Pants or Leggings with your OTK Boots

OTK boots for any generation

Pants or Leggings with your OTK Boots

Quote of the day: “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.” Stephen Covey

So I hope this quote and our outfits will really give you a second thought about these OTK (over the knee) boots. Even if you don’t wear a ton of dresses or skirts in the winter (or ever), you could still wear these boots with your leggings or jeans.

I know that many women absolutely love their leggings, and are always concerned about the tunics covering their bum. I think basically, you want the tunic to almost be a dress, and then if you’re wearing your OTK boots, you’d have even more coverage. But these boots also work fabulously with tighter jeans, so join us as we give you some ideas.



And welcome Lydia again from I am Chic on the Cheap again as she joins us for the second post showcasing our OTK boots.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Of course if you’re going to wear your OTK boots with jeans, it works way better with skinny jeans.

This pair of jeans is actually jeggings. Do you know that term? Basically they are very skinny jeans because they are leggings in a denim. I purchased these when thrifting because I wasn’t sure I would like the jeggings or the fact that they are distressed. But they have become one of my favorite pair because the distressing is minimal and they are so comfortable.

If you’re not sure of the jegging idea, then try an inexpensive pair, and just wear them like you do your leggings. This pair even has an elastic waistband and this pair is super dark. What I find with jeggings is they are thicker than normal leggings because they are denim.

OTK boots for women 50+

I stole my hubby’s hat for this post, but soon I’ll be showing you one of my own that is this style.

The baker’s hats are showing up everywhere on blogs lately. Not that I’m giving up my fedora anytime soon, but here’s another fun way to cover your head. If you want to make a statement you could always get a leopard one. Or there is a sequined version for the dressier times.

The advantage of these hats, is they don’t bump against the back of the seat when you’re driving. The things I notice…. ha ha!

OTK boots outfit

I tried to keep the accessories a little simpler since I was wearing the hat.

The necklace is very delicate, but adds a little of the blue down the front of my sweater. And the earrings incorporate some more pink to the outfit since it’s the same color as the trim of the sweater.

Both jewelry items are from one of my Rocksbox sets. You can try it out if you’re interested and get your first month free with my code JTouchofstylexoxo.

OTK boots over jeans

Let me tell you a little about the sweater and vest. I knitted the sweater many moons ago. It’s a mohair yarn, and I added the fuzzy trim at the wrists and then around the neck. It is a little scratchy by itself, so I always wear a t-shirt under it.

The vest is a new find from a recent shopping trip. Since we had some Banana Republic rewards to use, and they were having a sale (they always have a sale, if you go into the store), I only had to pay $20 for it. I wasn’t sure about the ties on the sides, but I figured if they bugged me, I could cut them off and sew up the side seams. My hubby thinks it looks like a potholder—what does he know?

OTK boots with velvet

Jeans: Silver-thrifted (similar here)~~Vest: Banana Republic (here)~~Sweater: I knitted it (similar here)~~Boots: G by Guess (here)~~Necklace: Rudiment from Rocksbox-get your first month free with code Jtouchofstylexoxo (here)~~Earrings: Kate Spade from Rocksbox-get your first month free with code Jtouchofstylexoxo  (here)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: I thought Nancy would wear her OTK boots with her navy pair of leggings, but she surprised me by styling them with her jeans.

And her jeans aren’t really skinny ones, so it just goes to show that straight legged jeans can work too.

Women 60+ wearing OTK boots

The silver accessories were chosen so they would stand out perfectly against the turtleneck. Even if you already have many silver necklaces, there are so many fun modern ones if you want a new version. The tassel ones have been huge lately. Or the bib necklaces really make a fabulous statement.

Women over 60 and OTK boots

I talked about the longer cardigans in my fall trends post recently.

Nancy’s cardigan is one I picked up from Charming Charlies when they were having a $10 deal. The nice thing about these longer cardigans is that you could wear them as a coat if it’s not super cold.

The secret would be to layer under the cardigan. Nancy could wear long underwear under the turtleneck, and that would keep her warmer.

OTK boots for casual

If you haven’t notices turtlenecks are being shown quite a bit more lately. I’m sure many of you still have quite a few because for those of us in the cold climates, we need the extra covering.

If you wanted to upgrade your turtlenecks to a cashmere variety. Or if you don’t love the fact that these pieces can come untucked, you might also love the bodysuit type.

Ageless style with OTK boots

Jeans: Levis (similar here)~~Cardigan: Fotia from Charming Charlies (similar here)~~Turtleneck: St. John’s Bay (similar here)~~Boots: Unisa (here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Good for my mom, for showcasing her OTK boots with leggings.

She’s worn these leggings when we tried to get creative with our accessories by styling the accessories in a different way than they were made to be. The leggings have stirrups which my mom always loves because they are easier to keep down when you tuck them into boots.

I have seen more and more of these kind of leggings lately, if you like that idea. There are black ones, faux leather ones, or you could be super fun and try the leopard ones.

Women over 70 wearing OTK boots

The scarf is actually attached to the tunic with buttons. So you can remove it; however, my mom always wears it together. The fun part is the silver flower pin that is hanging from the scarf.

I’m not even sure what these pins/clips are called, so I couldn’t find one like it. However, you could recreate the look by attaching a brooch to the scarf in the same way.  Since the tunic and scarf are both a knit material, the ends stay put nicely when my mom throws them over her shoulder this way.

OTK boots with a tunic

This tunic has been a favorite of my moms because of the color blocking and fun details.

Who doesn’t like sequins on their clothing?? They are a great way to add a little bling to some clothing items, yet it’s not overly decorated. Here’s another version in all black if this appeals to you. Or check out the cutest reindeer one with leopard also.

Leggings with your OTK boots

Another option to add some sequin bling to you outfits, would be to find a scarf that is decorated. There is a small silver version that would dress up many solid colored outfits. Or you could choose an infinity scarf with only a little sequin action. If you didn’t want the sequins to stand out as much, then having them in with a knitted scarf, is also a great way to be subtle.

Older women wearing OTK boots

Leggings: (similar here)~~Tunic: Style & Co (similar here)~~Boots: Jambu c/o (here)~~Scarf Clip: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

I hope you enjoyed our versions of wearing our OTK boots with leggings or pants. If you have a pair of these boots, I’d love to know your favorite way to wear them.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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  • You all look fabulous in your OTK boots! I love your baker boy hat (well your husband’s!) – I have one that I wear almost every day on the school run. Nancy’s cardigan is lovely, such a great pattern. The black, grey and red combination really suits your mom. I have seen scarves with a built in pendant but not on a knitted scarf, which I prefer. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  • Nicole Mölders

    love your hat! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Nicole at High Latitude Style

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Nicole!!!
      Thanks so much!

  • I love these boots and you ladies look stylist!

    Ann-Marie |

  • What a great post!
    I love my OTKs and you all look fabulous in yours…. I’d love to see your mum in some skinny jeans tucked into hers… she has the legs for them.

    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

    • I think you’re exactly right—my mom could pull that off!!
      Thanks Samantha!

  • Natalie

    I think ladies of any age can rock OTK boots! Love all of these picks! I need to find a good pair but I’m tall so it can be challenging.


    • That would be a harder challenge, Natalie!! But I bet there’s a pair out there with your name on them!!!

  • I love OTK boots (mine bought at great prices, natch), so this was a fun post for me — seeing your 3-way take on the style. Everybody looks great – can’t pick a favorite.

    I have to say that, looking below, I am stunned by what folks are willing to pay for leggings, however. I only EVER buy them on sale. As much as I wear them, I *always* have my eye out for legging deals, and REALLY stock up when I find a great price (have found as low as $4, btw – 8 pairs for less than what many others pay for only one!) I did pay a bit more for a pair of velvet leggings and considerably more for 2 pairs of faux-leather jeggings (1 black, 1 dark brown) — ALL still on sale, however.

    I have an entire drawer full of nothing but leggings — most black – some “regular” & some stirrup (my favs for winter), and some still not opened. No kidding, I would have a full load if I washed them ALL at the same time, including the 10-15 yr. old “sleep and house leggings” as well as the unopened ones & those that rotate as separates in my wardrobe.

    Do they last forever? No. But neither do the pricey ones, according to my friends who buy them. But I do keep some of the older ones to wear under pants when it’s freezing, as pj bottoms, with a sweater when I’m working at the computer all day in my home office, cleaning/painting leggings, etc. so the newer ones last a great deal longer.

    WOW – who knew I was so obsessed with leggings – lol. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie –
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • Okay—I’m thinking you need an intervention, Madelyn!! But hey, if that’s what you wear, then at least you’re getting great deals on them!!
      My mom and I were just talking, and she was saying that she rarely buys items full price. And really-it’s smart, because they are no different….just less money!!!

  • Well, I am desperately trying to play catch up on all my blog reading! Life has been crazy! But, I’m so glad I got to pop in here! What fabulous looks you all put together! I have just been itching to get in on the OTK trend, but I have yet to find a pair that fits comfortably on my very short legs…then they must fit comfortably in my budget!😉
    You guys have made them look so wonderful here that I’m more determined than ever to find a pair!
    Oh, and I LOVE your vest! Tell Rob it needs to be a potholder because you look so HOT!😁

    • Oh, Ronnie—your last part of the comment, just made me giggle!! Aren’t you the nicest soul ever!!
      And I totally know what you mean about in a budget….in fact, one of my readers pointed out some $30 pairs of OTK boots from Lord & Taylor (a one day sale) and do you know that I went and bought them??? Like I needed them……but it was such a rockin’ deal!!
      I know Michele from the #thriftedchicstylechallenge did find a pair at the thrift store one time, so you may be in luck! Or who knows with black Friday right around the corner…..

  • All three of you look marvelous – and bravo to your mom for not worrying about silly “rules”! Love the necklaces too, and your new vest is fab. xox


    • Thanks Patti!!
      I do think my mom is getting better about having fun with her style!!!
      It’s hard to let go of the rules, but that’s the rule–ha ha!

  • I love the OTK boots – I haven’t got a pair as yet though. I’m always wearing my denim jeggings or my black skinny jeans 😊 BTW, the leggings with stirrups were very popular in the UK in the 1980s – I loved wearing them – and they certainly have come back in fashion. We used to call them “ski pants” this side of the pond.

    • Ski pants? That’s a great name for the stirrup pants!!!
      You’ll have to try out a pair of OTK boots now, Linda!!! They’d be perfect with your jeggings or black skinny jeans. And they keep you so much warmer!!!

  • YES! YES! YES! Triple WOW!!!

    All three of you are equally fashionable! But your mom’s is outstanding with her colour-blocked tunic!


    • Thanks so much for these very kind words, Carmen!!!
      Isn’t my mom a wonder??? I’m so very lucky!!

  • awesome post. Your mom and step mom are such a style inspirations for 60+ ladies. I will refer all women to this blog for style dose. 🙂 Manisha

  • Over-the-knee boots is really one of my favorite trends this year’s fall, they’re so stylish, comfy, and warm, and you ladies, are definitely rocking it!

    Jessica |

    • Thanks Jessica—that means a lot coming from someone so stylish like you!!!

  • Miriam Zakharova

    I really love these boots!

  • I love Over the Knee boots! You ladies look so stylish!!!

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • This is how I style my OTK boots most often! Slim pants/leggings make styling them so easy!

    • That’s why I don’t think that skinny jeans are going anywhere soon!! It makes wearing these boots so much more fun!
      Thanks Michelle!

  • Bib necklace looks marvelous, I’d love to get one. These are wonderful choices of accessories and clothing. I hope hubby wont be mad after you stole his hat.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • Thanks Kaya!!
      I’m lucky that my hubby doesn’t mind sharing his things—-heck, I probably wear it more than he does—ha ha!!

  • More fabulous looks! I love Nancy’s blue boots and cardigan! Gorgeous! I love you in your hat too. Happy Friday!

  • You all look great – I love Nancy’s colours with her skin tone, and Charlotte looks so chic. Your outfit is super cool. I don’t have any OTK boots, but you’ve given me lots of ideas for combing leg wear and boots in different ways.

    • I’m glad you can take our looks and still make them work, Jacqui!!!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

  • Jodie your velvet gilet is amazing! Have a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x

  • Gosh such lovely looks for a cozied up winters, love the styling! I recently bought an over the knee boots online, they are my first yayy! I got some styling inspiration from you all here, thank you 🙂

    • I bet you’re going to love your new boots, Ankita!!
      I can’t wait to see them, and thanks so much!

  • Ania Zarzycka

    Wow!! Really amazing looks 🙂

    Blog x

    x Instagram
    x Bloglovin

  • Yiotou_La

    Beautiful outfits!! Nancy’s colourful look is my fave, she looks gorgeous and so happy 🙂


  • Gorgeous outfits ladies!
    Im in love with OTK boots.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  • Oh how I long for cold weather! You all look so cozy.

    • Well, you feel free to come visit us Laurel!! We have enough for everyone…ha ha!!!

  • love the outfits. otk are my faves

  • Mariann Yip

    Loving this follow up post to your last one! I definitely wear pants more than skirts in this chillier weather. Thanks for the style tips!

  • Missy May

    Oh I’m loving Nancy’s cardigan a lot. So good and she looks great! Jodie you look wonderful too. Honestly I love OTK boots with both jeans and leggings. The top just has to be long to cover my behind. Lol!!

  • Jodie, honestly, I usually go with jeans but they have to be almost skinny skinny which means as good as leggings. For me, the best are jeggings but I only have one brown pair which I haven’t had time to try on with on OTK’s yet.

    • That’s one reason I don’t think skinny jeans will be going away any time soon, Terri!! They are so perfect with boots and make it so easy to tuck them in!!
      Can’t wait to see you brown pair soon!!

  • For me it’s always jeans! I love jeans with my OTK boots!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • Mother Daughter

    You all look great in your otk boots. If I were going to wear them I would wear with my leggings/jeggings. I have the tunic your mother has on but mine doesn’t have the scarf attached.

    • That’s so cool you have the same tunic moms scarf has buttons to attach it—

  • I think I’d wear over the knee boots like this with jeans or leggings if I had a pair! It’s a style I don’t have anything similar even though I admire it on others 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thanks so much Mica!!!
      It’s fun to try out these new things, and in the colder climates, it’s also so functional!

  • IF I ever find a pair of OTK boots (haha) this is how I would wear them first. You all look great, but your look is my favorite. That sweater is beautiful and I love the unique vest.

  • Imastounded

    I’m wearing exclusively jeggings and skinny jeans tucked into my non-OTK boots this winter. Guess what: it’s much warmer than wider-leg jeans worn over boots. Plus I’ve been able to get away with wearing socks instead of tights so far. Winter is so long, so I do what I can to avoid unnecessary layers. Topped with a long coat, I’m warm enough for my day-to-day routine. January may be another story! It’s a bear.

    • You are exactly right!!! They are so much warmer and that’s probably why I’ve been loving them so much!!
      I’m so glad that I found them and was open to try them because now I’m hooked!!

  • Judy Gramith

    All of you are really looking great in your outfits. I’d say they’re pretty flawless!!
    Jodie you look SO cute in the hat, and the vest is not only creative but a beautiful color and made from trendy velvet!
    Nancy’s long vest is also a beautiful colorgul print and a great length to show off the boots!
    Charlotte’ s red,black and gray is so versatile and the band of metallic on the back of the boot is too cool! I also love her scarf drawn through the rose scarf loop. Very vintage but also on trend!!

    • I’m so glad I was able to twist both mom’s arms to try this style, Jude!!
      Thanks for all the love for all of us!!

  • A pot holder?! Lol! I could see it after you said it but would never have thought that, its such a cute vest! Your OTK boots looks great on you, you’re right, I should try a pair! I also love Nancys long cardigan, the print is so cute!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Isn’t my hubby a little funny, Brooke?? Obviously his mind is in the kitchen—haha!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    You ladies have an amazing styles! Love all the pop of colors in all your looks! Jodie, I love your pink bag so much. Great styling as always!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Len

    • Thanks so much Len!!! You are always so positive and I really appreciate that!!

  • donnanance

    Once again, you ladies have shown just how to wear a certain item. Love all of these outfits! It makes perfect sense to wear a cap like that so you don’t knock it off when driving. xoxo

    • Thanks Donna!!
      My hubby calls this “Uncle Mike’s” hat because his uncle Mike used to wear one like it!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    These styles just rock, Jodie! Timeless and sporty chic!

  • I love all 4 styles for the OTK boots! Jodie I am still loving your boots the most! I would definitely wear them the most, the low heel really draws me in!

  • I love your velvet vest, though since you pointed it out, I suppose the bow does feel a little out of place there… but like you said, easily fixed if you don’t want it!

    • I really do love this vest and so far the bows haven’t annoyed me like I thought they would !! But I’m always thinking of how to change things like that!
      Thanks Lydia!!!

  • The hat looks great on you! I love how you all styled the OTK boots!


  • Rebecca Saffer

    I love all 3 looks as the styling is terrific for each one of you. I was wondering what the pin on Charlotte’s scarf is called so thank you Jean Campbell for that information. Several years ago, I did wear jewelry slides with various gold necklaces but those were smaller and not suitable for a scarf.

    • Thanks Rebecca!! I have to admit it’s so nice to have all of you for information because I’m not even sure what my mom calls the slide!!

  • The trinket on Charlotte’s scarf is called a SLIDE. Belk has several. When you search ask for ‘slide pendant’ or ‘fashion jewelry slide.’ I didn’t look for these, I was browsing jewelry and there it was. Then I typed in slide and got footwear.

    Belk’s has some boots at $29.99, too.

    • Seriously—this is the best part of blogging—getting the info that I didn’t know!! I’ll have to ask mom what she calls it—

      • Charlotte Miller

        Jodie-you gave this scarf slide to me several years ago–I think Christmas-and I put it on this tunic–seemed perfect!. Thanks again. mom

  • The trinket on Charlotte’s scarf is called a SLIDE. Belk has several. When you search ask for ‘slide pendant’ or ‘fashion jewelry slide.’ I didn’t look for these, I was browsing jewelry and there it was. Then I typed in slide and got footwear.

    Belk’s has some boots at $29.99, too.

  • Ooh you found jeggings that come with an elastic waistband?! I’m going to have to check these out. Target had carried jeggings many moons ago that came with an elastic waistband and I bought 3 pairs of them when they went on sale lol. So all my jeggings look the same! Haha.

    I am loving all the ways you’re styling your OTK boots, ladies. I really want to buy a pair!


    • You know, I don’t think these have an elastic waistband but the label says jeggings!!
      I have to tell you that I’m all about this type of boot now!! They are so perfect for me!!
      Thanks Lindsey!!

  • Such a good point about OTK boots actually providing more coverage. I often feel that way when I pair them with something shorter. Somehow I feel more covered. I like them with leggings and a longer tunic or jeans/jeggins. Such a cute vest Jodie! You all look great.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • You have convinced me about the OTK boots. I have some coming through the mail as we speak! I kept in mind your advice about keeping the heels low to keep it less va va voom! I love your vest! I was looking for a velvet vest but got distracted by other vests. Ugh, this menopause brain!

    • I can’t wait to see your Julia!! I bet you’re going to love them more than you thought—at least I have!!

  • Karen

    Once again, well done all of you! I love your vest Jodie! Potholder! How funny!! : ) I love jeggings because of how they behave like leggings and are just as comfortable, but they are denim. I am dreading the day these and skinny jeans go out of style. I might have to just be “out” when that time comes because I can’t imagine giving them up. As you show here, they really balance out an outfit and are perfect with the boots. I’d run out and get the boots to recreate this look, and the other day I said I’d probably not. I still might not get any, but I love this look you are wearing here! The sweater is gorgeous, by the way! I’m really into the longer cardigans like Nancy’s. They do work for fall in place of a coat, and I like them with skirts that hit at the same place the cardigan does, and naturally they work with pants. I just love those blue boots! Your mom looks great! The idea of stirrup pants coming back is a positive, isn’t it? They do make keeping things tucked in so much easier! I like how she styled the scarf so you get a fashionable rear view as well as from the front!

    • Thanks for all of the wonderful thoughts Karen!!
      I know this pair of OTK boots isn’t as tall as my other 2 pair so I was thinking they were kinda like baby steps!!
      Maybe that’s the way to start with them?

  • Lord and Taylor started their Black Friday sales today with a one-day sale of Lexie and Abbie boots including 3 over-the knee styles for $29.99. Great buy for those who can’t get enough or want to try a new style.

    I pass on the tall boots. My legs are shorter than most and my waist is long. Sometimes you just know without trying on that it isn’t going to work for an old lady.

    • If I end up buying a pair of these boots, I’m totally blaming you! LOL!!
      What a great deal!!

    • This is how bad I am—

  • Love all of these cozy chic fall looks! I adore all three of these knee boots. I can never get enough suede boots!

  • Wow, you really scored on that super cute vest! Once again, great styling on all three looks!

    • Thanks Darlene!!! I was super stoked with the deal I ended up getting on this vest!! Now I just need to wear it!!

  • Hey Jodie, you three look gorgeous in those boots and the boots are looking comfortable too. Would love to try the boots this winter<3

    • Thanks so much Rakhshanda!!!
      You’ll have to try them and let me know how you like them!!! I just think they are the best!

  • You ladies all look great in your boots! Just a few days ago I ordered a pair of lower heeled thigh high boots and can’t wait for them to arrive! Fashion is never boring!

    • You can say that again, Cheryl!! And it’s so fun to try out the new things!! I have a feeling I’ll never get another knee high boot again—at least in the near future!!

  • Jodie, I adore this look on you! I’m inspired!

  • Hey, Jodie! You know from your fashion show post that I LOVE that outfit on you. That BR velvet “potholder” vest (bahahahaha)…is SO pretty. The whole thing works beautifully on you. I doubt it will look as sharp on me, but this is one outfit I will try to duplicate.

    • Of course it will look just as good on you, Em!!!
      And great memory about it!!! I was going to say that this was the outfit I wore before the show, but I had so much else to say about it….but you are amazing in that you remembered that!!
      Thanks Em!! And I totally want to see your version!!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    oooh la la….LOVE!!! Those OTK boots looks fabulous on you all, so chic! And Jodie, the velvet touch….so rich adn pretty. Tell your mom, those red pants and sweater dress are so eye catching..stunners you all are!!

    • Thanks so much Andrea!!! I think both my mom’s are going to like these boots, more than they thought when I twisted their arm to get them…ha ha!!

  • I actually never wear otk boots with pants! Perhaps I should try just to see how it ,,feels,. But then , I also don t have a skinny jeans! Great inspiration post!

    • I can totally related, Nancy. I never wore my first pair of OTK boots with pants. But they are higher too, so I wonder if that makes a difference.
      But Nancy’s jeans are really skinny jeans. They are straight legged jeans, and they still worked….

  • Jodie, you look so adorable in your jeggings and OTK boots! I absolutely love this outfit. That vest is fantastic! And how lovely is your mohair sweater. You all look fabulous in your boots. And you mom’s tunic is brilliant! I have a thing for OTK boots this season and have just added the cutest pair of black floral embroidered ones to my closet. They will be showing up soon on my blog…in a super sassy way!


    • Aren’t they the best kind of boots Shelbee??? I’m so glad you love this trend too!! In fact, I was wondering if I even need to wear my regular height boots anymore—these seem to work better almost all the time!!

  • Love otk boots!