My NYC Packing List and What I Did Right and Wrong

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My NYC Packing List and What I Did Right and Wrong

I thought I’d share my NYC packing list and analyze how I did. I’m usually a terrible packer because I find it hard to limit myself to only a couple of things. But just like anything in life, I’ve gotten better the more I’ve done it.

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Quote of the day: ” It’ll be a great place if they ever finish it.” -O. Henry

I do remember one of the first times that Rob and I visited NYC, I was surprised at all of the scaffolding and construction. That’s why I had to chuckle at the above quote. And maybe in a way, that’s how I am with my NYC packing list. I’ll never be done with it because it would constantly be changing.

One reason I have trouble getting ready for a trip elsewhere is I have a hard time imagining another environment. Sure, I can read that the temperature will be 80 degree, but I can’t feel it. My husband thinks I do this on purpose so we can go shopping when we get to a new place. But that’s not the case. It’s just hard for me.

Going to the 911 Memorial and my NYC packing list
Peach jacket, belt bag, linen pants and Walking Cradles mules

My NYC Packing List that I Got Right

Well, for starters I did follow my own advice and tried on EVERYTHING the night before we went. Trust me, I wasn’t going to because I really wanted to spend the time unpacking more boxes. But I knew I might be in trouble otherwise, so I took an extra half hour and made sure what I had picked out worked on my body.

The other advice I always give is to wear basically the same thing going to and from on the plane. And I did this with the photo below and then the photo below that. I always take a jacket and scarf on the plane because so many times either the airport or plane is freezing cold. This time was no exception.

How I put together my NYC packing list
Peach jacket, gingham pants, Walking Cradles sneakers

My Shoes

I usually try to take three pairs of shoes even on a weekend trip. I find that a good walking pair for the days, a pair of heels for the evenings and then an additional pair work great for alternating. I once read a podiatrist state that it’s good for your feet to alternate shoes, even on a short trip.

Let me point out that EVERY pair I took on this trip were Walking Cradles. It’s proof that I consider these shoes truly comfortable along with stylish. They’ve set up an affiliate program now so I can offer you a discount code that doesn’t expire. It’s JODIE15 for 15% off your purchase. Once you try them, you’ll realize why I love them so much. (If you ever want any discounts that I may have, make sure to check out my discount and deals page.)

My Belt Bag

During the day when we were touring around, I wore my belt bag. While I was on the fence on whether to join this trend, I have to admit, I’ve worn this piece a ton.

If you are a traveler, I think it’s very functional. Either that or a backpack. At least with a belt bag, you don’t worry about someone pick pocketing the bag. Personally I like the structured belt bags better because they seem more stylish.

NYC packing trip for the airport
Peach jacket, gingham pants and Walking Cradles sneakers


Another win was that both Rob and I took hats. Sure, I’ve embraced hats to cover up a bad hair day. But it’s also wonderful sun protection, and I really need that. This hat I’ve worn quite a bit on the blog. You can see the pom poms I added to it in this post. It’s a packable hat that folds up easily and is one of my favorites.

What was even better is the hat has a cord attached to it. I wore this on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty where it was windy, so without the ties, I would have had to keep a hand on it so it wouldn’t blow away. I think I’m going to work on adding a tie to some of my other hats. It’s a nice feature that can easily be hidden if you don’t want to use it.

Styling my NYC packing list for a day of touring
Peach jacket, gingham pants, belt bag, Walking Cradles sneakers


I don’t have any photos of my slippers. Actually they were a pair of handknitted socks, but I used them as slippers in the hotel. I don’t usually think to bring something like this, but they were a last minute thought as I was unpacking the socks the evening before we left.

Our hotel seemed clean, but it was chilly at night and on the tile in the bathroom. Wearing my slippers when we got back to our room really saved the day for me.

Friends in NYC at Labor Day
Jean, myself, Kim, Michele, JoAnne. I’m in my Walking Cradle’s mules and thredUp dress

What I Messed up with my NYC Packing List


Of course the day we landed in NYC, it was raining. And we forgot to bring an umbrella. Usually we keep one in our luggage so we don’t forget it. But in our defense, we had used the luggage on our road trip to Arizona with the kitties (and mom) and had taken it out because we needed the room. Luckily the weather fairies were with us and the rain let up as soon as we arrived at the hotel, and it was fabulous the rest of the weekend.

Rob and I in NYC
Rob and I in our hats. Mine is tied under my chin.


I took my Peach moto jacket and my Peach ruana as my layers for the weekend. And while they were perfect for so many reasons, there were a couple of times, I wished I had more layers. I know, most of you aren’t cold like I am, so this wouldn’t be an issue for you. But next time, I may throw in a long sleeve t-shirt that I could wear over the shirts and under the jacket.

The reason this Peach jacket was fabulous?? One reason is that it’s lightweight. Because of that, it was easy to tie around my waist when I didn’t need it. This color goes with absolutely everything (and it’s available in moss green too). The best part is that it’s machine washable. I always feel like NYC is dirty, and I need to wash everything when I get home.

Dinner and a show
Barbara, Rebecca, Jean and JoAnne with my Walking Cradles heels and Peach ruana


The other thing I’d do differently next time is leave the big camera at home. Rob is a saint to carry it around all the time. And while he doesn’t complain (much), I’m not sure it was worth it for this trip. This trip wasn’t about the blog and most of the photos I’m using are from my phone.

In fact, I didn’t even think about the idea for this blog until halfway through our trip. I was vacillating between patting myself on the back and kicking myself about my NYC packing list. So I figured, it might be helpful to share it with you.

Your Input

Feel free to weigh in on things that you always pack or forget on trips!! I feel like we can certainly learn from each other.

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