Orange for Fall with Other Color Combinations

Orange for fall For 3 Generations

Orange for Fall with Other Color Combinations

Quote of the day: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” Paulo Coelho

I’ve personally decided that any two colors will look great together. Of course you can certainly prove me wrong, but I think the hard part comes when you add a third color to the mix.

Thus when I was thinking about another combination with the color orange for fall, I decided to have us all pair orange with our favorite color. Now you could say that Nancy & my mom cheated a little, or you could say that their favorite color has changed. Because if you check out how we paired black and white with our favorite color last summer, it may look slightly different for them, ha ha!

But no matter, because I think orange is a perfectly bright autumn color that is underappreciated. And we are here to show it styled with 3 different color combinations.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Yellow has turned into my favorite color in the last couple of years. It’s such a happy and bright color.

So I did cringe a little when I thought of pairing these two bright colors together in an outfit. But give me a challenge, and I’ll try it! I figured I could try to either tone it down with a darker color or just add in a bunch more brightness. Nothing like playing it safe in this outfit.

And since we were talking about orange for fall, I had to get a photo in front of this fabulous mural. The best part? You don’t focus on me as much, LOL!

Orange for fall with Yellow

I only grabbed this floral bomber because it was still hanging up in my closet after my friend, Jude gave it to me on our Seattle trip. I looked at the jacket and figured it had both orange and yellow in it, so I thought maybe it could tie the two colors together. And that’s how I came up with this outfit. It may be a little too bright for some of your tastes, but I would also hope you would look at this and realize I’m not going to disappear into the background. And that’s my personality to a tee.

And if you love bomber jackets too, then you should check out others like this one or this one.

The Jewelry & Accessories

This necklace and the earrings are the ones I wore recently in an Instagram post but with a different outfit. It was the post where I also discussed how one of my friends treats her Rocksbox service as a way to save money and stay more organized. I always love hearing other’s people’s perspectives! If you want to try out the Rocksbox service, make sure to use the code for a free month which is listed below my outfit.

Orange for Fall for Women over 50

And you may laugh at this purse. I found it while thrifting, and thought it was such a great shaped purse. Well, of course, it’s a great shape. It’s actually made to transport a bottle of wine. Therefore I had to buy it, and figure out how to use it for real life. I was able to fit my wallet and my cosmetic bag in this carrier. And I had to show you the inside so you can see that it came with a bottle opener! Hilarious, right?

Orange for fall with accessories

Usually I would think that the colors of this outfit make it stand out enough, and I would’t need a hat too. However, we were going to get our hair cut that morning, and so I had to cover up that mess on the top of my head.

I know I’ve only recently fell in love with hats, but for this reason alone they can be so valuable. I’ve actually been seeing a lot more berets or baker hats recently if you are open to trying new styles. I’m sure I’ll be wearing one of these soon enough.

Orange for fall worn by 50+ women

Jeans: Fabrizio-Gianni c/o (similar here)~~Jacket: (similar here)~~Sweater: Casual Corner (similar here)~~Shoes: Aldo (similar here)~~Necklace: Perry Street from Rocksbox–Use the code JTouchofstylexoxo to get your first month free (here)~~Earrings: Slate from Rocksbox–Use the code JTouchofstylexoxo to get your first month free (here)~~Hat: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: I will give Nancy a little leeway about her favorite color. She is actually very open to trying new colors and combinations, and she has been accumulating more olive green lately.

But Nancy doesn’t really have a lot of orange in her closet, so she grabbed her orange scarf and used that for a pop of color in this look.

Orange for fall in your outfits

I thought Nancy’s outfit was perfect against the colors of the trees down this street. Because isn’t that where many artists get their inspiration? Nature and it’s colors can be so gorgeous.

This entire outfit is the one she wore for our Chico’s girlfriend event this last spring. It’s such a flattering look with the white blazer over the column of color. And this exact blazer is on sale if you have been admiring it on Nancy.

Orange for fall in a scarf

The scarf that Nancy grabbed is an infinity scarf.

Most of us tend to think of this kind of scarf as being very limited in styling. Which can certainly be a good thing. Just throw it on, and you’re good to go. However, many of these scarves can actually be tied and twisted a couple of different ways. I showed us all wearing an infinity scarf last winter with 3 different ways to tie it.

And Nancy wanted to tame hers down here, so she made a knot in the ends.

Orange for fall for women over 60

I always think that olive green is such a great neutral. And it’s a perfect way to tame down other bright colors. Or you could look at it that orange is the perfect way to add some color to the olive green. Either way the color combination is a great one.

And having olive green shoes can work for a ton of outfits too. If you prefer an ankle boot, a flat or a sneaker, any of these varieties will get worn quite a bit.

Orange for fall worn in autumn

PS. If I told you that Nancy’s favorite color was pink, would you try it with orange as a color combination?

Pants: Chicos (here)~~Jacket: Chicos (here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Chinese Laundry (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom wore her orange for fall with her light blue print jeans.

I know my mom’s favorite color is really blue, but she chickened out and thought that bright blue and bright orange would be too much like Bronco’s colors. Of course I had to give her a hard time and ask why Bronco’s colors are a bad thing?

But at least she wore some sort of blue in her jeans. It’s interesting because these print jeans can be considered almost a blue grey color. Do you have any items that look one color in some light and then a totally different color elsewhere?

Orange for fall for women over 70

So my mom took her orange polo shirt and layered it under her new sweatshirt that she bought when we were in Seattle at Drizzle and Shine. I know many of my older friends don’t love the distressed jeans, so I was pleasantly surprised when my mom picked out this sweatshirt on her own. Sometimes, I think the more we see of certain styles, the more we grow used to them, and don’t think they are as crazy anymore.

But if you think that paying for items that have holes in them is silly, then how about other sweatshirts? There is one with ruffles on the arms, or a camo print one.

Orange for fall in a polo shirt

How do you feel about print jeans?

I know one of my friends was sure that print jeans would make her bottom half look bigger. But I’m here to tell you that’s a myth. In fact prints tend to hide any bits that you don’t want seen. And then there’s the fact that smaller prints like the one my mom is wearing, actually looks like a solid from far away.

In case you are interested in some print jeans, then take a look at this pair. Not only are they interesting but they also have tummy control, if you feel like you need it. Of course since there is animal print everything lately, I also found a great pair of those for you.

Orange for fall in any outfit

One last detail about my mom’s outfit are her grey flats. Maybe you’ve noticed, but my mom really likes to dress up, and for her to wear jeans and a sweatshirt is more uncommon than usual. But I believe her footwear choice actually makes this outfit seem a little dressier than if she had worn sneakers.

That’s why I always say that shoes can make or break an outfit. A fun and interesting pair just adds so much pizzazz to any look.

Orange for fall worn by older women

Jeans: LOFT (similar here)~~Top: Boundary Water (similar here)~~Sweatshirt: Valln from Drizzle & Shine (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

So we’ve shown three different colors to pair with our orange in different ways. Are you ready to play along? I’d love to hear your favorite colors that you wear with orange.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

The Facts

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If you’re searching in your closet and realize that you need some more orange for fall, then I rounded up some accessories in this fabulous color:

  • I don’t know how I missed this post! Orange is my favorite color! You ladies have some fabulous looks here!

  • I love all 3 outfits! That floral bomber jacket is beautiful on you Jodie! Nancy looks really great in that olive green!

  • I love a touch or orange or coral to brighten the mood! #TeamLovinLife

  • Hi Jodie, lots to comment on. For one: those colours you are wearing aren’t bright in my view, they are toned down, they are not bright and saturated. Not that I sould mind it then. As you know, I like my colours bright. You did very well by adding the jacket. Indeed it brings everything together. Your sunglasses are very fashionable. And that wine cooler bag? Terrific, what a unique, attention grabbing item. Your solution for the inside is clever. Very clever.
    Nancy’s outfit however, got my biggest love. And after reading your text I remember saying the same thing when you showed it after buying it at Chico. I remember she wore a very nice necklace and earrings with it then. This combination with the orange scarf is lovely too. Just today I am wearing orange with olive. Love it.

    • It’s nice to find other women that like bright colors like I do, Greetje. Because so often I run into women that think black is the best color ever, and that depresses me!!!
      What a fabulous memory you have about Nancy’s outfit!!
      It must be all that shopping that keeps you sharp!! LOL

      • I just have this fixation on clothes haha. So if an outfit strikes me, it will stick in my brain.

  • mummabstylish

    I love your shots Jodie, I love your outfit, these colours work so well paired together. Nancy’s colours are super too, loving a bit of green atm. Jacqui

  • Looking good ladies! I always avoided orange and didn’t think it suited me … until earlier this year. I wrote about it on my blog here:

    • It’s fun to find that we can look good in colors that we didn’t think were us, Janet!!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Orange is tricky, but you all 3 mastered it well.

  • Kathleen McDermott

    Very pretty outfits, Jodie. Love your floral bomber jacket – such pretty colors, and so nice with the soft orange and yellow. Those little jackets are so nice to wear in place of a cardi or other topper. Nancy’s olive monotone with the soft white and the touch of orange is lovely and chic. I have grown to love olive as a neutral. Charlotte looks elegant, as usual. Her distressed sweatshirt looks very polished and highend, and I love how the bright orange pops underneath. Big thumbs up to patterned slim jeans or skinny pants.

    • Thanks so much Kathleen!!
      I was surprised my mom chose this sweatshirt, but it’s nice to have something different in her closet!!!
      I so appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts. I made sure to forward this email to both mom & Nancy so they could read them too!!!

  • I am rubbish at wearing colour. I used to do it all the time, then discovered black was so easy for work…and then it took over my real life too! I do love the orange though – maybe I’ll be inspired to wear a little colour soon 🙂

    • I can totally understand, Emma!! We get into some habits so easily—even if they aren’t our favorites!! Why is it so hard to change is always my question?….LOL

  • Marla Martenson

    I just found your blog through Katherine’s Corner. Love it! You ladies look fabulous! So great to see mature women in fantastic clothes. Love the orange.

    • Hi Marla!!!
      I’m so glad you found my blog, and I hope you’ll stop by often!! Do you have a blog too?? I always love to discover fabulous women and their stories!!
      Thanks for the positive words and encouragement!

      • Marla Martenson

        Hi Jodie, yes, my blog is at, I post lots of inspirational, spiritual, and health oriented topics! 🙂

        • How fabulous Marla!!! I visited and can’t wait to take the time to read more!!

  • Orange is a colour that I love but it’s not returned. Accessories are the perfect solution. Love the bracelet you linked.

    • That’s one of the reasons I love thrifting Anna!! Because even if a color is not really in style, you can find it!!
      Thanks and have a fabulous day!!

  • Susan Lusk

    Love the orange “pops” of color! I usually wear orange,in some form, to support our
    local college team. I’ve just found your blog at age 59 and love it!

    • I’m so glad you found my blog, Susan!!! Welcome and I hope you drop by every couple of days and enjoy!!!
      Now that’s a fabulous reason to have orange in your closet—because of your local team!! I’m so glad it’s a color you can relate to!!
      Thanks so much for chiming in—I always love to hear what others have to say!!

  • I think I’m going to have to add olive green into my wardrobe Jodie – it always looks lovely as a base colour when you feature it in your posts.

    • I do think it is one of those colors that works so well with others, Leanne!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I really love the way you’ve decided to embrace the color orange and see just how far you can push it in your wardrobes. I’d say you’re all do well with you experimentation. Also your BEAUTIFUL fall themed photos showing lots of your natural environment are really great!
    I’m so glad that the little floral bomber seems to be workin for you. Clearly it will go with many varied colored pieces of clothing. You look so pretty in it my friend!!
    Nancy and Charlotte are looking SO chique in their looks and the backdrops you chose for their photos are wonderful!. I’m drawn to the textural pants that Charlotte is wearing. Very.nice look for our Charlotte!!

    • Thanks Jude!!!
      You are such an incredible friend and I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it was to finally meet you!! You are featured in my monthly blog post that went live today too!!!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of my life!!

      • Judy Gramith

        Meeting you and your lovely family was such a pleasure. Your love for each other and the support you guys give each other is inspirational. That last night our group spent together sharing, laughing, and bonding over 5 desserts (:-)) was so lovely and really memorable. I was grateful to be a part of that friendly, warm spirit. Thank you Jodie, for your inclusiveness and friendship.

        • Charlotte Miller

          Hey Jude–it was so fun wasn’t it!!!!

  • Kathy Marris

    I like how you’ve used orange accents here Jodie. I’ve always been a fan of olive green and orange – I think they look great together. However when you said orange and yellow together, I cringed! But you made it work with that floral bomber jacket. #TeamLovinLife

    • I know, I know Kathy!! The orange and yellow made me a little scared too, but that bomber made it all good. At least if you like bright colors that is!! LOL!

  • There are 3 colours I simply can’t wear anywhere near my face – orange, yellow & khaki. Ok, brown as well. I can do coral at a pinch, but I envy you girls who can. #TeamLovinLife

    • That’s why I believe in the magical qualities of yellow shoes and handbags, Jo!! LOL!

  • writeofthemiddle

    Love the ‘fall’ colours [Autumn to us in Australia LOL] and whoever takes your photographs does such a good job. They look fantastic! You’re all looking fabulous in your outfits! Autumn is one of my most favourite times of years … love Autumn leaves! #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks so much Min!!
      I take my mom’s photos and my hubby takes mine!! I’ve been trying to get better at this part of the blogging, so your words mean so much to me!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    You look super chic and stylish, Jodie! You ladies are always inspiring! Love all these fall colors, too. I wish we have those colorful leaves in Texas. Stay fabulous ladies!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len

    • We have a ton of these leaves Len!!! I’d be happy to send some your way—ha ha!!!
      Thanks for always being so supportive with our outfits!! It means a lot to me and my moms!!

  • I love nancys olive outfits. So pretty with orange. You are all so cute in your orange. I also love your bag, how funny it’s a wine holder!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Thanks so much Brooke!!!
      And I may need to pass this “purse” down to you especially when your boys become teenagers…ha ha!! You’ll need the wine then!!

  • Such perfect autumn colours Jodie! I love the photos as well, they all look gorgeous against the fall backdrop.

    Lucky you and I like the yellow you’re wearing. I can’t wear yellow as it just makes my skin look jaundiced! I think my combination of freckles and pale-ish skin just don’t suit it. #teamlovinlife

    • It’s probably fact that I shouldn’t wear yellow against my face either Deborah. Because we are probably about the same complexion!! That’s why yellow jeans (and skirts, and shoes & purses) are perfect, right???

  • Love the orange accents in all of these outfits, and I especially love your outfit today with the floral bomber and yellow sunnies. I actually have one of those bags made to transport wine!
    Great mid week inspiration!

    • How amazing you have one of these wine carriers, Elle!!! I really should use it for that at least once, I guess!!!
      Thanks for the lovely words and thoughts!!!

  • Gorgeous photos Jodie! Yellow and orange are a perfect pair, but it’s that cute bomber jacket that makes this a fabulous fall or spring outfit! Love the backdrop where I had to look closely to find you!

    Nancy’s look is elegant and especial nice with this setting! Olive is a lovely autumnal colour.

    Your mom always has great taste, whether elegant or casual. It’s more like a designer sweatshirt very stylish, perfect for layering over a polo shirt. I don’t normally wear sweatshirts, but I have two now because they are unique like your mom’s. Not the old kind you wear to rake the garden on a cold, autumn day. I’m like your mom, I don’t like jeans with real holes in them, but I like distressed sweatshirts and the “holes” which are really faux holes because of the sheer backing.

    I love print jeans ever since they hit the fashion scene, whether bold flowers or a subtle print like your mom’s.

    ❤️carmen 😊🍁🌳🍂

    • Thanks for all of the positivity with these outfits Carmen!!
      I was so impressed that my mom was so open to this sweatshirt, but it was something she couldn’t recreate at home, so that always makes a difference! Besides we were supporting Jean, and she loves doing that as much as I do!!

  • Love how you all styled orange without making it reminiscent of Halloween at all!

    • Thanks Michelle!!! Because it’s a fabulous color on it own. Too bad we always think of it for Halloween and pumpkins!!

  • Lisa Kent

    My favorite color is…orange! So if I played along with your challenge today, I’d have to combine orange with orange! Is there such a thing as too much orange?! I love your (wine carrier) purse! I have been into berets lately as a style that doesn’t smash my hair flat. I tuck my hair up inside and it still looks pretty good when I take off the beret. I also love the Nordstrom maternity scarf in your link. I’m well beyond maternity age, but it could be worn several different ways for us “beyond-maternity” women…around the neck, head through the hole, shawl…so versatile!

    • I love that you love orange, Lisa!! And of course, you could have orange and orange. Kinda like my mom did in the last post with the orange purse and melon top!!!
      Funny, I didn’t realize that scarf was a maternity nursing scarf when I showcased it!! But it would be perfect for anyone!!!
      I’m going to have to get a beret—I know I just ordered a baker’s hat, but a beret is also fabulous!!!
      Thanks for playing along!!!

  • I love the baker hat you linked to. It looks so adorable and I may have to give that style a try. I actually am fine with your bright colors. The jacket pulls it all together and how perfect and funny is that purse! You are so creative! Also, yellow is my favorite color too. It always has been since I was little. But, I don’t wear it often. Totally doesn’t work with my skin tone. That may be why I have three yellow purses…..

    • That’s exactly the perfect way to have yellow in your wardrobe if it doesn’t look good on you! Along with yellow shoes and a yellow pair of jeans, right??
      I just ordered a baker’s hat like this one–but now I want to know why it’s called a baker’s hat??? Do you know??

  • Beautiful surroundings… and you’re all looking very sharp.

  • I’m loving your colorful foliage inspired looks!


    Tamara –

  • Cindy

    Love orange! (Go Gators) I don’t have a lot of orange but I do like it with bright fushia pink. Love your mom’s sweatshirt! You all look great!

    • Oooohhhh…I love it with bright pink too. Funny how we usually see that in the springtime! I may have to do that now!!!
      Thanks Cindy!!!

  • If it grows together… It goes together! Two thumbs up on today’s post, Jodie!

    • That’s a fabulous way to look at it, Darlene!!

  • Love all these chic combinations of with orange! I have shied away from this color but I might have to jump in and try. I adore all your picks!

    • Thanks Kathrine!! It’s one of those fun colors that seems to be underappreciated!

  • ADA

    Love all the layers and colors in your outfits Jodie. Your hat and bomber jacket are so pretty. You are wearing lots of beautiful colors for a fun and unique Fall look. =)

  • donnanance

    Jodie, you never fail to come up with a great post! Your necklace ties in so well with the whole outfit. Love the “purse”…clever! Love Nancy’s olive green and especially the shoes. Your mom’s choice of flats elevates her outfit to casual chic. The print pants do look solid from a distance. Well done, ladies! xoxo

    • Thanks so much for such a positive comment, Donna!! It brightens my day so much to know that you enjoy it!!!
      I even forwarded the comment to both mom & Nancy so they can appreciate your lovely thought too!!

  • Love the casual styling, I loved Nancy’s outfit the most! Olive green and orange is a gorgeous color combination.I love your wine holder purse, it looks so unique, totally stole my attention!
    I have just one orange item in my winter wardrobe, a coat, I should add more orange I feel 🙂

    • But an orange coat is a fabulous piece and the perfect way to add some brightness to any outfit (in my opinion).
      Thanks for all of the love, Ankita!!

  • Miriam Zakharova

    I really love orange for this month!

  • The wine purse wins today! I’d think a bottle of cab and a tube of pink rose is all we’d need!

    • And you are exactly right!!! Isn’t it perfect except with the wine in it, I wouldn’t have room for my phone—ha ha!!

  • I have a limited stash of orange once I pack away my summer duds…just one sweater. But it gives me such a perk to wear it once the drab days hit, I may have to collect a few more pieces to get me through autumn and winter.

    Great post 👍🏻

    • I just put away my orange sweater from this post (I’ve been so lazy with laundry lately), and I was thinking that I only have a couple of items this color. But it’s not always easy to find since it’s not an “in” color at the stores. I’ll have to check next time I’m thrifting!!!
      Thanks Em!!!

  • Very nice warm colors!

  • Karen

    When I first saw your looks today, I thought they are all just perfection! I love your bomber jacket with the colors you chose. I think it brightens the whole thing up and ties the pieces together. And I love your earrings. Those are so unique!! I’m a big fan of hats too and just wish this would catch on a little more where I live. I love hats! Nancy’s outfit is amazing. I’m currently loving olive and find that I’m adding more of it to my wardrobe. The scarf with the rest of the pieces she chose is perfect!! And her shoes….those are fabulous! The column of color is really slimming under the jacket, and then that pop of orange and white – just amazing! I love your mom’s jeans, and her sweatshirt is so cool! I love how the distressed look gives it a very modern feel, and it is perfect with the orange polo shirt underneath. I had a sweatshirt that I adored from the Gap some years back, got it at a thrift store, and it was my favorite, same color as your mom’s. After quite a few washings, it started to “shred” in places, getting threadbare. I kept wearing it until I felt like it was really too shabby. I cut it up for rags!! Now I’m so sorry I did that, but I honestly never anticipated a look like this being so big. It would have been perfect. Can’t hang onto things forever, but that’s one I regret cutting up since I’m seeing this look everywhere now! You all look wonderful!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Karen, I have felt the same way many times. The sweatshirt is actually the wrong side of the fabric-except for the uneven border at the bottom. And the ovals look like acid was used to remove the nap with only the base fiber left. Very different and unique–that’s why I bought it.

    • Thanks for all of the fabulous thoughts on this post, Karen.
      With the distressed sweatshirt—you could probably go to the thrift store and create your own too!! It’s funny how the holes and such are so popular. Next, it’ll be the patches over top of them???

  • Shahab Khan

    Wonderful post dear …………………keep posting!!!!!

    Customized caps

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I always love orange in the Fall, especially with all the gorgeous shades of it. My mom adores corals and tangerines. I love teh orange pops in all your outfits!

    • Thanks so much Andrea!!! You ought to showcase your mom on the blog too—we could be mother/daughter together!!!