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October events with a sentence a day


If someone asked you what you did this October, what would you say? I think it can be so hard to remember specific days and events when every day goes by in a flash, right? So I joined up with a couple of other bloggers to keep track of the month of October with a sentence and some photos. There’s a link up below if you’d like to see the other’s participating in this project, and a huge thanks for Leslie for organizing us!!

This month had lots of activity centered around my girlfriends. My knitting girlfriends and my Forever Fierce girlfriends.

10-1: I was supposed to have lunch with my good friend, Stacy, but I woke up feeling terrible. Luckily by the day’s end, I was feeling somewhat better.

October pizza

10-2: We had our classic movie night tonight with Lesley and we watched A Pocketful of Miracles. Rob barbecued pizzas on the BBQ because he’s trying out for a pizza oven gig.

10-3: Both Rob & I had our eye doctor appointment. Since we both have so many cool glasses, we opted to use our existing frames and update the prescription. It’d probably be less expensive to go with some of the online glasses, but we do like to support small business too.

10-4: Stay at home day. These can be my favorite kinds of day. But I will have you know that I did change out of my jammies….after 11 am.

10-5: We had a wonderful happy hour at the neighbors house as a good bye since they will be leaving for Arizona soon.

October Cider Days

10-6: We ventured out to Cider Days to take blog photos. This is the funnel cake version of cider days….apple filling on top, and caramel underneath! Between all 4 of us, we demolished it.

10-7: It was a rare cloudy day in Denver, so we enjoyed turmeric tea that I made with my Puritan Pride turmeric curcumin capsules. You can read about it here on Instagram, and if you ever order from Puritan Pride before 11/30, make sure to use the code JTOUCH8 for the discount.

October play Dear Evan Hansen

10-8: Dear Even Hansen came to Denver. I was amazed that Denver is the first city after NYC to host the play. And I see what everyone is talking about. It’s so relevant and touching.

10-9: We took the truck in for it’s oil change since I will be driving it to Buena Vista for my knitting retreat.

October wine dinner

10-10: Our friends, Glenda & Chuck joined us at a wine dinner at Firenze a Tavola. The dinner was centered around wines and food from Rome, so my husband was all over that!

October BV, colorado

10-11: Today we took off for my knitting retreat. It’s a group of almost 20 women who drive out to Buena Vista, Colorado to stay at this bed and breakfast lodge, Liars Lodge, where we socialize and knit all weekend. This is the view from the back of the lodge facing the Arkansas river.

10-12: For the first full day of our knitting time, a couple of us usually visit the hot springs also. It’s such a great way to relax and enjoy the mountain scenery.

October knitting retreat

10-13: Here’s the four of us that went up together for the knitting retreat enjoying our lunch out on the town. The Liars Lodge provides us breakfast everyday, and dinner on both Friday and Saturday. So we are on our own for lunches.

October leopard booties


10-14: As the driver of our knitting group that went out to the retreat, it was a treacherous drive home in the snow and ice. Luckily, the best thing about getting home (besides seeing my hubby) was finding my Walking Cradle leopard booties that I bought were delivered and fit fabulously on my feet. They are on sale, and with my discount (JODIE20) I got them for just over $50.

october with Liingo for women over 50

10-15: And today I worked on the blog. There’s a lot of behind the scenes action that isn’t as obvious. Like I reached out to Liingo Eyewear today to hopefully find some great options for online glasses. I love how you can do a virtual try on from your phone. I’m thinking of going for a blue pair this time.

10-16: It was stretch class today. I’m participating in a yoga challenge with Andrea until the end of the year, so this basically counts as my yoga for the day.

10-17: Haircut day!! Seriously my favorite days of days! If I won the lottery, I’d have my hair styled EVERY day!

October FierceCon dinner

10-18: We caught our flight to LA for the FierceCon 2018. You’ll be reading more about this event with the Forever Fierce Revolution but I had to showcase some other photos too. Many of us got there a day early, and then went to dinner.

October FierceCon dinner outfit

10-19: For the party on Friday night, I wanted to show off this amazing skirt that my mother made just for the event. The sheer part with the dots is what she created. There’s actually a dress below that she made for it to go over, but at the last minute I changed it up!

October FierceCon at the beach sunset

10-20: Saturday was full of inspirational talks, but also an inspirational view from the beach.

October FierceCon brunch with Saranghae

10-21: Rob took photos all weekend, so I had to include him. This purple “skirt” is actually the dress that my mom made for underneath the sheer dot skirt. You know how I love to make a dress versatile.

October Alison & Aubrey

10-22: It’s not bad coming home from such fun, when you get your package from Alison & Aubrey. This company is a blogger’s idea that she created with her daughter. And you know how much I love the mother/daughter thing. They have wonderful jewelry for a great price. In fact, I also purchased this necklace also because my other statement necklace like it broke when I stuffed it in my luggage for our Alaska cruise last month.

10-23: We attended Trendz, our local boutique’s fall fashion show. We were models in this show last year which was a hoot.

October blogger meet up with Grace

10-24: I was so lucky to be able to meet up with the blogger, Grace. I feel a connection with her because she used to work at the same school as my best friend, Maureen (who joined us on our Alaska cruise last month). Grace was out here in Denver for a short time, so Rob and I went to dinner with her.

10-25: Massage day!! Nothing more needs to be said….

10-26: Today was a stay at home and get caught up day! Laundry, blogging, and did I mention a nap??

October in the leaves

10-27: Blog photo day.

10-28: Another do nothing day. But I have been joining in with Andrea and Cathy for a yoga challenge.  We are doing yoga every day until the end of the year. I’ve been using The Yoga Collective that Andrea told me about with a $15 groupon for a year. If you want to join us, we keep each other in check by posting it to our Instagram stories daily.

10-29: We had book club at my house tonight. It’s fun to experiment with my cooking on these evenings so I made potato and squash chowder and chocolate mousse. The book I chose is The Balloonist by Macdonald Harris. Our rule is you’re not to have read it before, so I have no idea if it’s good.

October classic movie night

10-30: Our classic movie tradition continues with our friend, Lesley with The Spirit of St. Louis with Jimmy Stewart. I really enjoyed this movie as it was about Charles Lindbergh’s flight over the Atlantic. The funniest thing is how Lesley and I tend to dress similarly. We both went with blue and burgundy this time.

10-31: As a gift for Nancy’s 70th birthday, I finally found a makeup stylist to give some instructions. I’ll be writing a post about her experience and my mom’s session from earlier this year soon.


If you’ve been joining in on keeping track of your month of October with a sentence a day, then we’d love to have you join in with this link up! Or why don’t you start for next month? Feel free to email me to let me know you want to join the fun!

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