Outfit Ideas for Wide Leg Pants for Curvy Shapes

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10 Outfit Ideas for Wide Leg Pants for Curvy Shapes

As a fix it kind of girl, I was intrigued about different ways to style wide leg pants for curvy shapes. This all came about when Gail, a long time blog reader, asked for styling ideas.

Quote of the day: “It’s not about the size you wear, but the way you wear your size.”

That quote is no different that the one I recently wore on my shirt about age. When Gail asked for this post, her concern was how her body has changed over the years. You know? With a little more middle section now. Gail’s thought was to have options where she didn’t want to tuck in her top.

Examples of Wide Leg Pants

The three of us were going to a local play, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear our wide leg pants. In our individual posts, we also talked about what we normally wear to a play and if we even liked these kinds of pants.

I showcased the same turquoise pants with a hand knit sweater.

Charlotte wore a plethora of dots in her outfit with a blazer.

And then Lesley did tuck in her tank top but wore a unique cardigan over it.

My Experiment

Adding curves

So I set out on a mission to showcase over 10 more ways to wear wide leg pants for curvy bodies. Since most of you wouldn’t consider me curvy, I decided to add to my middle. With the help of a shoulder ice pack and some towels, I increased my middle 6-7 inches to show you that ANY size can wear these pants.

I’ll even include what I consider a WHAT NOT TO WEAR at the end. And then how to change that up. Truly, my best suggestion to you, is go through your closet and try on a ton of things with these types of pants. I think you’ll be surprised not only the styles that work but also the colors. Don’t limit yourself!!

As a pep talk, I’d like to point out that of course your body has changed over time. And that’s NOT a bad thing. We need to embrace the changes and love what we have. Remember, perfectly imperfect?? A thinner, or taller, or anything body is not better. You are perfect as is.

So while I mostly tried to show outfits where the top wasn’t tucked in, I want you all to get over it if your belly sticks out at all. You might think some of the styles I show would never work on you, but you won’t know unless you try it. AND take a photo of it. (the mirror lies…seriously). And give yourself grace and positive energy. Most of all, have fun!! They are only clothes!

The examples below are all with my “belly” and I’ve tried to show them from the front and side angles. You may have a favorite, and may not even agree that they look good. Yet I had a fun time trying many different pieces.

A Peplum Top with Wide Leg Pants for Curvy Women

I remember when peplum tops started being popular and how everyone was sure they wouldn’t look good on them. In fact, I read many articles on how this was a terrible style for all women.

Well I totally disagree. Even though I usually wear this top with more fitted pants, I like that it flares out even more than the wide leg pants. I might even like it more with the belt below.

Peplum Top with a Belt

If you’re anything like most of my friends, you don’t wear belts much. Maybe that’s because most of us don’t tuck in tops anymore. But the peplum blouse lends itself perfectly to a belt at the small part of the waist.

Cropped Top with Wide Leg Pants

Not that most of us even have cropped tops in our closet anymore. Yet maybe you have a top that just seems a little shorter than most. Then at least you don’t have to tuck it in to the wide leg pants, so it doesn’t add more bulk.

Crop Top with a Belt to Look Like a Jumpsuit

I added the belt to the same cropped top and now it looks like a jumpsuit. I figure this is the best kind of jumpsuit since it’s much easier to get out of to go to the bathroom.

In fact, Lesley has worn two pieces like this and so has Charlotte. Heck, Lesley’s outfit from the past is very similar to her outfit from this week. The same cardigan only in a different color. So if you like this idea, you can also throw a cardigan over it.

Body Suit

Bodysuits are being shown more and more lately. The advantage of this piece is they won’t add that same kind of bulk that tucking in a normal top would. Along with the fact, they won’t come untucked when you move around.

This snakeskin bodysuit was gifted to me by Belong Lifestyle. Make sure to size up one size because it’s short. The nice thing about Belong Lifestyle is they are 3 different decades of women in 3 different sizes too. You can see it modeled in a Large and Small on their website. (This is a large on me) I’m thinking of trying to wear it backwards too.

Flared Top

This flared top is kinda like the peplum version only it doesn’t have that demarcated waist. These are the kinds of tops that the show What Not to Wear always talked about. The ones that float away from your body.

Button Up Blouse Tied at the Waist

Tying up your longer blouses gives the look of longer legs. And I think with these kinds of wide leg pants, it’s helpful to try this. For this chambray shirt, I tied the fronts together.

Tied Lower For the Same Blouse

The only difference in this option and the above option is I made the blouse tie lower on my belly. Maybe it’s not easy to see in the photos, but I wanted to give a different cut off point with the top. Since I wanted it lower, I used a hair tie to pull them together. And then I added a pin over top to make it pretty.

There are tops made this way now, just like my red and white one from National. I talked about ways to make a top shorter with ties and such in a YouTube video in the past.

Asymmetrical Top with Wide Leg Pants for Curvy

While most of these examples have embraced a silhouette where the legs look longer, I wanted to try out a longer top too. To me, an asymmetrical top is the perfect way to do this. Because it’s not cut straight across, your eye moves around more.

Lesley showcased a top like this in her pink for the fall season post. Her top was cut differently but I think it would work too.

My Opinion of What Not to Wear

When you read about proportions and silhouettes, a big factor is to not be cut in half. I think wearing a shirt untucked of this length is the prime example of that. You may think you want to cover your belly, but that might not be the best option.

Create a Side Knot

So to correct the proportions of the outfit that I didn’t like as much, I just used my hair tie and created a side knot. It’s not much different than the front knot with my chambray shirt. Except it sorta creates an asymmetrical line.

Add a Statement Necklace

Statement necklace with wide leg pants for curvy women

And last but not least, my answer to everything is to create a different focal point. If you’re trying to steer the attention away from your midsection, then wear a fabulous necklace instead. Or a hat, or earrings or even statement glasses!!

Other Inspiration

In case, you don’t feel like my options for wide leg pants for a curvy body is inspiration enough, then I invite you to check out some other blogs. I’m sure there are a lot of plus size blogs out there, but I follow a couple that give me lots of ideas. And don’t give me the rationale that they are younger. THAT DOESN’T matter. What matters is their confidence and having fun with their clothes.

So check out Joi, Liz, Bettye, Paula and Julia.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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