Organization & Storage (Coat Closet)

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scarves & mitten organizing

Organizing your Coat Closet

What goes in your coat closet?  Well, coats, of course.  But then there’s always the issue of boots, scarves, hats & mittens!

One of the best ways to maximize the space in your coat closet is to use the area above the hangers, the floor space and then the inside of the door.

In the photo above, Nancy & I bought a shoe organizer from target to hold her scarves and mittens.  IMPORTANT TIP:  Don’t just measure the horizontal length.  You really need to measure the diagonal dimension because once you put it together you have to finagle it into place.  The other option would be to actually build it in the closet….definitely harder than it sounds in this case.  There also are fabric shoe organizers that have a little flexibility and could possibly be shoved into place.  However these are all afterthoughts, thus why Nancy’s organizer is standing vertically (it’s nice to have moments when we are reminded that we’re human).

14331958 This is the shoe organizer we used from Target—it’s about $35

12838150This flexible one could have been better.  Also at Target and only about $25


scarf & glove organizing  In my coat closet I store my extra gloves and scarves in baskets!  Am I the only one who has tons of baskets lying around?

glove organzing For my mother, we used the diamond drawer organizers (standing upright) (here) to try to keep her gloves in a somewhat organized grouping (I know it’s hard to see—just imagine a diamond shaped plastic lattice between all the gloves).  Want a chuckle?  Here’s how this day of organizing went:

Me: Mom, let’s get rid of these ski gloves.

Mom: Why?  They are perfectly fine.

Me: But mom, you don’t ski.

Mom: But I still might need them.

Ahhh….the joys of daughterhood!!!

Thanks for organizing with me!

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