My New Spring Fashom Box: Review and Thoughts

My New Spring Fashom Box: Review and Thoughts

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Pink Jumpsuit

My New Spring Fashom Box: Review and Thoughts

I wanted to share my newest Fashom box along with the reviews and thoughts from not only me but from my Instagram buddies!! I’d love to hear your opinions too.
Fashom is one of those clothing box companies (and the one I tend to use the most). There is more information about the service along with how a clothing box company works towards the end of the post.

Quote of the day: “The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” Jane Goodall

Apathy can come in many forms including not caring about how we look. Sure, it’s not the most important thing we can focus on in life, yet I do think if we take time to look our best, we feel better about ourselves. And another of my favorite sayings is “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
So why not let someone else choose a couple of items for you? You might be wonderfully surprised since if left to our own devices we tend to shop for the same things over and over.

Why did I request another Fashom box? Considering my closet is full and I’m trying to be more sustainable, I still have found my wardrobe needing hot weather pieces. Things I didn’t really need when we lived in Denver, haha! Besides, I love supporting this small business which has been named one of the best online box companies. I think one thing that sets them apart is being able to talk to your stylist (not just by email) and it’s more budget friendly.

Blue skirt from Fashom box

Blue Skirt

I did ask for a summer skirt in my request. This blue floral has snaps up the front and is textured. It’s hard to see the texture in the photos, but it’s somewhat ribbed almost like corduroy (but not as heavy).

You can see below that 100%l of my friends thought I should return the skirt. While it fit good, I decided it was a tad short for the summer. Now in the winter I could easily add tights and/or OTK boots and it wouldn’t seem as short.

Verdict: I returned it. It was very similar to my blue denim skirt so I wasn’t sure I’d wear it much.

Blue leopard dress

Blue Leopard Dress

At first I didn’t choose this dress as one of my choices, however, my stylist said it was prettier in person than in the photo they sent. So I decided to give it a go. It’s a wrap style yet connected, so there would be no wind issues. There is a collar, side zipper and v-neck.

The majority voted to keep the dress because it really is flattering on me. The only fit issue is the armholes did stick out. One side would have been easy to alter, but the other side had the zipper, so I would have had to get creative. (I’m sure my mother, the fabulous seamstress, could have helped).

Verdict: I returned it. I’m almost wishing I hadn’t sent it back now however, I could always request it again. I do love the print and shape but I was trying to limit how many pieces I kept.

Fashom Box Red Top

Summer tops are always needed here in the hundred degree heat. So this red, embroidered top was a no brainer. In fact, I knew when I posted it that I would keep it. I’m such a magpie when it comes to embroidery and tassels!! Besides it’s lightweight enough and isn’t too long.

And yes, by this time in our photo shoot, I was joined by Spookie. She thinks that’s her chair and loves to be part of the action!!

Verdict: Kept it.

Summer dress

Pink Cut Out Dress

Another summer dress with this pink cut out one. I love how these cut outs are strategically placed so wearing a normal bra is easy. I also like how it buttons up the front which made me think I could wear it as a duster (like I showcased recently here).
(FYI, it didn’t look great as a duster. I think maybe the elastic waist made it wonky for that idea. But I tried it, and you never know unless you try).

The consensus came back among my friends to return this.

Verdict: I returned it. I love pink but I think this pink was so close to my complexion that it just doesn’t make a statement.

Colorful style with a jumpsuit

Pink Jumpsuit

I asked for a summer jumpsuit too only because they are easy like dresses but not as revealing when we go exploring. The best part about this particular jumpsuit is the 3 buttons in the front which makes it much easier to undress. In fact, I was thinking about sewing velcro on the front pieces and having the buttons be decoration only to make it uber easy. We will see if that ever gets done.

If the two straps look different, that’s on purpose. There are ties that are connected so you can tie them to create a bow on top (your bra strap is still covered). Yet if you don’t appreciate that feature, the straps would be simple to cut off with two snips of the scissors.
You can see most people said to keep it.

Verdict: I definitely kept it. It’s lightweight for the heat and so pretty. In fact, you can see it in a short jumpsuit video I made recently as a game to guess which are real and which are faux!! (you guys will have an advantage if you watch it to know this one is real, haha).

Fashom Box and Other Online Services

BTW, this is NOT a sponsored post. As I was rereading the post, I wondered if you thought that? I truly love this company and concept and have been SO surprised at how much I enjoy getting a box even though I love to shop on my own.
This company is like most where if you share your link, your friend gets credit and so do you. Therefore, my link gives you $20 and I get a $20 credit!! And once you try it, you can have your own link to share.

First a quick synopsis about online clothing boxes. The idea is you pay a styling fee which is reimbursed if you buy any of the pieces. Think of it as your shipping fee because that and their time are what they are trying to cover. They send you a certain amount of pieces which you try on at home. Then you go online to “choose” which ones you want to keep, and then return the ones you don’t want in the prepaid envelope! It’s truly easy peasy.
And if something doesn’t fit, that doesn’t mean it’s a fail. Just exchange it for a different size.

Since the goal is to find items that you want to keep, that’s where communication is truly key. I believe the more you share with your stylist, the more successful the venture is. For instance, when I request a certain item, I will also tell my stylist what colors of that item I already have so she doesn’t send me more of the same.
I’ve also shared my measurements which is why ALL of these pieces fit me so well.

Did you know you could request any of the items from any of my Fashom boxes?? Sometimes they are sold out, but if you love something, it’s good to ask.

Fashom box review

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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