You may not Like it, but Online Shopping will be in our Future universal shopping cart

You may not Like it, but Online Shopping will be in our Future

Quote of the day: “I can’t understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I’m frightened by old ones.” John Cage

We’ve all read the news on how many brick and mortar stores are going out of business and closing their doors. And I doubt that they will all go away in the future. But in reality, the online shopping craze is going to be the wave of the future. It’s no different than how automobiles took over the horse and buggy. So let’s learn to drive this new beast!

I’ve written a couple of posts on this subject in the past, but I was inspired by 2 things recently to revisit this topic. One is the fact that Amazon has brought Whole Foods and means to take grocery shopping to a whole different level. This might not make you happy, but read on.

And two is the fact that I found out about I’m going to ask all of you to do me a personal favor. Download this free extension on either Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I’m asking you to do this for 2 reasons. One is I get a small commission if you do this through my link before the end of August. Two is that it can save you time and money. Let me give you more information. And I’ll break it down with the pros and cons for you below!

Details: is an universal shopping cart


Just like having one remote is so much easier for your television viewing, having one cart for all of your online shopping is smart too! Think of the time you can save by not having to enter in all of your personal and credit card information for each purchase. It’s not a lot different than how Amazon works with their different vendors. But with, you can order from multiple different sites at the same time!

The site will work with any US online retailer. Supposedly there are no exceptions to this; however you can read about my issues below. It is also very secure since they use bank level encryption. This was my husband’s concern, but since he loves his online banking, then he felt better about does not receive any money from your shopping. You don’t end up paying more for the items or pay any fees to them. In the future they will have ads on their main page. But it’s truly a way to make the online shopping experience better for you!

Once you download the extension at the icon will show up in the very top, right portion of your screen. It looks like a blue & navy shopping cart. Once you click on the shopping cart, a banner on the right will appear  with the “add to cart” button! Say you are shopping at Target, instead of using Target’s “add to cart” button you would use’s “add to cart” button. Now go to Nordstrom’s do the same thing; instead of using Nordstrom’s “add to cart” button you again would use’s “add to cart” button…etc. Once you are done shopping at various stores you just have to go to one place to check out which is’s cart.

My experience

It takes some practice getting used to remembering to open the extension. But I think that’s why my #1 item under the Pros section is so helpful. Getting into the habit for any new method, is half of the battle.

And sometimes, the extension even pops up automatically when you go back to an online retailer that you’ve purchased from before. This happened with me on a couple of the sites but not all of them.

For the sake of you, the readers, I even made sure I tested it. Not just once, but a couple of times, no less!! So I’ll give you my honest experiences and opinions! One of the items I purchased was this one shoulder top from Old Navy!


1. The biggie is that for the entire first month after you download the extension, you will receive free shipping from any site! Right now, you will be reimbursed by for the shipping expense, but they are working to have it automatically applied in the future. Therefore, if there’s a site that usually puts you off due to their shipping fees, then this is the time to order from them!

2. will find any promotion codes that are available for you and apply them to your purchase. You know, those quick extra discounts that you have to try to remember or end up writing down on a piece of paper, but can’t find it when you’re ready to check out?

3. You can add in gift cards and rewards to be applied to your purchase. I experimented with this detail for my shirt from Banana Republic below. I entered in the rewards number and it automatically took off the amount! The shirt ended up being under $15 with a 40% off, my rewards and (soon to be reimbursed) free shipping!

universal shopping cart, for your online shopping

4. There is a fabulous order history on their site, so you can always look back on what you’ve ordered in the past.

5. I have found that after you shop at a certain store their promotional emails go directly into your’s email box instead of your personal email. This means fewer emails clogging up your personal  inbox and also having store promotional emails now located in one place.


1.The extension does not work for your mobile phones….yet! I know personally, I do most of my online shopping on my desktop anyways, since the photos are larger and I can see more. But the company is working to have it for your phone in the future.

2. I had an issue with trying to order from Vistaprint. When I went to proceed to checkout, there was a red box stating that the bot couldn’t finish this transaction. What I should have done was used the help button and chatted. But I was impatient, and just finished the online shopping trip on Vistaprint’s site. I’ve found out since, that for some reason the customization is what made it not work for the universal cart.

3. If you are an ebates customer, then your purchases made through will not apply to your ebates rewards.

4. There is some lag time after you click to checkout while is finalizing the transaction. This was not annoying to me, since I tend to be trying to do 10 things at once. While it was calculating the discounts and such, I just checked my emails and replied to comments!!

5. It can be a challenge to set up your account. I am used to playing around on all different websites, so I didn’t have an issue. But it’s a new site, so it’s not unusual to have a challenge or two but they are always working to make better. However, if you are having trouble, there is a 24/7 person in San Francisco at the other end. The help & support button is on the bottom left of the site after you sign up, and you can call them or chat!

The Facts

Honestly, I think online shopping will be in all of our lives at some time. Being able to navigate through this new wave of shopping will certainly make your life easier. So download extension today, and get started making your online shopping easier!

As a quick aside story, Nancy (the 60+ model on the blog) said to me that she looked everywhere (in the stores around our area) and couldn’t find any blush shoes. Haven’t you felt that way before? Because how many brick & mortar stores can you visit in one day? That’s one of the huge advantages of online shopping. You can find what you are looking for without leaving the house! And just so you know, I quickly sent 5 options of blush shoes to Nancy in an email, and she ordered a pair online!

Keeping in Touch

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P.S. I will receive a small commission if you are kind enough to sign up for the extension using my link. Even if you don’t want to take advantage of their free shipping for the first month, it might be advantageous to have this service available for your future online shopping trips!

PPS. If you enjoy testing out services and giving your feedback, is willing to give you $25 to spend for you to fill out a survey about your experience after using it. Use this link to receive $25 added to your account once you sign up for the first 500 people only!!

  • Michelle Helps

    I really enjoyed your article. I also felt very sceptical about online shopping to begin with but I am now quite fond of online shopping. I still buy all my food at a supermarket and market but I buy books, trainers, and many other things that I can’t find in shops. My hobby is calligraphy and I buy quite a lot of paper, ink, pens etc. Just this morning I bought a musical doorbell. I like Ebay best.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Michelle! I do think part of it is what we get used to. And especially for special items like your calligraphy—how perfect to have all of the options from online, since I’m sure your local stores are limited??

  • Klaudias Corner

    Believe it or not, I would still have to buy my very first item online. I have never bought anything online yet, as I like to touch, try, smell things before deciding … I am properly old-school, but I know that online shopping is the future. Where is the fun of going through the shopping malls having a nice coffee or snack on a terrace somewhere.. I hate modern times! LOL

    • This made me giggle, Klaudia!! Because I know what you mean. I used to feel that way about all the new items in dentistry—and that’s when I knew it was time to try something else.
      But the times don’t wait do they?? And it’s never to late to start…little by little!! You might find it’s beneficial for some things???

  • Interesting. I like online shopping much more since I have little kids – much easier!

  • Mary Kalpos

    Online shopping is certainly the future and even the present. Who has time to go running around to all those stores nowadays?

    • Haha, Mary!! That’s how I feel. Even if you do want to go to the store, it’s nice to figure out ahead of time, which stores have what you want!!

  • That sounds like a really useful and convenient way to shop and get the best deals. I guess the teething problems will be worked out in due course and the experience will get even better.

    Emma xxx

    • That’s true about the teething problems, Emma! To me, there are always pros & cons to almost everything!!

  • I know you can save items for later!! I’ve also just left them in my cart, and it seems to be there when I go back (of course, I rarely shut off my computer, so that could make a difference??). I don’t think it reminds you though….which could be a good thing for your wallet, LOL!

  • sue

    I’m a combination of both online and in-store Jodie. Although my husband has just discovered online shopping! Hold on to your credit cards!

    • Well, maybe he’ll buy you a couple of things now, Sue!! LOL!!

  • Gary Mathews

    Don’t spend all that commission money in one place!

  • 3littleredheads

    This looks interesting. I already do the majority of my shopping online!

    • Online shopping can be so convenient (and addicting..ha ha)

  • Going to investigate Love using eBates. And if I can have that flirty gray tee for less than $15, too, I am in.

    • I do think that each site has it’s pros & cons!! It might be worth signing up with just for the free shipping for the first month!! Then you could go back to your eBates!! I know I’ve saved over $40 on shipping so far (well, it’ll get reimbursed…)

  • This is fascinating! I downloaded it and now must go exploring (and shopping!) 🙂

    • That’s so wonderful Monica!! Thanks!!
      I mean, who doesn’t love free shipping, right? I’ve ordered 3 times already!!

  • This is a godsend for those who live in outlying areas. For sure I buy some things online but I carefully choose what, and mostly not clothing, as i have had to return far too many things that looked terrible. If you are not a standard size, it can be dicey.

    • I totally see your point Carol!! But sometimes if you aren’t standard size, it can be better only because the stores only have a limited amount of sizes!! I think the one thing I’ve learned lately is most thing need to be altered to fit correctly!! Ugh!!

  • Margaretha Montagu

    Since we live in deepest rural France and it is at least an hour’s drive to any decent shops, I already shop online quite a bit. This is an interesting concept, although I do not do much shopping in the US. Does it work in Europe too?

    • Definitely our location makes such a difference if we online shop, I think!! And don’t you think it’s easier now that you do it often, Margaretha??
      This extension only works on US shops, so don’t quote me, but I think if you order from US shops it would work. As long as the US shop ships to France??

      • Margaretha Montagu

        Absolutely. One just needs to get over one’s initial resistance. If I don’t buy much from thee US, it is because of the cost of the postage. I have recently hit a 1950’s phase. None of the local shops had the dresses I wanted (nor the sunglasses!), so I had to order them online.

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Jodie, call me old fashioned, but I am hesitant to get into too much on line shopping. I absolutely agree that it is the wave of the future. But what really concerns me is the psychological ramifications of becoming so on line dependent. We (the nation as a whole) already spend so much time with our faces glued to our smart phones and our computers….look at how much time we do as bloggers. Now let’s take out the human factor in our shopping…what happens to all of those people that used to work at those stores? I get it. Some of those might go to work for the shipping companies or the post office, etc. But still, people do lose jobs. In addition, shopping, just like porn can be an addiction for many people…so let’s make it that much easier to just point and click ourselves into a hoarding mentality. At least with a brick and mortar store we have to get up off our lazy butts and go to the store. Ha, ha. Just a few thoughts on the other extreme. But I do know it is wonderfully convenient and I do shop on line occasionally. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jodie. – Amy

    • I can’t tell you how much I love to hear other perspectives, Amy! In fact, Rob & I always say that I tend to play the devil’s advocate!! So I absolutely loved hearing your voice on this!
      And even though I wrote about this…I still can’t imagine all of the stores being gone. Rob kids me that it happened with the ice box and the buggy whip, so it could happen with stores too! (This was our discussion when Amazon bought Whole Foods).
      But I will admit that I love any kind of shopping—online or in the stores!! And being a petite, I do find more success with online shopping—most times!!
      Thanks for the lively debate!! XOXO

  • I’m really excited about this new site! I’ve heard of a couple ones before, but none that encompass all online US sites. That is worth it to me right there! I do so much online shopping.

    • I have to admit, it’s quite convenient!! Maybe my credit card doesn’t think so, LOL!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    You know that I have no problem with internet shopping Jodie…lol! The UPS man need a job, right? I do like the instant gratification of store shopping, but I prefer things to simply arrive at my door. This sounds super cool…especially the free shipping part. I will be checking it out.

    • Now that’s the best way to look at it, Debbie–we are supporting the UPS company!! LOL

  • Free shipping is always good. I do all my shopping at brick and mortar stores because I love the instant gratification and the touch & feel before I buy.

    • It’s true that the instant gratification plays a huge role!! But it’s also fun to get packages in the mail–kinda like Christmas!!
      But I’ve certainly been surprised by the material after online shopping–sometimes in a good way, sometimes not!!

  • Carol Cameleon

    I do a lot of browsing online but still tend to buy in ‘reality’! Shopco sounds great though. Very easy and that could be a problem to my budget!… Thanks very much for linking up to #HighlightsofHappy. It’s much appreciated Jodie.

    • I think it’s smart to look online, Carol!! The only frustration is when I find something I love, and then it’s not in the store also!! Especially petites! But I feel like the free shipping is perfect for getting my Christmas shopping done (yes, I’m that much of a planner!!)

  • I am a HUGE online shopper because I live overseas and can’t actually shop at the brick and mortar stores most of the time, and honestly I really like a lot of the pros here! The free shipping for the first month, promotional emails not in my personal email, etc…Perhaps I’ll give it a try!

    • I know many women don’t feel comfortable shopping online, but don’t you think it’s gotten easier!! Mainly because I’ve done it a lot, but I think the sites have made it good too!!!
      Thanks Kristin!!

  • Karen R

    Very interesting little shopping helper. I will have to check it out. Thanks for joining in on the Style File Link Up today!


    • I think the free shipping for a month makes it so worth it!!

  • I do as much of my shopping online as I possibly can. I had not previously heard of Will have to download it! Thank you for the tip, Jodie!


    • I realize that many women don’t love the online shopping, but I think it can be so easy!! I’m glad you think so too!
      I really appreciate if you download the extension, Lindsey!! Heck—even if you just use it for the free shipping, I think it’s worth it!! I’ve used it quite a bit already!!

  • I do most of my shopping online and I find better deals compared to shops! I have parcels arriving at my address all the time 🙂 Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion and beauty blog

    • It’s true that sometimes the deals are way better than in the stores, Vale!! And you bring up a fabulous point!! Getting packages in the mail, is the best feeling!!!

  • Rosy Ferry

    I already do most of my shopping online anyway, I live so far away from most retailers that it posts less in postage than it would in petrol so for me, it’s a no brainer. This sounds like an interesting app, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it coming to the UK! I’m sure in time they’ll phase out a few of the problems with it too.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • That’s a smart way to think about it Rosy–the cost of shipping vs petrol!!
      And I think the more we learn the ins and outs of this online shopping, the easier it becomes!! It’s still nice to go in stores, but it’s also nice to have options!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I’m probably doing a quarter of my shopping online but I find that it’s really an entirely different experience than shopping in an actual store. I need to physically connect with certain kinds of purchases and clothing, home decor, shoes and household goods and groceries are among the items I want to touch and see up close. (The thought of no longer shopping and having lunch with my girlfriends leaves me feeling sad.) The thought of NOT going OUT INTO THE WORLD is horrifying. We are already sacrificing face to face social interaction skills with the amount of time we spend on our devices. The prospect of exclusively sitting around on my enlarging ass, ordering up groceries, furniture, toilet paper, art work, light bulbs and jeans horrifies me!!!
    All change that results from technological advancement is NOT innately good change. We are human beings who need to make positive AND negative contact with others in order to maintain our “humanity”. I will not allow popular notions of what is “advanced behavior” in a “swiftly changing world” to control my values. This is particularly true if my human value will only be measured by how easily and quickly I can CONSUME MORE AND MORE GOODS AND SERVICES.

    • Amen sister.

    • You’re exactly right, Jude—it is a totally different experience. Yet, I think it can have a place in our lives—for finding hard to find items or hard to fit bodies (ha ha)! Even if we don’t use it tons, it’s nice to know how to do it for when we need it.
      It’s such an interesting concept to me that the millennials don’t like the stores as much. I know Rob’s employee will order groceries online even though the store is less than 1 mile away! Since I don’t have kids, I just don’t get it??
      But I always hate to ignore or put down all of the new ways—because I’m sure there is a positive aspect of them?? We laugh that we’ll be those old geezers saying “hey kids, get off my lawn” pretty soon!!!

  • Laura

    When I shop in physical store I can be back here with what I wanted in an hour or so, and if I need to return the item I get an immediate refund. With online shopping I wait 3 days or more to receive the item, then if I don’t like it or it’s the wrong colour or doesn’t it fit or whatever I have to pack it up, take it to the post office and then wait to receive a refund. So for me online shopping for clothing in particular does not work (and probably never will), I prefer to research online first and then shop in a physical store where I can actually see the item before I pay for it.

    • It’s smart to be able to research it before hand like that Laura!!
      I know sometimes, I get frustrated if it’s online, but not in the store! Yet, I understand why shops are going to online more and more, because of all the overhead with brick and mortar! So I totally understand what you are saying!
      There are always pros and cons, I guess.
      And I did both scenarios this weekend…:)

  • That’s the changing world. When we were younger, or patents or grandparents must have said something about how the world is changing. Now it’s our turn. I did go to the link but it’s not available on mobile. Will try tomorrow on the laptop.

    • You are so right, Nancy!! It is changing whether we like it or not. So I guess it’s worth learning the new things and trying to use them!!
      Thanks for supporting me…I really appreciate it!!

  • I have to say, as much as I love going to a physical store…I do mostly all of my shopping online! I can totally see this being our future.

    • I know—I feel the same way!!
      It’s fun both ways, and they each have their pros & cons, but online just seems easier, I think!!

  • I definitely do the majority of my shopping online these days. Though I actually prefer to shop in store, the combination of not having everything I want available here in Tulsa and having a 7 month old shopping buddy just makes online easier. This sounds like a cool extension!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • That’s an excellent point Amy about shopping with kids!! No one needs to know if they happen to be having a melt down that way!!
      Not that that ever happens with Ivy!! 🙂

  • This sounds like a great service even though I’ll be missing the “in-person” shopping experience. I’ve found myself ordering more on-line because items I’ve wanted were not available locally but I do prefer the immediacy of an in-store purchase.


    • Great points Rena!! At least in the store, I do have it right away!
      But I had to admit, that when I got those shoes from Marks & Spencer, it was only 2 days and I had them at home….it was amazing!!

  • My husband just read an article that said 25% of all malls will disappear in the next 5-10 years. That’s only 5-10 years! It’s crazy how quickly the world is changing. It is sad since many people will lose their jobs. Not just the retail sellers, the support for those stores as well like restaurants, banks etc. I know we can’t look backwards but sometimes it scares me to think about what the future holds when we will all be huddled up in our houses never leaving to interact with each other.


    • My husband and I laugh that the millennials don’t want to leave their houses—his employee used to order groceries to be delivered and the store was less than one mile away!!
      But as they get older, they will probably think how barbaric it was that we went places to shop!
      Kinda like how it used to be for the butcher store, the bakery, etcc…?????
      I know, I keep thinking it won’t be good, but is that the same reaction whenever there is a huge shift like this?? It’s so interesting to think about!

  • I enjoy online shopping for many things. I can’t think of the last time I bought a book in a store. I frequently buy appliances, gardening supplies, and many other things. But I haven’t bought much in the way of food and I’m not always happy with the results when I shop for clothes. Mostly because, I hate returning things when they don’t fit. But I guess I need to get over it! LOL

    • I totally know what you mean about returning things, Donna! I do feel the same way, but I’ve tried to change my perspective on it. I figure, I’d go to the store to buy it anyways. So the trip to return it is no different.
      Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I can alter many items, so I don’t have to return a ton!
      But we’ve had to return small appliances that we purchased online in the past—so it’s not just clothes I’ve learned!!

  • Online shopping is definitely here to stay. I still hope we’ll have brick and mortar stores for clothing and shoe shopping though; I have to try those on first. But for everything else, it’s much easier to never have to leave the house!

    • I can’t imagine that all stores will be gone, but I do think we will get used to online purchases the more we do them!! (Just like riding a bike, right, Lisa?)

  • Nicole Mölders

    Interesting post.

  • I actually shop online with a site called I get cash back on all my purchases!

    • And that’s because you are a very smart & thrifty shopper!! I figured the free shipping for the first month is a great deal, at least for me. I always hate to pay for shipping!!

      • I won’t make a purchase unless it comes with free shipping.

        • I’m usually the same way!! That’s why I was like a kid in the candy store for my “research” LOL!!!

  • Michelle Leslie

    It sounds like it could make such a difference to the whole shopping experience. I’ll be waiting in anticipation for South Africa to catch up 😉

    • Ahhh…that does make it challenging!! Hopefully soon, Michelle!!

  • I think I have to give this a try – thanks for telling us about it, and for linking up to Vis Mon! xox


    • I was so excited when I found out about this, Patti!! I’ve actually used it a couple of times already!!

  • Thanks for sharing this shopping too. I have used similar ones like this. I need to give it a try!