Noteworthy November News

Noteworthy November News

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Noteworthy November News

If I had to give this month a theme, it would be earrings!! Well, that and food. I think I’ve grocery shopped and cooked more in these last 2 months than in these last 2 years, LOL!! More about both things below.

Day 3: This is the cook book that was given to us when Rob signed up with his naturopath. It’s an eating style that is plant heavy and nutrient dense. It’s been a month on the plan, and while Rob still misses his morning toast, we have certainly found some great recipes.

Day 6: While many times we go to new places to explore our area for blog photos, there are times we hit up something different. This day we went to a sunflower farm. Let’s just say it reminded us of the time we went apple picking in AZ. A little on the sparse side, but still fun and informative.

Day 9: I’m so blessed to call Judy a friend. I’ve only met her virtually through the blog and Instagram, yet she blew me away by making me these fabulous shoulder scraping earrings. The best thing besides how beautiful they are and the love that was put into them?? They are lightweight!!!

Day 11: Have you seen my FB posts with the hashtag #FridayFlashback? They are usually ones showcasing me as a young kid or many other memories from my life. Well, the woman that is joining along with it each week is Ann Gentry. I first met her at FierceCon and started connecting with her on Instagram, but I had no idea she was famous!!!
Now only does she have these cookbooks, but she used to own restaurants in LA and even was a personal chef for Danny DeVito and cooked with Bobby Flay. How cool is that?
These cookbooks will help with our new way of eating (we call it a “liveit” instead of “diet”) so I was so glad I met Ann! (Follow her on Instagram here)

Day 15: Funny story. So we went exploring to take some photos for Instagram, and once we finally found a destination (that sounds easier than it really is), we realized that Rob had left his camera at home.
Well, we decided to roll with the punches and see how our phone camera would work. Until we realized that I forgot one of the important props!!
Result? We gave up and went to eat at True Foods instead, LOL!!

Day 19: I won these earrings in an Instagram giveaway from Mandy. I can’t wait to try them out.

Day 21: I also won these wood earrings from Nicole at High Latitude Style (she lives in Alaska)!

Day 24: As a Built Bar ambassador, I was able to try out the new holiday flavors today. The white chocolate cookies ‘n cream was delicious. I’ll be eating the candy cane brownie as soon as possible.

Day 26: Happy Thanksgiving from the 4 of us!!!

Day 27: Scottsdazzle. Isn’t that a great name for a winter light celebration??

Day 28: An early birthday gift from my bestie. She said the “XO”s reminded her of how I always finish my comments on the blog.

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