Organization & Storage for Your Jewelry

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necklace organizing

Organizing your Jewelry

Getting your jewelry organized is no different than organizing your clothes closet.  Having your jewelry grouped makes it easier to pick out your accessories so you can look like a million bucks!  The rules should be the same as the closet (see here).

There are definitely some nice jewelry storage units available, but if you don’t want to spend the money, or they just don’t fit into your room/space—there are other options!


 Necklace organizing Necklace organizing

My favorite way to hang necklaces (thanks again to pinterest) is with hooks!  The very top photo in this post is Nancy’s necklaces—she wanted an ornamental rod so we went to Home Depot and purchased the curtain rod and shower curtain hooks.  These hooks are nice because they are double sided, thus you can hang necklaces on the side nearest the wall and away from the wall (see below)!

necklace organizing  Hooks 

My mother has a truly exorbitant amount of necklaces so we went the thrifty version by getting 4 plain curtain rods and 120 s-hooks from Ikea.  The cost of the rods and hooks only set us back about $20.  A small amount of her necklaces are shown in the picture above on the right.   My necklaces (above left) are on the inside of the door of my armoire—thus, I didn’t need my organizer to be fancy.  I took a wooden paint stirrer, covered it with leftover material and placed thumbtacks into it.  I love using the inside of a door for storage, but the drawback is the necklaces tend to bang against it when you open it.  My solution was to hang a towel from the outer thumbnails to quiet this noise!


bracelet organizing

One of my favorite way to hang bracelets is on a coat rack  such as pictured above.  The disadvantage of this option is the pegs are not movable and thus the thicker bracelets get in the way of the neighboring bracelets.  The shower hooks on a curtain rod will also work for bracelets (then, at least they are movable)!

bracelet organizing Amazon    This coat rack would be great for bracelets!


pin organizing

For those of you with quite a few pins, the easiest storage is to pin them to fabric!  My mother actually used a place-mat and placed interfacing fabric behind it.  She got very carried away with decorating it!!!   We then velcroed the finished product to the back of her bedroom door for convenience.

Thanks for organizing with me!!  I’d love to hear your jewelry organizing secrets!!!

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