Now Is the Time for Wearing What You Want

Now Is the Time for Wearing What You Want

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Zucchini shape wearing what you want

Now Is the Time for Wearing What You Want

Wearing what you want no matter what your body size or shape does not mean you can’t look great. If you saw the email for this post, then you saw how Lesley describes her body shape, LOL!!

Quote of the day: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

The quote really makes me realize what I love about blogging. Sure, I could show you new things from the store and discuss how they fit so you’ll buy them and I’ll get a commission.
While I VERY much appreciate if you do shop through my link, I also love making the wardrobe we have versatile. Which is why I love to show wearing one item 5 different ways OR encouraging you to experiment with new styles and shapes.

While this week has been all about the idea of dressing for our body shape, I also believe that at this stage of the game, we should be wearing what we want. If you don’t believe me, make sure to see my version and Charlotte’s version from the photo below.
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Wearing what you want at any age
Showing skin and wearing what you want

Pants: Counterpoint-thrifted ~~ Cardigan: Chicos-thrifted ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemaker ~~ Necklace: Steinmart ~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek-thrifted

Statement necklace

Lesley’s Tricks

Sometimes the idea of wearing what you want can be translated as sloppy or looking disheveled. And that’s the last thing that any of us want to appear, so Lesley shared a couple of her tricks.
1-For Pants. Lesley used the idea of a cropped pant that skims the thigh and ended at the slim part of her leg leaving a bit of skin showing.

Make sure to see how Lesley used this trick with jeans in the past
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2-Waist. Even though she will tell you she has no waist, she tied her shrug just below her true waist. This will pull your eye in to that area and it creates that asymmetrical line.
3-Color. The contrasting color of the top is part of trick #2. If she had on a black top, you wouldn’t appreciate the tie trick.
4-Focal Point. A larger necklace like the one Lesley is wearing really draws your attention to it, especially sitting against a contrasting top. Even though Lesley made sure the rest of her outfit looked great, you can see how even if she was wearing a paper bag, your eyes would be fixated on that necklace.

Insider tip: If you always match your necklace to your top you may not see it as wonderfully. Remember our post where we all wore the same necklace with different colors?

Wearing what you want no matter your body shape

Dressing Lesley Style

When I asked Lesley how she dresses her body, her smart aleck response was “in clothes.” But in all seriousness she did confess to the secret of wearing what you want and still looking fabulous is to dress in what makes you happy. Meaning you LOVE the pieces (not that you wear them because they are “flattering” or cover your body parts that you consider flaws).

For Lesley she said that she’s easily seduced by color and wear it often with neutrals or alone. She also likes soft fabrics and floaty shapes. Heck, she even still shows off her knees and she just turned 70. That’s exactly what wearing what you want includes.

Insider tip: Color is not only important to ourselves when we get dressed, but it affects how people react to us also. If you don’t believe me, then you can read a qualified image consultant’s take on it.

Pink sandals with black pants

How Shoes Play a Role

This concept of wearing what you like works with shoes too. Although Lesley still has heels in her closet and loves them, she tends to stick with lower heeled shoes now. She gave up trying to look taller and has embraced being short.

Embracing our bodies is a theme here on Jodie’s Touch of Style. Here are a couple of other posts that speak to that idea.
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By the way, these sandals are a favorite for not only Lesley but myself. I have 2 pair from this brand, and she has 2 styles of them also.

Woman over 70 wearing what you want

Getting a Deal

You can shop the look through the links in the widgets I place throughout the post. Since I know we always appreciate a good deal, if you like something but it’s out of your budget, make sure to click the heart and it will email you when the price drops. Remember, if you purchase anything through these links I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you.

Insider tip: Another option to get a good deal is I am happy to shop for you. I have a huge resource available to me with my affiliate program and can search for what you like, within your budget and size. I send you the links, and you only purchase what you like. If this is of interest to you, email me at

Wearing what you want

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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