With October Brings Fun Memories

October day by day

October Month

If someone asked you what you did this October, what would you say? I think it can be so hard to remember specific days and events when every day goes by in a flash, right? So I joined up with a couple of other bloggers to keep track of the month of October with a sentence and some photos. There’s a link up below if you’d like to see the other’s participating in this project, and a huge thanks for Leslie for organizing us!!

10-1: Both Rob & I braved the wind and walked to the new Starbucks down the road. Why you ask? They are one of the few stores that have the cold brew coffee!

Cat on a lap

10-2: On a day of blogging, this is the help and advice I get…. (isn’t she such a cutie??)

10-3: Our townhouse is part of a metro district, and the meeting tonight was suuuuper long!!

10-4: Packing day for our upcoming trip to Seattle. You’d be so proud of me, as both Rob & I shared a suitcase!

Anthropology fashion show

10-5: The first night in Seattle, we met up with Val, Rena, Sherry, and Jude (a blogette on my site) to see a fashion show at Anthropology! I need another pat on the back because I didn’t buy anything (at least at this store, LOL)!

Blogger meet up in Seattle

10-6: On Friday, we traipsed around the city with my wonderful husband snapping photos at every turn!

Drizzle & Shine boutique in Seattle

10-7: Then on Saturday we visited a local eco-boutique called Drizzle & Shine who I found through another blogger! The owner, Jean, hosted a little party for us and needless to say, I brought home a couple of goodies!

10-8: We traveled home from Seattle to be greeted by snow—eeek!! Feel free to read about the entire Seattle trip in it’s own post.

10-9: Book club complete with some fabulous pear and champagne cocktails!!

water bottles

10-10: I was honored to take a blogging friend, Anna, shopping, and so she bought us matching water bottles!!

10-11: The second Wednesday of the month means knitting day! One of my friends nicknamed me the knitting ninja—I love it!!

10-12: Today was a photo session for mom. We are trying to go other places to get fun photos, and it’s fun to be able to explore our area with a different eye.

10-13: Dinner with our fabulous neighbors for the last time before they head back to Phoenix for the winter!!

Cherry Creek Farmer's Market

10-14: Better late than never, right? We finally made it to Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market to enjoy the local bounty! First farmer’s market of the year for us!

10-15: Nancy (the 60+ model) has been calling both Rob & I her design team as she goes along the steps to get her patio house built. Today was an appointment about where she wants the high voltage.

10-16: Lots of work in getting ready for the Bridging the Gap campaign for tomorrow!

Bridging the Gap campaign in October

10-17: The Bridging the Gap campaign was launched, and you can read all about my partner, Roxanne on the blog. I hope you join us in becoming friends with women of all ages, and helping us to blur those boundaries and end stereotypes between the age generations! I was also on the Cat and Kaehler radio show this day. Feel free to take a listen and spread the word!!

10-18: My hubby was able to work from home today, so we also were able to go out and take blog photos with some great weather!

10-19: Many days go by in a blur, and if I weren’t writing them down, no way would I remember that I finished off the bag of potato chips!

10-20: I have a bagful of alterations for a client that I finally made a dent in! And now I need to work on my items!

10-21: I’m so excited to have received some lighting to use for my indoor photos. Now it’s just learning to use it all correctly! Thanks to Carrie for her recommendation for these!

10-22: And today we finally transferred over my computer to my new desk station. Considering that we put the desk together last month, it’s about time…..

Trendz local boutique outfits

10-23: Mom, Nancy and I went over to our neighborhood boutique, Trendz, to try on outfits that we will be modeling in their upcoming Fall Trends Style Show. These are going to be our outfits and trust me when I say, I’m sure you’ll also be seeing some of these pieces in upcoming posts. They have the funnest clothes.

10-24: This was one of those relaxing days where I was able to get some blogging done and even squeezed in a nap. And I was featured on Imogen’s Inside Out Style with an interview!

10-25: I met with Nancy (the 60+ model) today for photos for upcoming posts! We usually meet every other Thursday, but luckily we were able to reschedule since today was 70 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to snow.

Trendz Fall Fashion Show

10-26: It was a crazy, fun time modeling in the Trendz Fall Fashion Show!! Make sure to tune in tomorrow because there will be an entire post dedicated to it on the blog.

10-27: It was another one of those “relaxing” days full of laundry, laundry and more laundry. How do 2 people accumulate so many dirty clothes?

Breakfast with Quail Street Girls

10-28: There are 4 of us women that used to live on Quail Street, and we meet for breakfast every couple of months. Say hi to Cindy, Anna and of course you know Nancy & I!

10-29: We finally took the time to put together Rob’s new desk in our office! Luckily we work great together at these tasks, because I could see how it would be hard otherwise.


10-30: Now that I’m retired, I can meet up for lunch with friends, which is exactly what Stacey & I did!

10-31: Happy Halloween! Rob and I went to a chinese restaurant for dinner to celebrate.

If you’ve been joining in on keeping track of your month of October with a sentence a day, then we’d love to have you join in with this link up! Or why don’t you start for next month? Feel free to email me to let me know you want to join the fun!


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  • Lisa Pomerantz

    Popping in from #FridayFrivolity xoxo

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    Wow! Busy, busy, and all looking great! Impressive, ladies! #FabFridayPost

  • Wow! You do have the best lifestyle out there! I a tad jealous! lol! I do like the look on that flask too! Thank you so much for sharing your October memories with us on #FabFridayPost x

    • Thanks Su!!
      It’s definitely been busy lately, but I guess that’s good!!

  • You can WALK to a Starbucks? I’d be in so much trouble if that were my case.
    Our Target just had those SIP water bottles on clearance. I need to pick some up – even for Chirstmas gifts!

    • Ha ha Rebecca!!! The thing is they actually moved the Starbucks a little further away, so now it’s a mile instead of only 3/4 of a mile!! But that’s good for the booty, I guess!!!

  • Ruth

    Wow! Your mom looks great in that dark chocolate colored sweater! And you both have such beautiful smiles!
    What a great idea to record a little something from every day (and then to be consistent enough to actually do it!) Keep up the good work.
    Visiting from Tune In Thursday.

    • Thanks so much Ruth!!
      It has been nice keeping track of the month this way. Heck, I’m on the computer every day anyways, so how hard is it to add in what I did that day??

  • shootingstarsmag

    What a fun link up! It sounds like you had a really great month. Aw, love those matching water bottles.


  • Chloe

    Gosh you sure managed to fit a lot into last month. Love those water bottles #FabFridayLinky

    • It did seem busier than most months, Chloe!!! Maybe that’s why I’m so tired??

  • I always enjoy reading everything you have done each month, Jodie. So fun to see you and other blogger friends at the meetup! I bet it was so fun modeling in the fashion show! I need to purchase a lighting kit for my indoor photos sometime, too. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Jodie!

    Jennie – A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    • Thanks Jennie!!
      I’m still trying to learn about how to use this lighting correctly. Once you get used to one method of photography, it seems like there is always something more to learn!!

  • Nikki Gwin

    I think that writing these daily sentences is so eye opening for myself. I love re-reading my own, and then I love dropping in on all you other girls to see what you were up to. I am living vicariously through you and your modeling and fashion show days! Sounds like fun.
    🙂 gwingal

    • I totally agree Nikki!!
      It’s been much more fun than I thought at first. Especially for my hubby, because he’ll not remember some of the things!!

  • And I thought I had had a busy month! How’d you fit all that in?!! xx

    • I wonder that myself Laurie!! LOL
      That must be why I’m exhausted lately—ha ha!!

  • Laura

    Sounds like it was a really fun month for you! Pear and champagne cocktails sound delicious!

    • Definitely a busy month, although probably way less busy than yours, Laura!!

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    Looks like you all had a great time at the fashion show, smiles all round #FabFridayLinky

  • There’s a lot of great and fun happenings in your October.
    Looking forward for November.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  • Jodie, the photo of you with Stacey is one of my all-time favs. I am usually so busy appreciating your fashion sense that I don’t get a a good look at how truly lovely you are. That skin! That smile!!

    It is a tribute to your marriage that you and Rob could put his desk together without coming to blows. Not sure I could say the same over here.

    • Awwww, Leslie—-you are too nice!! But I love that photo of Stacy & me too!!! And it’s just with my phone in the car—funny, right?

  • Amy D. Christensen

    You are such a busy bee! How do you keep up? Ha, ha. Always enjoy hearing about your month. Have a great weekend, Jodi. – Amy

    • Thanks Amy!!
      I don’t really keep up—I just pretend that I do—ha ha!!

  • Jamie Moore

    Man, I can never share a suitcase with hubs! ha!

    • Ha ha, Jamie!! It only happens on the short weekends!!! And it’s a big suitcase!!!

  • I often wonder where all the dirty clothes come from too! Your month sounded like fun. Here comes November!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one, Jo!!

  • I am really enjoying these posts, Jodie! Your trip to Seattle looks so fun – and yay for awesome husbands who don’t mind taking photos! 🙂 I’m also very jealous of your little blog helper. Haha! Such a cutie!


    • Thanks so much Lindsey! We did have a fabulous time in Seattle, and I am truly thankful for my hubby!! We always say he has the patience of a saint!

  • Judy Gramith

    I just love these monthly diary wrap-ups Jodie! It’s even more fun to have been a part of your October memories. You are clearly filling your days with life’s adventures of friendship, love and learning in abundance. Inspiring!!!

    • Thanks so much for saying that about these monthly round ups, Jude!! I always laugh and think no one (except my mom) would really care! But it’s fun to look back on these and remember the month!!

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    You’ve had a great month! My husband travels to Seattle a lot for work, I’ve never been there yet hope to join him sometimes so I can explore. There are a lot of bloggers in Seattle! I love the bridge the gap photo of you two with your cats! So Sweet!


    • I think you’d love Seattle, Carrie!!! It’s a fun and lively city, and so walkable!!
      If you happen to go, I’d recommend a food tour. We did the Seattle bites about 5 years ago and it was a blast!!!
      Thanks!!! And thanks again for the recommendation on the lighting—I haven’t used it a ton yet, but I’m learning!!

  • Pauline Starsmore

    In the picture of the Quail Street ladies, I thought how much the lady next to Nancy looked like her and wondered if it was her sister.

    • It’s not Nancy’s sister, Pauline, but I can totally see why you think that! These other two women used to live next to my dad when I was growing up, and I babysat their kids!!!

  • What a full and fun month you had, Jodie! We haven’t had snow yet but it will come. I hear you about laundry. Yesterday I did two loads of laundry and ran a dish washing cycle at the same time. Even with appliances we still seem to have to multi-task.

    • Right? What did women do before all of these modern day conveniences. It’s always amazing how much time it takes to keep the house running!
      Thanks Natalie!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Cute cat photos. Why is it that someone always catches one in a photo eating or drinking something? LOL.

  • Rebecca Saffer

    I love these monthly recaps of yours and feel that I am part of the whirlwind of activities (as a cat parent – I love the photos with the kitties!) Although I don’t write down my daily activities, I find myself going over each day and itemizing what I accomplished – I guess it’s the Capricorn in me!

    • I think that’s a smart activity Rebecca—because otherwise our days can just fly by without recognition. I feel like I have a little of my grandma in me that won’t allow me to relax and do my “fun” things without having been productive first. That’s why I don’t usually get to my knitting until the end of the day!!
      Thanks for letting me know that you don’t mind these kinds of posts. I always wonder (besides my mom) who really cares what’s been happening in my life…LOL!

  • Cindy

    I want to join you in “a sentence a day”. I’ll start with November! I love reading yours and feel like I get to know you even better through this medium. Great idea!!

    • Yippee!!!
      I will forward your info to Leslie, who then sends out the link up information towards the end of the month. We always post on the 1st Thursday of the next month, so that will be December 7th!!

  • cin

    Looks like a good month for you! Love the eyeglasses. So chic!

  • I so love these posts…and I miss doing them, too! Back in the saddle for November!!!
    Hey! Love your “hitting the wine” photo at the Trendz fashion show picture…If I’d been there I would have joined you 🙂

    You fit so much into one month! I am impressed.
    PS…I’ve done the chips thing, too… but usually for me it’s a candy binge.

    • I hope you join in again for November, Em!! It’s so much fun to check in with the people we “know” and see what’s been going on!!
      You’ll get to read all about the fashion show tomorrow—and I wasn’t the only one imbibing…ha ha!!

  • It looks like you had a fabulous October Jodie! I love all your stylish and happy pictures! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Thanks Cheryl!! It does seem that the month fills up amazingly, right??

  • Franci Hoffman

    You’re a busy lady and had a busy month. I love looking at your fashionable and creative ideas.

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Always great to read your sentence a day posts. I hope to get back to it December and January. Busy lady, you!

    • I’m ready to slow down, i must admit, Terri!!
      Now that Rob is working from home, I’m hoping we can sleep in a little and have time for tea everyday!!

  • Three things stood out to me… You ate a whole bag of chips…lol, You all were in a fashion show (I’m excited to read about that!) and you have a ton of laundry… I’m always doing laundry… Sigh
    You had another busy and fun month!

    • The funny thing is I never used to eat potato chips much—but I’ve been trying to limit my sugar intake, so I need something, right? And in my defense…I didn’t actually eat the entire bag that day—I just finished off what was left—ha ha!!!!
      Thanks Darlene!!

  • donnanance

    Jodie, you always do such interesting things and always have a big smile on your face! xoxo

    • Thanks so much Donna!!
      I do have a smile most days (it hides the cleft lip scar—ha ha)

  • Oh, I would love to know what indoor lighting you got. I just bought a Nikon d5600….am so excited to dive in…love the chronological vibe in this post….

  • Juhli Newkirk

    It sounds like you had a fabulous month full of friendship and experiences!

  • What a great month it was for you! Let November be as great too!

  • Love how you managed to fit so many fun blogger meet ups into your month! 🙂

    It definitely feels like October has flown by! Usually I make a bigger dent in my Christmas shopping by now, I need to try harder to get everything organised and purchased!

    Hope you are having a nice week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • That’s so smart to start your holiday shopping by now, Mica!! I know I’m the same way. In fact we are going to a holiday market tonight, so hopefully I’ll find a ton there!!

  • Jodie, your October was just as exciting as mine with all the blogger meet ups and fabulous initiatives in the Forever Fierce community! Thank you for sharing all of your fun and fabulous pictures with us! Here’s to an even more exciting November! (Or maybe we all need a restful and relaxing November, I’m not sure!)


    • Ha ha Shelbee!!!
      November always seems totally busy with the holidays around the bend, but I like how you think!!!