a purchase a couple of years ago from a consignment shop. They are denim material, but they are really more like a trouser, which I love.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels details

And just to break up the monotomy of the dark colors, I also grabbed my silver booties. My cousin commented that they were too Michael Jackson for her, but I love the quirkiness of them.

Silver truly is a great neutral, especially for the holidays. If silver booties aren’t your thing, then you could opt for a low heel, a sneaker or a loafer.

Dressing up as Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels

Jeans: Ann Taylor-thrifted (similar here)~~Top: Chicos-c/o (similar here)~~Boots: Bamboo (here)~~Necklace: thrifted (similar here)~~Earrings: thrifted (similar here)~~Bracelet: thrifted (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: When Nancy was thinking about the character Natalie Cook from Charlie’s Angels, she also fixated on the showing off the arms.

Therefore, she grabbed her latest open shoulder shirt that she had picked up the end of this summer. Along with her coated jeans, I thought this looked pretty fierce.

Inspired by Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels

For Nancy’s earrings, she chose her long pair that she received at our Chico’s event. I know Nancy doesn’t usually wear the longer earrings, so this was out of the norm for her to pick these in the first place. But I always think it’s nice to have a variety in our closet and jewelry for those just in case times.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for women in their 60's

The necklace is one of Nancy’s (and my) favorites.

I think it’s because it’s asymmetrical in it’s placement of the beads, and there are so many different colors in it, so it goes with everything.

The only disadvantage of this necklace is it tend to migrate away from the middle of her body and hang out on one of the girls, LOL! But halfway through the day, I found that if you put the longer strand through the shorter one so it was more twisted, then it stayed in place.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for women with open shoulder shirts

I’ve talked about coated jeans before on the blog, and sometimes they look like leather pants. Trust me when I say either the faux leather or coated jeans are not too young for you! There have been women of every age sporting this style lately.

And the advantage is they don’t collect pet hair. If you have pets, and you are anything like me, then you travel with your pet hair everywhere. Except with these kinds of jeans. It’s truly not as bad. Now I realize most of the versions are skinny jeans, but here’s a pair that doesn’t seem as tight.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels modern version

Jeans: Liverpool (similar here)~~Top: Caslon (similar here or here)~~Boots: Franco Sarto (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: c/o Chicos (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Confession time….I don’t think any of us saw the Charlie’s Angels movie so figuring out how to create a Natalie Cook look wasn’t easy.

I know we googled galore to get an idea of how to dress for this post, and then gave it our best shot. Many of the photos we saw online, the women were all in black, so that is the direction that my mom decided to go.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for women over 70

My mom’s sunglasses actually slide over her normal glasses so she doesn’t have to buy prescription sunglasses. There are other varieties like these and these if you think that would be helpful.

How to style Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels

The accessories that mom chose to wear for Natalie Cook’s style were black and silver.

The silver belt is one that my mom has had forever! And since she has so many owl pieces of jewelry, she has been trying to wear one almost every day. This time she opted for her owl ring.

The black leather studded bracelet really gives the outfit a little edginess, too.

Lots of black for Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels

I know most of us have at least one pair of black pants, since that was a popular post we styled this fall. Since we do wear them often, they do wear out over time. If you happen to be searching for something other than leggings, I found this pair and this pair that would work.

The black turtleneck is another one of those basics that most of us have in our closet. If yours is getting faded, then you might be looking for an updated version or just a new one.

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for moms

Pants: (similar here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Boots: (similar here)~~Belt: (similar here)~~Ring: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

I leave you with more fun and games below. If the photo below looks a little blurry, that’s only because we were moving and grooving so fast that the camera couldn’t capture us…ha ha!

Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels for Boomer women

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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