Organization & Storage (Shoe Discussion)

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shoe organization and storage

Organizing your Shoes

The best way to organize your shoes is so you are able to see them as much as possible.  Throw out the shoe boxes once and for all!!  Both my mother & step mom kept their shoes in boxes and I heard the excuse: “I know which ones are in which boxes.”  Ahhh….but once I took them out and organized them, the words “I can see them so much better” were sung!   Because you can see them, you’ll wear them more and get the most wear per cost out of them!!   Trust me….we are visual creatures…it’s a well researched and documented fact!

Shoe Storage

So once the boxes are thrown out, measure the space, unless you are lucky enough to have a shelving unit like this:

shoes only shoe organization and storage

If you don’t have this shelving above, you can buy the shelve unit (picture below) from Target for only $14:

target shoe organization and storage It comes in 2 lengths: 31″ & 24″ and as you can see by the top picture is able to fit 3 rows of shoes on it!  It works well on the shelf above the hangers but you will need a step stool. These shelves also work great on the floor, if you have room under your hanging clothes!  For mom’s closet I actually bought one shelving unit of each length. In order to fill in the remaining distance, I purchased an additional shelf (pictured below) from the container store. It cost $16 :

container store shoe organization and storage This shelf expands from 22″ to 43″ which is great for filling in gaps and the height also fits the taller shoe/boots!

shoe organization and storage  This is how I used it in mom’s closet! If you needed to put skinny heels on the top of this unit, try placing cardboard on top of the rungs so the heels don’t fall through them!

My mom has this cardboard organizer that we also used for many of her flats, sandals & tennies:

IMG_0339  This organizer works great, depending on your space.  Target has a wood version of this organizer for $35…in the description it says it’s a 15 unit organizer, but I’m sure you could get at least 30 pairs of small flats in it.

target cubbies  The wood version does require assembly. There used to be cardboard versions of organizers available when I went off to college (a looonng time ago).  I kept the drawer version, removed the drawers and put my shoes in the shelf area like this: IMG_0709


Shoe Placement: 

As you can see by these pictures, I actually stack the shoes on top of each other with the toe in the heel to get the maximize usage of the space. This works for most shoes and some booties especially if there is some support on the sides of the storage.  I do experience an occasional fall of the neighboring shoes when removing a pair, but I find the annoyance quite small….I just readjust when I replace the pair–to me it’s worth being able to use the extra storage capacity.

The majority of the time I place the heel towards me because they tend to stay better that way.  There are times though when it’s hard to discern distinguishing characteristics of the shoe by just seeing the heel.   toe showing shoe organization and storage  Here’s a picture of how I solve that dilemma–just catch the toe on the outside of the heel!


 Organizing Boots:

I have found one of the best & most inexpensive ways to keep your boots upright is to place an empty egg carton in each one…sometimes I need to use only half the carton if my boots aren’t quite that wide.  There are boot shapers you can purchase, but why?  If you push the cartons all the way down to the sole, they keep the leg upright and actually help air it out after a long wearing!

boot storage shoe organization and storage This is my boot storage…boots shoe organization and storage  I use a wire stacking shelf for the shorter ones and place them showing one heel and one toe for maximum space utilization.

I realize there are many nicer and prettier ways to get those shoes organized, but I am addressing the problem most of us face: too little space for so many shoes–and fixing it on a budget!!