6 ways of how to wear a tank top in summer

Opportunities For How to Wear a Tank Top In Summer

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There are many opportunities about how to wear a tank top in summer. While some of you shy away from baring your arms, I still hold out hope that little by little we can embrace our bodies no matter what.
The idea of bearing our arms is no different than wearing a swimsuit. We have but one life and today is the youngest you’ll ever be. Therefore my motto is to enjoy it and be happy.

Quote of the day: “Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now.” Jack Kerouac

Kindness comes in many forms and the key is to start with yourself. Being kind to yourself and embracing your body as is, begins the cycle of being kind to others.
Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed into thinking that the signs of aging are bad and should be covered up.

But using our higher reasoning, we can dispel these myths, and help spread the word that the signs of aging are a part of a long and fulfilling life!

This is why I came up with 6 opportunities for how to wear a tank top in summer.

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What is a Tank Top?

A tank top is one that is sleeveless. There can be a variety of strap styles and lengths and I would consider them essential for summer. Even if you don’t bare your arms they are a good thing to have because they can be a fabulous layering item.

While these types of tops used to be relegated to athleisure wear, the fact is they can be worn for casual, fancy, and everything in between now.

This ivory tank top is from Mott & Bow and is their relaxed slub tank tee. I am wearing the bone color in a Small. Per their sizing, I could have gotten an XS, but I wanted it to be loose for our summer heat.
At this stage of the game, I am not worried about looking thinner, I want to be comfortable and stylish.

Long Shorts

Long shorts for summer months
Tank top: Mott & Bow c/o~~ Shorts: Old Navy~~ Sandals: Betsey Johnson~~Belt: Ann Taylor~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code Jodie35

The easiest option of how to wear a tank top in summer is with shorts. Even if you don’t wear short shorts, there are a variety of shorts that can look and feel good.

Insider tip: Remember, if you can’t find the length of inseam that you prefer with shorts, just have a pair of pants shortened to that length instead. It’s one of those “aha” moments that a friend shared with me years ago.

The trend right now is that the bottom half has more volume. That’s why you’re seeing more pleats in pants again. And my favorite reminder is that all pleats aren’t created equal. Don’t automatically assume that pleats are bad.

This outfit consists of two solid color clothing items with a print shoe for fun.

Fancy Skirt

Wear a tank top and silky skirt for summer
Tank top: Mott & Bow c/o~~ Skirt: from Just Be Youtiful~~ Sneakers: Cariuma~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code Jodie35

A silk skirt seems fancier than a cotton tank top, yet the two can go together like peanut butter and jelly. This combination combines a bit of glam with the skirt tempered by the tee which is casual.

You’ve seen this skirt in many transformations last summer. In fact, both my mom and Lesley have one in different colors.

I kept the look casual with my yellow pair of sneakers that make everyone smile when they see them.

How to Wear a Tank Top in Summer with Accessories

Even in the summer months when it seems too hot to want to wear loads of accessories, there are always tricks. You know me, I love my accessories, so I find ways to wear them no matter what.

Here are two fun examples with the same white tank top.
On the left, I’m using a short, skinny scarf to tie up one side of the sleeve. I showcased this idea recently with a small square scarf.

On the right side, I decided to try out using clip-on earrings to create the same kind of interest at the neckline without having extra bulk like you would with a statement necklace.

Wear a Tank Top as Layering

Use a tank top as a layering top
Tank top: Mott & Bow c/o~~Gingham Top: Old Navy~ Shorts: Just Black-from Fashom~~ Sandals: Vince Camuto~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code Jodie35

Another option of how to wear a tank top in summer is to think of it as a layering piece. You can use it under spaghetti-strapped items basically like how I wear my Halftees.

The disadvantage of the tank top worn this way compared to Halftees is there is extra material around your midsection. BUT the advantage is it can also be worn alone.

Insider tip: I am an ambassador for Halftees which are basically cropped tops meant to add modesty to any of your outfits. Use code Jtouch20 for a discount.

Column of Color with a Blazer

Column of color with a blazer
Tank top: Mott & Bow c/o~~Shorts: Just Black-from Fashom~~ Blazer: Talbots given to me by Janet~~ Sandals: Walking Cradles~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code Jodie35

Another thought is to use your tank top under toppers that will add less bulk to the sleeve area. For instance, adding this fabulous lime green blazer over the white column of color.

If you are someone who still feels the need to cover up your arms, this is a great way to do it without too many layers. Sure, your arms are covered, but you don’t have 2 layers that could overheat you.

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How to Wear a Tank Top in Summer with Personality

Crochet topper for how to wear a tank top in summer
Tank top: Mott & Bow c/o~~Topper: from Just Be Youtiful ~~ Shorts: Just Black-from Fashom~~ Sandals: Walking Cradles~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code Jodie35

I took the same concept of the blazer outfit a step further by adding a unique topper over the column of color.
This hi-low crochet piece is one that I just picked up from my local boutique, Just Be Youtiful. If you are as enamored with this crochet topper as I am, feel free to reach out to Just Be Youtiful because she will ship it to you if you live in the US. It also comes in black, and with my code Jtouch15, it is under $50.

But back to the idea of how to wear a tank top in summer, any kind of interesting topper would work to add some sass to a basic shorts and tee look. For instance, those swim cover ups or even a sheer top could look amazing.

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Great opportunities of how to wear a tank top in summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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