Pants or Leggings with your OTK Boots

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OTK boots for any generation

Pants or Leggings with your OTK Boots

Quote of the day: “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do.” Stephen Covey

So I hope this quote and our outfits will really give you a second thought about these OTK (over the knee) boots. Even if you don’t wear a ton of dresses or skirts in the winter (or ever), you could still wear these boots with your leggings or jeans.

I know that many women absolutely love their leggings, and are always concerned about the tunics covering their bum. I think basically, you want the tunic to almost be a dress, and then if you’re wearing your OTK boots, you’d have even more coverage. But these boots also work fabulously with tighter jeans, so join us as we give you some ideas.


And welcome Lydia again from I am Chic on the Cheap again as she joins us for the second post showcasing our OTK boots.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: Of course if you’re going to wear your OTK boots with jeans, it works way better with skinny jeans.

This pair of jeans is actually jeggings. Do you know that term? Basically they are very skinny jeans because they are leggings in a denim. I purchased these when thrifting because I wasn’t sure I would like the jeggings or the fact that they are distressed. But they have become one of my favorite pair because the distressing is minimal and they are so comfortable.

If you’re not sure of the jegging idea, then try an inexpensive pair, and just wear them like you do your leggings. This pair even has an elastic waistband and this pair is super dark. What I find with jeggings is they are thicker than normal leggings because they are denim.

OTK boots for women 50+

I stole my hubby’s hat for this post, but soon I’ll be showing you one of my own that is this style.

The baker’s hats are showing up everywhere on blogs lately. Not that I’m giving up my fedora anytime soon, but here’s another fun way to cover your head. If you want to make a statement you could always get a leopard one. Or there is a sequined version for the dressier times.

The advantage of these hats, is they don’t bump against the back of the seat when you’re driving. The things I notice…. ha ha!

OTK boots outfit

I tried to keep the accessories a little simpler since I was wearing the hat.

The necklace is very delicate, but adds a little of the blue down the front of my sweater. And the earrings incorporate some more pink to the outfit since it’s the same color as the trim of the sweater.

Both jewelry items are from one of my Rocksbox sets. You can try it out if you’re interested and get your first month free with my code JTouchofstylexoxo.

OTK boots over jeans

Let me tell you a little about the sweater and vest. I knitted the sweater many moons ago. It’s a mohair yarn, and I added the fuzzy trim at the wrists and then around the neck. It is a little scratchy by itself, so I always wear a t-shirt under it.

The vest is a new find from a recent shopping trip. Since we had some Banana Republic rewards to use, and they were having a sale (they always have a sale, if you go into the store), I only had to pay $20 for it. I wasn’t sure about the ties on the sides, but I figured if they bugged me, I could cut them off and sew up the side seams. My hubby thinks it looks like a potholder—what does he know?

OTK boots with velvet

Jeans: Silver-thrifted (similar here)~~Vest: Banana Republic (here)~~Sweater: I knitted it (similar here)~~Boots: G by Guess (here)~~Necklace: Rudiment from Rocksbox-get your first month free with code Jtouchofstylexoxo (here)~~Earrings: Kate Spade from Rocksbox-get your first month free with code Jtouchofstylexoxo  (here)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: I thought Nancy would wear her OTK boots with her navy pair of leggings, but she surprised me by styling them with her jeans.

And her jeans aren’t really skinny ones, so it just goes to show that straight legged jeans can work too.

Women 60+ wearing OTK boots

The silver accessories were chosen so they would stand out perfectly against the turtleneck. Even if you already have many silver necklaces, there are so many fun modern ones if you want a new version. The tassel ones have been huge lately. Or the bib necklaces really make a fabulous statement.

Women over 60 and OTK boots

I talked about the longer cardigans in my fall trends post recently.

Nancy’s cardigan is one I picked up from Charming Charlies when they were having a $10 deal. The nice thing about these longer cardigans is that you could wear them as a coat if it’s not super cold.

The secret would be to layer under the cardigan. Nancy could wear long underwear under the turtleneck, and that would keep her warmer.

OTK boots for casual

If you haven’t notices turtlenecks are being shown quite a bit more lately. I’m sure many of you still have quite a few because for those of us in the cold climates, we need the extra covering.

If you wanted to upgrade your turtlenecks to a cashmere variety. Or if you don’t love the fact that these pieces can come untucked, you might also love the bodysuit type.

Ageless style with OTK boots

Jeans: Levis (similar here)~~Cardigan: Fotia from Charming Charlies (similar here)~~Turtleneck: St. John’s Bay (similar here)~~Boots: Unisa (here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Good for my mom, for showcasing her OTK boots with leggings.

She’s worn these leggings when we tried to get creative with our accessories by styling the accessories in a different way than they were made to be. The leggings have stirrups which my mom always loves because they are easier to keep down when you tuck them into boots.

I have seen more and more of these kind of leggings lately, if you like that idea. There are black ones, faux leather ones, or you could be super fun and try the leopard ones.

Women over 70 wearing OTK boots

The scarf is actually attached to the tunic with buttons. So you can remove it; however, my mom always wears it together. The fun part is the silver flower pin that is hanging from the scarf.

I’m not even sure what these pins/clips are called, so I couldn’t find one like it. However, you could recreate the look by attaching a brooch to the scarf in the same way.  Since the tunic and scarf are both a knit material, the ends stay put nicely when my mom throws them over her shoulder this way.

OTK boots with a tunic

This tunic has been a favorite of my moms because of the color blocking and fun details.

Who doesn’t like sequins on their clothing?? They are a great way to add a little bling to some clothing items, yet it’s not overly decorated. Here’s another version in all black if this appeals to you. Or check out the cutest reindeer one with leopard also.

Leggings with your OTK boots

Another option to add some sequin bling to you outfits, would be to find a scarf that is decorated. There is a small silver version that would dress up many solid colored outfits. Or you could choose an infinity scarf with only a little sequin action. If you didn’t want the sequins to stand out as much, then having them in with a knitted scarf, is also a great way to be subtle.

Older women wearing OTK boots

Leggings: (similar here)~~Tunic: Style & Co (similar here)~~Boots: Jambu c/o (here)~~Scarf Clip: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

I hope you enjoyed our versions of wearing our OTK boots with leggings or pants. If you have a pair of these boots, I’d love to know your favorite way to wear them.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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