Natural Sunscreen Comparison- High End to Bargain Brands

Natural Sunscreen Comparison- High End to Bargain Brands

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Natural sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen Comparison- High End to Bargain Brands

Natural sunscreen usage has been on my radar lately, but it’s hard to know which ones are good and really “natural”. Along with the fact that my husband is sensitive to many sunscreen brands.

Quote of the day: “The challenge for anyone interested in making progree is to simultaneously have (1) the confidence to go after what you want and (2) the humility to accept who you are right now and (3) the willingness to build skills that bridge the gap between 1 and 2.” James Clear

Why this quote? Basically because I realize that I’m not the “expert” but just a real woman who wanted to find some good options. Which also means I love to share what I’ve learned.
That means this isn’t going to be an extensive comparison of “every” brand out there, but I thought you could benefit from our experiment. This is not a sponsored post.

Since we basically need to wear sunscreen daily living here in Arizona, I decided to do a mini natural sunscreen comparison. We tried out 5 different brands of natural sunscreen and I’ll give you my thoughts including where to buy them, price and their qualities.
One huge factor for Rob is that his eyes burn and water after applying some sunscreens. I realize this isn’t the case for everyone (and not for me), but I’ll include this in my comparison.

BTW, I include the EWG rating for these since we are talking about natural sunscreen. If you don’t know what EWG is, it’s an environmental work group that gives rating to products based on their toxicity from 1-10 with the less score the better. Some products are EWG verified which is even better than a 1 score.

Insider tip: Here is the link to check any of your beauty or skincare products with EWG. I always say, take it with a grain of salt, depending how often you use the product and how much you use. Sometimes it’s good to see “why” it actually received that score.

Trying out natural sunscreen

C’est Moi

Let me start with the natural sunscreen that you don’t see in the photo. The reason why?? Because we returned it.

Insider tip: Most beauty and makeup products you CAN return, even if you’ve opened them. It’s an advantage of life right now, so take advantage of it. It’s a waste of money to keep it and never use it.
Even most donation programs will only take products that are unopened unless you know a friend that can use it to give it to.

The product: C’est Moi
Where to buy it: Online at Target. I don’t know if it’s in the store.
Price: $15
Qualities: Thick to apply and grainy. It caused Rob’s eyes to water which is why we returned it. Reef safe.
EWG score: 1 which is good

Pipette sunscreen


The product: Pipette
Where to buy it: Online at Target. I don’t know if it’s in the store.
Price: $15
Qualities: Creamy and smooth. Did not cause Rob’s eye’s to water or burn. It is white at first but blends in easy. Reef safe.
EWG score: Not rated yet.

Thinksport sunscreen

ThinkSport Kid’s

ThinkSport kids from Amazon under $20

The product: ThinkSport Kids
Where to buy it: Amazon
Price: Under $20
Qualities: Thick and white when it goes on but blends in with some work. Nice smell. Reef safe. Fine for Rob’s eyes.
EWG score: 2

Summer Ready

This is an interesting concept. The premise is that it lets in more of the UVB light we use to make Vitamin D without sacrificing sun protection.

The product: Summer Ready. I was gifted this to try out under no obligation to post about it.
Where to buy it: Available on the Summer Ready site along with 2 “sun” supplements.
Price: $25
Qualities: Creamy and easy to apply. Reef safe. Fine with Rob’s eyes.
EWG score: Not listed.

Beautycounter sunscreen

Beauty Counter

The product: CounterSun (I buy this through my consultant Shelly Janac)
Where to buy it: Beauty Counter is a company that touts safer skin care products.
Price: $40
Qualities: Thick but rubs in well. Fresh smell. Reef safe. Fine with Rob’s eyes.
EWG score: 2

Crunchi sunscreen


The product: Sunlight (I purchase through my consultant Chrissy Rowden)
Where to buy it: Crunchi is a company that touts safer products with sustainable packaging. That’s why it’s in a glass bottle.
Price: $48
Qualities: Thick but you should only use a little. Glass bottle. Reef safe. Good with Rob’s eyes.
EWG score: 5 (because it has orange peel oil in it)


Some of us don’t need the reef safe option becasue we don’t go swimming, but it seems like all of these natural sunscreens have that quality.
When it comes down to it what is best for you will depend on what is needed for your lifestyle.

This is not sponsored and we purchased all of these natural sunscreens with our own money.

Rob’s favorite? Pipette and the Summer Ready
I would say I don’t have a favorite per se. I like all of these we’ve kept and will be alternating between them to use them up.

Insider tip: It is important to realize that sunscreen may expire and not work many years later. They are required by the Food and Drug Administration to remain at their original strengths for at least 3 years. How do you remember when you bought it? Put a label on the bottle with the date it was purchased!!

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