How One Piece can be Changed & an Ageless Style Linkup

Taking one piece to be Something else for 3 generations

How One Piece can be Changed & an Ageless Style Linkup

Quote of the day: “The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than growing with them.” Bernard M. Baruch

This wonderful theme of how you can transform one piece into another was the brain child of Nicole from our Ageless Style Group. If you want more inspiration and incredible ideas, then make sure to visit all of the other 9 women involved listed below. And feel free to join in the link up too!

The three of us introduced you to this concept with our accessories just yesterday, and now we will try some clothing options. Now let me confess that this is not how my brain works. I am a person that categorizes an item, and then it’s always in that category. However, my mother is someone who thinks outside the box this way. So with her contributions and my love of reading blogs, I have learned and experimented with some of these ideas.

In fact, we’ve tried some of these concepts of changing one piece into another many times. You can see how we changed up a dress, a shirt dress, and a cardigan to name a few.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: This is my example of how I changed up a coat into a tunic.

When I purchased this jacket over 5 years ago, the sales associate gave me this idea. She said that one of her customers wore this coat to a party as a dress, and showed me how I could do it. Of course, in the back of my head, I was thinking that I would never do that. But, here I am wearing it as a tunic. Another case that I should never say never.

Women over 50 with one piece changed

I tried to change it up to look more like a tunic by using a different belt. That’s one trick I have learned over the years, that taking off the belt that comes with an item and using another one, can make a wonderful difference.

However, now that I look at this zebra belt with the print coat, it might have been better with a solid colored belt? Maybe a blue belt, or possibly a white corset belt would have been interesting?

changing one piece for 50+ women

I ended up wearing olive green leggings with this outfit.

That’s not the original way I styled this outfit. I actually started with white leggings, but it looked too funny. I could have resorted to black leggings, since they go with everything, but I always like to be a little adventurous for you. But let’s imagine that a dark grey legging, navy legging or black would look fabulous too.

The grey booties have been worn quite a bit since I received them from Soft Surroundings. I had them on originally with the white leggings, but kept them on even with the olive green leggings, just to lighten the outfit. Of course, black or brown booties could have worked too.

One piece thought of differently

Since there are zippers and an asymmetrical neckline to this jacket, I decided to forgo a necklace and stick with some fun earrings. I have been buying quite a few tassel earrings lately, and if you like the look too, then here are a couple more. This is an ombre pair, a lighter pair or even a combo color that would be fantastic especially if you are a Bronco football team fan.

one piece changed into another

Leggings: Abound-thrifted (similar here)~~Tunic/Jacket: Komarov (similar here)~~Boots: Vince Camuto c/o Soft Surroundings (here or similar here)~~Belt: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: The one piece that we chose for Nancy to change up was her kimono.

This wasn’t my unique idea, since just recently I saw a blogger wear a kimono as a top. Can I remember who it was? Of course not, but I thought it was a brilliant idea. It took a little pinning and taping in order to keep the kimono closed, but I had Nancy wear a shirt under it just in case.

Women over 60 changing up one piece

I like how the kimono created more of an asymmetrical look once we pinned it closed. And this way, it actually stays up on Nancy’s shoulders better.

Of course, if this seems like too much work, there are always kimono tops that you could purchase. This one is a darker color for the winter months, this one is a blouse, so has buttons to keep it together, and this one even has longer sleeves and a belt.

Can changing one piece be done

We chose a burgundy necklace and shoes to accessorize the look.

Burgundy is one of those colors that always makes me think of fall. We recently paired it with blush, and yet it works nicely with the yellow too.

The ankle strap shoes are everywhere lately, and they make walking so much more comfortable. If you are looking for a lower heel, then this pair could be perfect for you. Or if you loved the pair that I received from Jambu, then don’t forget to use the discount code: JTouch17 in order to get 10 % off.

60+ women changing one piece

Nancy has worn this kimono a couple of times before on the blog. The first time was as a cover up over her jumpsuit.  She’s also worn it with the ties knotted in the front. It really goes to show that kimonos can be quite versatile when you play with them.

One piece of clothing seen differently

Pants: Fabrizio Gianni c/o (similar here)~~Kimono/Top: Charming Charlies (similar here)~~Shoes: BCBG (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: The one piece that we transformed for my mother was her bathing suit cover up from our beach style post.

It was Laura’s comment when she said “I’d love to see her style it a different way too” that made me think to have my mom wear this for this post. When I wrote about the beach and highlighted cover ups, it made me realize that we don’t always need a piece just for a specific event. You can certainly use a tunic, scarf or flowy, maxi dress for the same function as a cover up.

Like I explained earlier, my mom is creative with how she wears her items. Just recently she wore a night shirt as a shirt under her cardigan. And then there was the time that my mom bought a jewelry box and ended up using it as a purse.

Women over 70 changing one piece

My mom luckily loves color almost as much as I do, and so she wore this tunic over a column of red. I remember when red jeans were a big deal, and I couldn’t ever imagine wearing such a bright colored jean. Luckily I’ve gotten over that, and I hope I inspire you too.

If red jeans still scare you, then maybe you’d consider a burgundy pair? Since we just talked about the color blush a couple of weeks, ago, you could also consider a pink pair of jeans as something fun and different.

One Piece getting a makeover

I was super happy to see my mom incorporate more color into her footwear with her Mochiis.

Print shoes are an easy way to incorporate more color into any outfit. And considering they don’t take up much real estate on your body, it’s not like most people fixate on them too much. So don’t feel shy! Invest in some fun footwear!

The options are truly endless for print shoes, but I’ll give you a couple of options under $50. These are black & white but certainly aren’t boring. Of course, leopard print works with so many colors too. But floral is also a nice way to keep your sneakers looking more feminine.

70+ women changing one piece

I was laughing with another blogger, about how my mom claimed to “whip up” this bathing suit cover up. But really, it was just a rectangle that she sewed up the sides except for the armholes. Certainly easy enough for many of us beginners.

One piece changed up

Pants: Lands End (similar here)~~Tunic/Bathing Suit Cover up: Mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: Mochiis-c/o (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

I’d love to know if you get creative with your clothing in this manner? Do you take one piece and make it something that it wasn’t intended to be?

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!


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For your shopping pleasure, I rounded up some great tunics under $50. I figured, since the 3 of us ended up wearing changing our one piece to a tunic, I could find others for you too.


  • Nikki Gwin

    Jodie I LOVE your coat! And I would never have thought to use a swimsuit coverup in any other way, but its perfect! Great job.
    🙂 gwingal

    • Right? Isn’t it amazing the inspiration you can get from others??? I wouldn’t have thought of it either until someone suggested it!! And it’s brilliant!!

  • Becky

    I just found your blog today and while I am a ways off from the 50+ category, I was so excited to see what you ladies had to showcase. It makes me happy and hopeful to see strong women loving the skin they are in. It is so incredibly inspiring. I hope that in my future years I can be as confident as you all are and age as gracefully as you all have. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Becky!! I’m so glad you stopped by, and I hope you visit us again and again.
      I have to admit that I get as much inspiration from the younger women I meet, as from the older ones! In fact, the Forever Fierce group is involved with a campaign that starts next week to bridge the gap between the ages. So hopefully we can all inspire each other—no matter what our age!!! And realize that getting old is a good thing!!

  • Such a beautiful coat Jodie, I love the colours and the collar. It looks great with the olive trousers. Wearing it as a dress is a brilliant idea!

    Emma xxx

    • Thanks Emma!! And I doubt anyone realized it was a coat!!

  • FunkyForty

    Loving what the three of you have done with your outfits – super cute and it looks like you had loads of fun at the same time!

    • Thanks Yvonne!!! This was a fun post—challenging and a great brain workout!!

  • I try. I really do try and I think my most successful endeavour was that camo tri-part project we did. Using a camo dress also as top and skirt. Now that was fun 😛

    LOVE yours. LOVE Nancy’s.

    • Thanks Sheela!! It really makes it a little more fun to see how creative we can get with what we have. Well, at least when we have the time to do that!!!

  • I love what you three have done. All of the outfits look so nice!! Love Nancy’s shoes with the outfit and the necklace. Lovely with that yellow. Charlotte’s love of colour is something we share (and you too, I know). I wouldn’t be afraid of red trousers either. Cute flats she is wearing.
    And you take the top my dear. Personally I wouldn’t change a thing about your outfit. The belt works very well with the coat, now jacket. There is black and white in the coat and the belt picks that up. Don’t change it. Recently I have combined my lime yellow summer coat with olve leggings and it looks good. So I am with you in wearing coats as a jacket.

    • Thanks so much Greetje!!
      I guess we are evolving somewhat in our fashion, eh? To think I’d be wearing a coat as a tunic just cracks me up!!

  • The pattern mix of your jacket with the belt is my fave here. How very clever J.

    • Thanks Lorena!! I kept thinking I should use a solid color, but my husband actually suggested this one! He’s a smart man!!

  • Carly

    I love the idea of the beach cover-up as tunic! That’s so creative. You three look lovely as always

    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  • I’m glad you went with the olive leggings, they are perfect! I also like the idea of using the jacket as a tunic! So creative!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Thanks Brooke!! Now I’ll definitely do this again…maybe next time with black leggings!!

  • Love these ingenious looks! I need to try all of these new ways of wearing pieces. Love that coat Jodie!

    • Thanks Kathrine!!
      It certainly made me work hard in the brain department!!

  • That watercolour print coat is gorgeous!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • What unique ideas!! I never thought to wear a beach coverup anywhere besides the beach! Genius

    • Right?? Me either, but others have been saying that they do it all the time. That’s why I love this—we get so many ideas from each other!!

  • Karen

    Wow! You three keep nailing the looks!! I love your jacket Jodie, and I am a person who would definitely wear a coat as a dress or tunic. I LOVE coatdresses but just try to find one, right? I see them on British women often, but can’t for the life of me find one in a store. So I’d do it. You styled this perfectly with the olive leggings. I can see this with or without a belt, so it’s a great look. Your earrings are terrific! I’ve admired those booties in the SS catalog every time I receive one. Those are beauties!! Nancy’s outfit is so dressy and fun. GREAT idea to close the kimono and wear it as a top. And with burgundy/wine being such a big color this fall, this is perfect! I love it styled with her capri pants and those shoes just tie it all together. Great, great look! And your mom and her genius idea of wearing that beach cover up! Love it! It looks so pretty as a poncho and you’d never know that she wore it to the beach!! Love her shoes too! I bought an embroidered beach coverup about 3 or 4 years ago, before embroidery was such a trend, and it even had tassel ties in front. Suddenly embroidery is everywhere so I transitioned it to my tunic collection! It still goes to the beach at times, but just as often is used with leggings or jeans. Maybe my quest for a coat dress is as close as the perfect coat in the right fabric. Something to look for!!

    • Doesn’t it seem like sometimes you have something in your closet already?? I remember thinking I need more embroidery…and then boom, I pulled out a blazer from my closet. I never thought about the embroidery on it—it was just a blazer in my head. So those times are the best!!!
      Thanks for the wonderful compliments!! This was a fun post because it really made us think and use our brain!!

  • Missy May

    Ladies y’all be killin it all the time. Great styling inspirations here everything I come. Jodie that trench coat on you is magical. Wow!!

  • I love, love, love everything about this post! First, I think Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust is probably who you were trying to think of who did the kimono as a shirt. She is so crazy creative! Nancy did a great job with it here! I’ve been playing with that, too ever since Debbie did it!
    They creativity you all used is wonderful! Everything looks lovely! And I just love this whole link up, and theme idea the groups are doing together! It’s so inspiring to see all the different interpretations!

    • You are probably right, Ronnie. I think there have even been others that have done this—it’s so smart and a great way to make our clothing so versatile!!
      Thanks for all of the love!!!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Love the coat to tunic conversion with a belt and your mom has inspired me to get a pair of multicolored shoes 🙂 You ladies are getting me farther out on my limb 🙂
    Bev xx

    • I love to hear you say this, Bev!! It’s so fun when you can enjoy your clothes!!!!

  • Wearing a coat as a tunic is a genius idea Jodie! I’m definitely trying it out soon!


    Tamara –

  • I would definitely try a blue or white belt with that jacket turned tunic Jodie! I love the doubling of a swim suit cover as a tunic that is a great idea, it gives the outfit depth and love it!

    • Thanks Laura!!
      I’m going to see how else to make this outfit fun!!

  • This was a very cool post. I am constantly trying to think outside of the box like this.

    The coat as a dress is very chic. I did this ages and ages ago when I went to pick up my then boyfriend at the airport in Edmonton. He had flown into Canada for the first time from France. I picked him up wearing a light green trench coat and heels. Yep. That’s it. I kept worrying that the cops would stop me on the drive out. Ha ha! Needless to say that is a memory he has kept all of these years.

    I love both your Mom’s and Nancy’s looks. Bravo ladies!


  • I love your jacket and hope we get to see more of it on this blog. I bet you have some other creative ways you could style it. Nancy’s burgundy shoes look perfect for this time of year, both the color and style. Really pretty! Your mom looks like she’s having some fun with these photo shoots too!


    • Funny you say that, because I did wear this as a coat just recently. But I haven’t really worn it as a dress—we will see!!
      Thanks Julia!!

  • Love the print of your jacket Jodie! Nancy’s kimono is beautiful worn as a top; I’ll try that with my Kimono. As for your mom’s beach coverup, it’s perfect! I’ve worn my beach coverup as a tunic over leggings.

    The ladybug on the wall is the same one I have! 🙂


    • You’re not the first that has said that about beach cover ups…I wonder why I never thought of that before? It’s so smart!!
      Thanks Carmen!

  • Wow Jodie I am in love with your coat! Everyone of you look as lovely as ever though! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

    • Thanks Cheryl!! It is one of my favorite jackets because I just love a statement coat!

  • Love this casual, yet dressy styling.

    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion
    Instagram| Bloglovin’| Facebook

  • Imastounded

    I have two swimsuit coverups that I wear over tank tops. The secret is to find one that doesn’t look obviously cover-up. But why didn’t I see them myself like your mom? Which pattern brand does she use for the other items she sews?

    • I think it’s such a great idea that you wear your cover ups as tops!!
      That’s a good question! I’ll forward this comment to my mom, so she can give you some insight. I know she uses many different pattern brands, usually!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Jodie is right; I use many different pattern brands. Simplicity. Vogue,McCalls,Butterick. & catalog pictures. Some patterns have been used multiple times. For the beach cover-up I didn’t use a pattern–just a picture from a catalog. Remember, I’ve been sewing forever.

  • I love these, the cover up as a layer over the red outfit is just perfect, what a great outfit! Easily my favourite of the group (although they are all pretty good!). I’ve never worn a kimono as a top – I saw another blogger do that by belting her kimono and I really need to give that a try when it’s warmer! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Such nice ideas! I love the look of your coat tunic. Have a great day! Gemma x

  • as always, amazing style!! my mom would love to see these.
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

    • Thanks Mahryska!!
      You should have your mom check out my blog!! And thanks for being so positive!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Very effective stylings, I would never have gotten that creative!

  • Judy Gramith

    You have styled one of my favorite outfits ever here Jodie! The olive leggings are brilliant!! The little tunic coat is so, so, cute!!!!! A blue ,beige or olive belt would be better. When I first saw this one I thought it was a chain belt!
    Nancy and Charlotte look lovely as well. Ponchos and kimonos are forgiving and fun.

    • I was going to wear a black belt, but the outfit started with white leggings. And this belt seemed better. Then I changed the leggings, and never thought to reconsider the belt!!
      Now I want to try it with black leggings…..
      See you soon!!!!!

      • Judy Gramith

        Bring this outfit to Seattle!!!
        I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green leggings because they ‘re so perfect and who has that color!??!! That’s what makes them SO COOL !!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    Love these looks! That coat is so fun! I love the print!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  • You styled the coat/tunic very well. I like the switch with the non contrasting belt. xx

    • Thanks Laurie!! I think that made it look less like a coat to me!!

  • Like your mom, I too have styled a bathing suit cover up as a tunic layering piece. I am in love with your jacket!!

    • That’s because you’re a smart cookie, Darlene!! I would have never thought of that!!

  • Such a great idea for a theme! I love how you were all thinking outside the box for this post and your coat looks fabulous as a tunic!
    Julia x

    • Thanks Julia!! I’m glad I tried it, because I always love it as a coat…so why not as a tunic?

  • Great ideas! Your coat looks stunning as a tunic. The contrasting belt really makes the transition. I should wear my spring coat as a dress!

    • Thanks for such a fabulous category to work with Nicole!!
      It’s so fun to have fun with our clothes this way!

  • What a great idea! And these are all fabulous outfits! I love how you styled your jacket as a tunic. That is such a unique piece!

    • Thanks Lindsey!! It is one of my favorite jackets. Of course, i’m a sucker for a great statement piece!!

  • Cindy

    fun outfits! It’s fun to see things worn differently. I especially liked your coat and your mom’s swimsuit cover up!

  • Laura

    I love how you thought outside the box when styling these items. It really helps open up your closet more. Your trench looks fabulous as a tunic and I love the idea of wearing it as a dress too!

    • It’s really smart to try to think about our clothes this way. It’s probably good for our brain too…ha ha!!
      Thanks so much Laura!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    The coat is stunning – so many beautiful colors that can be highlighted for new looks. Nancy looks wonderful in the kimono and I love the burgundy shoes for a very elegant combination of colors. Most of all, I have a girl crush on Charlotte. She is one stunning woman and has the most beautiful smile. The white tunic looks beautiful over the red column. Great job ladies!

    • Rebecca…your comment just made me giggle, and I’m sure it’ll make my mom’s day!! She is an incredible woman, and I only hope I can be half as wonderful when I grow up!!

  • So many inspirational ideas! Your coat is so colorful and pretty and looks great styled as a tunic. I loved the thought you were having in the back of your head at the sales person’s comment. Haha! Nancy’s kimono looks great styled as a top, as does Charlotte’s cover up. I initially thought it was a poncho! Love her colorful shoes, too.

    • Thanks Jennie!! I love how we can all get so much inspiration from each other!!

  • Kirsten Wick

    Your coat is amazing Jodie, gorgeous print and cut. I can even see you wearing it as a dress with a pair of opague tights and boots or heels. Love, Kirsten xx

    • I really should try that Kirsten! Now that I’ve worn it like this, it’s not really that different!!

  • Such great examples from all three of you. I love your coat Jodie, and maybe I’d enjoy kimonos more if I pinned them closed so they are less cumbersome to me. And I also wear beach coverups as regular clothing as well!

    • It’s funny how I never would venture outside the original thought for an item before I started blogging. It certainly is a smart way to look at our closets!!
      Thanks Amy!!

  • mummabstylish

    You ladies are rocking these looks, I love them all. Wow the colours in your superb coat are so flattering on you and with your trousers. Jacqui

  • I love your “tunic” and your mom’s pink pants! Such a great idea for a post!

  • I love these fun ideas for restyling pieces! As you know, I am usually outside the box, so when I find fab inspiration like this, I tend to run with it. I have a few really cute swim suit cover ups that I have been wanting to style as clothing. And now, I may just do that! Watch out for yourself appearing in one of my “Inspired By…” posts one of these days!


    • I’m so glad we have each other to be inspired by because wouldn’t it be so boring if we wore the clothes all the same way all of the time??
      Someone yesterday also suggested taking the removeable strap from a purse and making it a belt—isn’t that so smart too??

  • What a lovely and very usefull theme! Cant wait to see what the other bloggers made of it!

    • It’s amazing how everyone can get so creative, isn’t it Nancy??

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    Loved all the outfits. Your outfit really caught my eye today. Loved the coat used as a tunic. Mind you, here in Georgia we aren’t quite ready for coats yet, it it looked adorable.

    • Thanks Eileen!!
      And by the time you are ready for a coat this weight, I’ll be into my puffers and sheepskin ones…ha ha!! I could send this one to you at that time so it wouldn’t feel neglected??

      • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

        Ha ha! That would be great if I was a lot thinner than I am now. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • CathyLynchLawdanski

    I love how you styled that coat, Jodie! And I love everything about Nancy’s outfit. Beautiful colors on her. I would never have thought to pin a kimono closed!

    • Thanks Cathy!!
      I wouldn’t have thought of pinning the kimono closed either, except for some other fabulous bloggers. But maybe now I’ll try to start looking at my clothing pieces differently. So many of them can be changed or worn differently!!