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Purse organization

Easy Purse Organization

With the popularity of the big purses in today’s world, it’s nice to have things at a quick reach.  Getting your handbag organized will be one of those personalized things dependent on the size of your purse, what you really carry in that satchel, and personal likes and dislikes; nevertheless, here’s a couple ideas to make it easier.

Instead of depending on the pockets provided by the purse, I systematize my bag by categorizing objects and putting them into smaller pouches/containers.  I have 3 purses I alternate, so I make sure all pouches fit into the smallest first.

This method has two major advantages..

1- I can find things even in the dark just by feel.

2-Changing purses is fast and effortless.

I happened to have these small pouches on hand…really, who knows from where but my guess is they came free with purchase deals at the makeup counter.  I tried to use very different ones so they look and feel distinctive enough and so are distinguishable at a moments notice!


There are purse organizers already made for you if you require; however, the disadvantage with this method is the possibility of not adapting to each of the purses you own…could be too big/small or not the right kind of pocketing.

purse orgaizer Fits in the purse $16

quilted purse organizerAndsewmuchmore.com $32


Organize the inside:


We probably keep way more than we need in our wallet…because who knows what we’ll need?  I like a wallet that has no closure so it’s quick and easy to get to what I need.  I really don’t feel like I need to carry a checkbook anymore.  I leave it at home and just have one or two checks with me for the unlikely event the place doesn’t take credit cards.  One entity that has helped in the last couple years to reduce the amount of cards for loyalty programs in my wallet is the phone app card star (free) http://www.cardstar.com/.  This app keeps my membership and reward card numbers available with a swipe of the finger.



purse organization

I have 1 small bag for flat things which really means primarily coupons.  This is a great way to make sure I have at least one Bed Bath & Beyond coupon with me at all times.  I also have any clothing discounts and receipts that will save me money depending when & where I am at the moment.  I don’t carry restaurant coupons with me as we tend to plan those in advance.  I also keep band-aids (for that occasional foot blister) and a napkin in this storage container (doubles for kleenex in a pinch).  Maybe once a month I will go through it and throw out expired promotions.

The other coupon object I have at my fingertips at all times is the app: Coupon Sherpa (free) http://www.couponsherpa.com/ which has the coupons for Office Max, Hobby Lobby and many others I might need!  There are actually many of these apps available, but it can get time consuming to check them all!



purse organization

I keep one gloss/chap stick and one lipstick at all times.  My gloss actually has a small mirror on it and light (see here)  purse organization which is smashingly convenient for checking lips and teeth!

My opinion is you don’t need your entire makeup gallery in your purse. The items I carry are only for touch-ups.  I also have an eye pencil that I can use for under eyes, shadowing or even eyebrows!  I keep picks in here also because I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten more mature, my edibles seems to find nooks and crannies to hide out everywhere, which can annoy me!  These flossers purse organization are really my favorite for in between teeth because they are plastic and small enough to get everywhere.   It’s also smart to carry an emory board at all times for that nail catch that keeps getting stuck on your sweater.  Lotion is another good essential.



purse organization

This case is where you’d keep everything else.  The true talent of purse organizing is distinguishing what you really need vs. carrying everything including the kitchen sink!  My miscellaneous bag has advil, a tape measure, straight pins–these are housed in an old trial sized moisturizer, a writing pen, and a tampon. Even in the small bag, you might need more small organizational objects.

ebay purse organization  These are great pill holders for any medication $2

etsy containers purse organization  These little tubs are great for anything that is small enough to get lost like my straight pins for only $3.  But before you buy something, you might have a food container or make up container that can work just as well.  The ketchup or jelly jars from room service in a hotel can be washed and perfect for the job!!!  Remember, clear ones have the advantage of being able to see what’s inside them!


So I have to admit I do enjoy my smartphone even though I got it kicking and screaming because I loved my flip phone and didn’t want to learn a new phone!  Now I don’t require pen & paper since I can easily write a note on my phone.  The apps I’ve already listed are two of my most used, but here’s a couple more:

We use the light rail in Denver so the app: iTransitbuddy, http://www.itransitbuddy.com/ is super helpful to know when the next train is coming.

Flixster is great for discovering which movies are playing and the start times at your local theaters.

Open Table is fabulous for making restaurant reservations and getting points to then use for a gift certificate.

Grocery stores like Kroger, Safeway, Target and even Walgreens all have apps that house coupons, grocery lists, deals, and sales for the week.

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Other small bags: (but check your house first…you may have a couple you didn’t even know about!)

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