November Highlights

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

November Highlight

November Highlights

There is so much that happens that doesn’t make it on the blog or even my social media. If you love being a fly on the wall, here’s some of my month of November as my highlight reel. Yes November was busy, but then again, it seems like every month is that way, LOL!

Day 1: It was the first time we saw how they trim palm trees. Talk about a job I would never want! I couldn’t download here, but check it out on Instagram TV. I sped it up so it’s only over a minute long.

Day 7: Our local zoo had a Roars and Pours Event. It was at night and you had to be 21+ and older to attend (and they didn’t card us, go figure, LOL). They were pouring wine, beer and hard cider and we could see the Zoo lights!! There was also this science guy who was very entertaining. This trick was only 1 of 4 that he did. Check out my IG post to see all 4.

Meeting Cheryl in November

Day 9: We went scouting out new places for blog photos with a blog reader, Cheryl. Cheryl is the reason we went to the Enchanted Pumpkin Festival in the first place. And you will meet her in my birthday post.

Boho in November

Day 10: Then we met up with Sarah (and her husband Dave) who also is a loyal blog reader. You saw her on our boho dichotomy styling post and Sarah has an amazing story about downsizing!!

Meeting up with Cheryl

Day 12: Cheryl and I were able to meet up with our hubbies for lunch. If you’ve been around a long time, then maybe you’ll remember her from our first collaboration with the Forever Fierce group. She and her husband are snowbirds down here in AZ, so it’ll be great to reconnect even more now.

Day 15: Nancy was here in Phoenix with a girlfriend, so we kidnapped them and took them to Rob’s absolutely favorite pizza joint. It’s called Pizzeria Bianco and Rob even wrote a blog post about it last spring. If you are EVER in Phoenix, make sure to go!
Insider tip: Go at lunch between 11 and 11:30 to get an outside table without the wait.

Tea for birthday celebration

Day 16: And as you will see in this week’s blog photos, Nancy was able to join us for blog photos. I decided to celebrate my birthday a month early, so after photos we had tea at the English Tea Room. (Notice the tiara….)

Mac n Cheese festival in November

Day 17: My husband found a Mac n Cheese festival nearby. Needless to say it was an opportunity for blog photos.

Day 21: It was classic movie night at Lesley’s and we watched Citizen Kane. It’s very interesting how it’s called the greatest film of all time. If you’ve seen it, would you agree?

Santa hats for November

Day 23: One of our traditions is to put on our Santa Hats when we decorate for the holidays. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but this year we broke them out early!!

Day 24: Another project for this weekend, was to put together this shelving from IKEA. We even ordered another square one for the middle portion. And this is to store my yarn. I’ll showcase it on one of our Where the Blogger’s Live posts.

Day 26: Two words: Prettiest sunset.

Day 28: Happy Thanksgiving. And for once my mother wasn’t the oldest person at the event! Our friend, JoAnne’s mom just turned 97. She is quite the spitfire.

Day 29: My mom’s face just cracks me up!! We wore our “matching” tops to a local Holiday Lighting event.