What to wear in summer if you hate your legs for older women

Need To Cover Your Legs in the Summer?

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The idea of what to wear in summer if you hate your legs comes into play as we get older. I hear so many women diss their legs due to varicose veins, scars, and crepey skin.
Even though I am a huge proponent of loving our bodies as is, it can take years to overcome the mindset that we can only show our legs if they are “perfect.”

Quote of the day: “Those who truly lead are able to create a following of people who act not because they were swayed, but because they were inspired.” Simon Sinek

Now isn’t that a powerful quote? I only hope to inspire each and every one of us to show ourselves the love for our bodies no matter our age or their appearance.

The concept of self-love hits home for me when I think about what to wear in summer if you hate your legs. It’s taken me years to embrace my pale skin and now with the changes that come with aging, it can be a struggle.
Yet once we realize that there is no perfect, and the aging process is not one to be embarrassed about, then we don’t have to cover our legs in the summer.

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Yet there are still days that it’s easier to cover up. I discussed many reasons why this can be beneficial in Cathie’s version of modest summer wear.
So in case, you’re still wanting to know what to wear in summer if you hate your legs, Charlotte has a fabulous idea. Don’t forget to see an example with print mixing too. As well as the place we visited that required this type of attire.

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Blue blouse and maxi skirt

Skirt: Allison Taylor ~~ Top: Calvin Klein ~~ Boots: A Tulsa-Bealls ~~ Earrings: Sun City Craft Fair~~Belt: Chicos ~~ Purse: Cruise Club

Alternative to Shorts

As young girls, when the weather warmed up, we used to reach for shorts. But as birthdays accumulate, we look for alternatives to those clothing items that expose so much of our legs.

Cue the longer skirts as a perfect alternative to shorts. It’s the perfect way to cover your legs if you hate them, yet stay cool in the warmer weather.

Insider tip: Don’t overlook the maxi dresses too. They are just as fabulous.

Why are longer skirts so great? You get the coverage without sacrificing staying cool.
The other important factors are:
1-The material of the skirt. Most articles will tell you to stick to natural materials like cotton, but I think for maxi skirts, it’s more important to focus on if they are lightweight. Because the skirt is not hugging your legs, the material composition isn’t as critical.
2Shape or silhouette of the skirt. The flowier the skirt is, the cooler it tends to be, and the easier it is to move around in.
3-Details like slits or length. A slit is a wonderful addition to the longer skirts. Not only does it create more movement, and looks modern, but it makes the skirt easier to walk in.

Insider tip: You can always tie up the ends of a maxi to make it shorter (like we have done in the past). It’s easier when there are slits, but it can be done with clear elastic bands when there are no slits (found on Amazon).

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Button up blouse on older woman

Proportions with a Button-Up Blouse

Charlotte wore her light blue, button-up blouse with this print maxi. In fact, she recently wore this same shirt as a jacket. That’s the advantage of button-up pieces is they can be unbuttoned and worn over other items.

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One of the basic principles behind proportions is to pair something flared with something fitted. That’s why my mom wore this fitted shirt with the longer, flared skirt.
It’s also in proportion to the vertical element, as the top takes up 1/3 of the overall look and the skirt is 2/3 of the look.

Accessories to Match

My mom chose all of her accessories to match the blue skirt and blue top. What this does is give off a monochromatic vibe.

Yet the modern aspect of the look is how there are multiple prints and textures within the look (not much different than Charlotte’s white on white outfit.
Her skirt is a silky material, the shirt is cotton, and then the belt is a bulky rope. There are also 2 prints with the floral skirt and snakeskin boots.

The best part about the look is this fabulous rope-type belt. Want to see it worn as a necklace?? Check out Charlotte when we went thrift store shopping over 4 years ago.

Insider tip: Belts like this can be transformed to be necklaces too. The secret is to stop categorizing it as the item you bought it as and describe it instead.

Maxi skirt as what to wear in summer if you hate your legs

Snakeskin Booties

When springtime rolls around, we don’t usually grab our boots or ankle boots as much. Yet, they can be a wonderful addition to our looks. In fact, I have a couple of reasons or occasions that boots would be better than sandals.
1-Any kind of orchard picking. I’ve worn rain boots to them, but even cowboy boots would work.
2-Rain or inclement weather. This is exactly why rain boots are made.
3-Dusty trails or walking paths. For instance, our botanical garden has many dirt paths that aren’t fabulous for sandals.

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The snakeskin print is a subtle design that creates a lighter footwear choice for a maxi skirt like this. There are snakeskin sandals and other footwear available that acts as a neutral in your looks.

Blue print maxi as what to wear in summer if you hate your legs

The Truth About What to Wear in Summer if you Hate Your Legs

It’s not bad to cover up our legs, and it’s not bad to show them off. The most important takeaway is to stop judging others and ourselves.

One year I decided that “Grace” was my word of the year. That was very transformative for me. As a Type A personality, I was always striving to be perfect, yet the fact is NO ONE is perfect.

BTW, those perfect photos in the magazines and online?? Those are photoshopped. Imperfections are erased and wrinkles are eliminated. Don’t be bamboozled into thinking that’s how you should look.

So while I hope you can find inspiration about what to wear in summer if you hate your legs or just want to cover them up some, my biggest goal is to have you be free of the angst of leg imperfections.

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What to wear in summer if you hate your legs

Photo credit: Cathie’s Closet

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