Our Outfits at the Cemetery for the Burial Ceremony

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Flowers at the cemetery for women over 50

Our Outfits at the Cemetery for the Burial Ceremony

Quote of the day: ” I try not to waste time–because I don’t want to waste myself.” Oprah Winfrey

I think by this time in our life, we realize how short life really is. So the quote above can be powerful. Since we have been concentrating on funeral and burial ceremony outfits all week long, the idea of wasted time really spoke to me.

And while I realize that most people wear black to funerals, I think there can be many options for us. So I perused our outfits from the past 4 years on the blog to see what else I thought would work for these occasions.

Cemetary and funeral outfits

Jodie’s History

Sure, for this week’s photos, I wore blue since my mom requested it. But that wouldn’t be my normal for the event.

Since I don’t wear a lot of black anymore, and I tend to wear bright colors most days, it wasn’t easy finding outfits that would work for a funeral. But the handy, dandy, LBD is always a good option.

In the first photo, we were wearing our LBD in the fall. I actually have gotten rid of this cardigan so I couldn’t wear this exact outfit.

My second outfit shows that grey and navy could be a good idea. I might switch out that belt for a funeral.

The third outfit would be good for the spring time. It’s lightweight and yet covered, and while it’s brighter than the other two, I think it’s still appropriate.

Nancy’s History

Nancy had told me she wanted to wear something other than black for these photos. And I think the burgundy dress she picked was perfect.

Since Nancy looks good in black and tend to wear it a lot, I found many older outfits that could have worked. However, I only included one black look and tried to find other colors too.

In the first photo, Nancy is wearing a matching set. It’s hard to see the flower on the side of the black top in the small photo, but you can see it easier in the original post.

Nancy also has a burgundy jumpsuit that has gotten a lot of wear. I feel like jumpsuits are everywhere now, and they always look so put together.

For the third look, I chose a muted color outfit. It’s a tweed jacket with black pants, which could be something everyone has.

Charlotte’s History

The one reason my mom didn’t wear black for this series is because I asked her to try something else. Not that I thought she’d listen…haha. But I love her purple outfit and thought it looked very appropriate.

Looking through her history of photos, I chose a couple that she would be comfortable in at a funeral or burial ceremony, but also a more muted outfit.

In the first photo, we were experimenting with print mixing. I like the addition of the turquoise scarf to add color to her face.

The next outfit was styling a black dress. While the cardigan has white in it, I still think it would be good for this type of event.

This last photo is definitely a lighter color, but because it’s more subdued, I think it would work? What do you think?

These Photos

We visited Littleton Cemetery for these photos. It’s where my dad is buried. You can see his gravestone in the last photo.

He has the most interesting site marker thanks to Nancy’s idea. And I’ll tell you more about it around Father’s Day. Along with giving you more information about him too.

Different outfits for a burial ceremony
At the grave site with what to wear to a burial ceremony

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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