When You Try a New Style and Compromise with a Monochromatic Outfit

When You Try a New Style and Compromise with a Monochromatic Outfit

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Green camo for older women

When You Try a New Style and Compromise with a Monochromatic Outfit

A monochromatic outfit is Charlotte’s favorite way to style her clothing. So it only makes sense that she used this kind of compromise to style her camo item.

Quote of the day: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Maybe you remember that my mom did have a camo blouse in the past? However, when we moved to Arizona, she purged it thinking she’d never have to wear it again.
Needless to say the trend is still very popular, so I suggested ways to wear it again. And thus, mom had to go shopping, LOL!

Make sure to check out other options from this week. Lesley who absolutely does NOT like the print yet wore a blue version, and I wore a grey version.

Monochromatic Outfit as a Compromise

Green as a monochromatic outfit

Pants: Per Lui ~~ Cardigan: Mesh + Lace ~~ Top: Cable & Gauge ~~ Shoes: Spiegel~~ Earrings: Amrita Singh ~~ Purse: no label

While I’ve twisted my mom’s arm many times to wear the camo top that she purged with all kinds of different combinations, I didn’t even think about wearing it as part of a monochromatic outfit.
Maybe because it’s not my usual way to style things.

However, this is an easy way to dip your toe into a trend since we were brought up to match our clothing items. And my mom certainly did that with this long camo cardigan.

Wearing green

Fun with Accessories

You have to admit that these fabulous Amrita Singh statement earrings match this cardigan to a tee. My mom bought them when there was a fabulous sale, and she wasn’t sure if she’d wear them because they were a tad wild.
Yet don’t we all have a wild side from time to time? And I think fun earrings are something that ANY of us can wear.

Then my mom added in her grey print purse. I would call it snakeskin and maybe it is, but then again it could be just grey print.
If you think about this purse and the cardigan, then you might realize that Charlotte is print mixing. We’ve used this trick in the past.

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Grey shoes

Neutral Shoes

This is when it’s very helpful to have a lighter neutral pair of shoes in your closet. We tend to think of black and brown, but grey can be wonderful too. Another option with my mom’s outfit would be a light tan. I think the darker colors would be too heavy for the look, and wouldn’t do justice for the overall monochromatic outfit.
And in my opinion, green would be just too much!

Print mixing with a monochromatic outfit

Camo Now

My mom remembers when camouflage first came out, it was similar to army camo and was very masculine. Now with all of the muted colors and different shades, she thinks it seems softer and more feminine. In fact, many of them just look like an abstract print (like my pink sweater here).

Charlotte told me she doesn’t usually follow the current trend or first appearance of a style. She tends to pick them up later when they are on sale. Of course, many of you might remember that this camo trend is a reappearance. It was seen quite a bit in the 90’s or so I’ve been told.

So, are you wearing it?

Monochromatic outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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