Outfits with Jeans and Booties and Why We Should be Playful

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Tolmachoff Farms and outfits with jeans and booties

Outfits with Jeans and Booties and Why We Should be Playful

There are so many occasions that outfits with jeans and booties are perfect. For example our trip to Tolmachoff Farms for the pumpkin festival. Heck, a day apple picking would work too like we did recently. Of course we didn’t wear them because it was 90 degrees outside that day!

Quote of the day: ” Playful. Did you know there’s a correlation between how seriously we take life and the number of problems we have?” @blessingandsass

Seeing this post on Instagram the other day really made me stop and think. We used to have fun as kids. We used to be amazed at all of the things around us. But maybe not as much lately? Rob and I joke with the saying, “Hey kids, get off my lawn.” You know, the old curmudgeon in the neighborhood who has no fun?

So I decided to talk not only about our outfits with jeans and booties but also why you should explore and maybe go to a pumpkin festival like we did.

Styling our Outfits with Jeans and Booties

When outfits with jeans and booties are perfect

This week we traveled to this fabulous farm not even half an hour from where we live. And since we figured we’d be walking around, we needed comfortable footwear. A perfect opportunity to showcase our Jambu booties.

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If you’re really detail oriented, you might notice that Lesley took off her sweater from her original photos. That’s why layering is so nice for events like these.

For my look, I was showing off a tidge of midriff with this top.

And Charlotte went with orange to match the pumpkins. Not surprising at all, right?

Tolmachoff Farms

Just like I talked about why it’s SO good to support the small businesses lately on Instagram, I think it’s the same for our community. Sure, it might be a little more convenient to buy your pumpkins at the big box store. Yet, the farms in our community will appreciate your support even more.

Just look at all the fun that Tolmachoff Farms provided for the kids and families for this festival.

On top of that we purchased some of their pickles and apple butter which has been delicious. AND we plan to go back at different times of year when they sell their other produce. It tastes so much better when it’s been just harvested.

Look at Us

While we didn’t jump in the bouncy house (actually we weren’t allowed…we were too old), or take a ride on the lady bug train, we really had SUCH a fun time.

You can see my mom climbing on the tires. Lesley was playing in the corn box (did you even know what a corn box was? We didn’t at first). I tried my hand at horse back riding…ha ha. Even Rob joined in posing behind the piggy!

Be Playful

Let me just say that before blogging, I would NEVER have thought to go to a pumpkin festival like this. Even if you don’t have kids or grand kids as an excuse to go to something like this, I think you ought to go anyways.

Just seeing all the kids having fun, gives a boost to us too. Studies show feeling happy for others can make us happy. Sure, maybe you’re not going to ride all the rides, but you can pet the animals, and go through the corn maze. Okay, maybe not the haunted corn maze at night. That would freak me out. And I wouldn’t want you to have a heart attack.

Seeing these activities through the eyes of a child can make us realize how blessed we are. If there’s one thing we can do more of each day is be grateful for our life and the amazing things around us.

Sometimes I think we worry that we are too old to do these things. Or that we will look silly. First, there is no way we are too old. And second, looking silly looks good on everyone. That’s why we like to laugh. It’s a good thing. GO BE PLAYFUL!

So I hope you take a day and go exploring around your area. That’s the advantage of google nowadays. I typed in “pumpkin festival” and had a variety of options available. Or you can type in “What is going on in Phoenix this weekend”. You might be surprised to find some wonderful events.

The backside of outfits with jeans and booties

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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