Organization & Storage (Closet Discussion 1)

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closet organization for skirts & pants

Organizing the Clothes in your Closet: Pants & Skirts

This one action can make getting dressed so much easier!  Having your clothing well organized and easy to see is a dream come true. (For reference, the above picture is my mother’s closet after I was able to get my hands on it)

Let’s discuss facts first:

1-We are visual animals so having things organized in a way that are easily seen and accessible is paramount.  Color bundling your clothing is more manageable since you remember things by their color. Also, it makes it easier to put together outfits!

2– A key to organization is to , so put all your pants together, shirts together, etc… If you have a suit or matching set, break it up to make it more versatile.  Trust me, you will remember a piece is part of a set, so you’ll be able to find the corresponding item in it’s related area.  Depending on how many of each item you own, you can further break groups down by short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, etc!

3-Use all available space including empty walls and the shelf above the closet rod.

4-Think of your closet as prime real estate, so only keep “real clothes” in it.  If you can fold it…maybe it belongs in a dresser.  If it’s for only one holiday or event (say Halloween) it may belong in the basement.

I realize that every closet has different dimensions and each person has distinctive needs for the amount of clothing they own. The following tips for organizing the closet for the bottom half of your body (pants & skirts) works for me and may work for you as well.


If you have 2 vertical rows of rods, it is ideal to place the pants & skirts on the bottom row. Since you wear them on the lower half of your body this helps with visualizing outfits.

 closet organization for skirts & pants closet organization for skirts & pants

Hanging you pants is the usual, but if you have limited space and lots of bottoms, then the 4-tier (or more) hangers can be helpful.  The advantage is you are able to fit more pants in the same area.  The disadvantage is it is harder to see each pair of pants individually.  Thus if you are going this route, I recommend grouping by color and/or season.  Even if you don’t use this kind of hanger for all your pants, it can be helpful to place the off-season bottoms on them!  For example, in the winter, put all your linen or capri pants of them since they won’t be in use; and in the summer, put the your wool and heavy trousers on it.

You can use these kinds of hangers for skirts also.  I fold the skirt in half vertically and then hang it over the rod. Here are 3 examples of these kind of hangers:

closet organization for skirts & pants Organize-it $5  The advantage of this one is the pants/skirts are easier to take on & off.  The disadvantage is the clamps can leave indents in your clothes.

closet organization for skirts & pants  Macys 3 for $7  The advantage of this hanger is you can actually get more than 4 pairs on it and it is the least expensive.

closet organization for skirts & pants  Storable $7  The difference of this hanger is the arms actually swing out which can make it easier to take the items on & off.



closet organization for skirts & pants closet organization for skirts & pants

I think the best place for your jeans is the shelf above the closet rod.  This shelf usually gets overlooked because there are clothes hanging above it and yet it is a valuable storage area.  Since jeans don’t get as wrinkly as other pants, I will roll or fold them and place them by color which is a great way to use this portion of the closet.

Or per InStyle Magazine suggestion for other ways to organize jeans:

closet organization for skirts & pants  Home Decorators $16   This would work great for your jeans if you have the hanging space available!

closet organization for skirts & pants You could easily use a coat rack (here) or just pound in some nails on that empty wall!

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