Nature Inspired Outfits for Fall

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Nature inspired outfits worn differently

Nature Inspired Outfits for Fall

Our nature inspired outfits for this week ranged from a nature print to fall colors. Mother Nature shows us many ways that the world can be a beautiful place and we can easily get so much inspiration from it all.

Quote of the day: “Winter is an etching, spring is a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all.” Stanley Horowitz

The three of us each styled our own outfits with the idea that we wanted to wear nature inspired outfits. Lesley started with a palm tree design on her sweater. I tend to gravitate toward colors when I think about seasons, so I chose yellow and brown. And my mom, Charlotte, pulled out a duster she created many years ago.

While we certainly can get into habits with the colors we wear at certain times of the year, it’s also good to be more open to new ideas. I feel like all colors are wonderful, so why not wear each of them all year long? That’s why I’ve included some much older blog posts showing some fall color combinations that may not be your first thought.

Colors and styles for nature inspired outfits

Lakeview Recreation Center in Sun City

But first I wanted to include where we took these photos.

You’ll hear more about this area of Arizona we are living in now. Let’s just say that this recreation center is aptly named Lakeview. It’s almost as surprising to have a lake in the middle of the desert as it is to have an apple orchard. Of course the lake is man made.

The funny thing is you don’t even know this part of the rec center is there when you are driving around the parking lot. It’s situated up the hill and with almost a hidden garden.

Trust me that we will be going paddle boating at some time in the future!! And we took these photos here since beautiful nature was abundant. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see a waterfall and even swans in these photos.

Olive Green and Melon

I know most of us think of the melon color as a spring and summer color. Maybe because it’s a lighter shade. Yet it’s really a close relative of orange which is the epitome of autumn.

So I found a blog post where Nancy, Charlotte and I style different olive green pieces with melon. I love how these outfits could work for spring and fall alike.

Yellow with Cool Colors

Yellow is certainly a color you see in nature especially in the trees in the fall, yet I tend to think of it again as a summer or spring color.

Yet for this blog post, the three of us paired it with different cool colors. Nancy is wearing her pale yellow with an olive green jacket (the same one as in the olive green and melon post. It just looks different because of the lighting).

I had mom wear her yellow sweater with a purple cardigan, and I opted for a blue and yellow combination.

Rust and Orange Nature Inspired Outfits

Then for those of you who appreciate more traditional color combinations, you’ll love these rust and orange outfits.

My mom always loves a more monochromatic look and chose a dark rust with a lighter rust. Nancy obviously loves the color olive green, and I added some white to the mix.

Women over 50 with nature inspired outfits

I’d love to hear your favorite fall color combinations!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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