How to look classy in winter with outerwear

Outside Edition: How to Look Classy in Winter

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We showcase outfits for all seasons, but we don’t always concentrate on outerwear and how to look classy in winter.
Just because we have to cover up to stay warm doesn’t mean that covering has to be boring. Now the adjective “classy” can be interpreted in many ways, and I’m using it in a fun and vibrant way.

Quote of the day: “You can usually accomplish more by giving something your full effort for a few years rather than giving it a lukewarm effort for fifty years. Pick a priority for this season of your life and do it to the best of your ability.” James Clear

How to look classy in winter
1-Statement coat with colorful accessories
2-Layer your coat with a vest
3-Color and texture
4-Other inspiration

I chose this quote because when I talk to other women about fashion, there is a recurring theme about either feeling unsure about what looks good or the idea of settling with how we look.
I have a vivid memory of one of my employees going on a first date and she grabbed her ratty, stained coat to leave. I’m pretty sure I overstepped my boundaries and told her she couldn’t wear that coat on her date. Instead, I offered her mine to borrow. Even if you aren’t going on a date, it’s good to know how to look classy in winter.

Even if you are only wearing your outer layer for a short time, there is no need to settle for boring colors or uninspiring options. Heck, if you struggle with spending the money on these pieces, then check out the secondhand stores. You’ll notice that both my mom and Lesley’s outfits incorporate many preloved pieces.

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Statement Coat with Colorful Accessories

Staying warm in winter with nice outerwear
Coat: Banana Republic-thrifted~~Skirt: Worthington-thrifted~~ Top: Calvin Klein-thrifted~~ Boots: Charter Club-Macy’s~~ Purse: Nine West~~Hat: H&M-thrifted~~Gloves/Mittens: Anne Klein II for Isotoners

First, let’s give a round of applause for statement coats. It’s such an easy way on how to look classy in winter without a lot of bothers. In fact, this is the time to purchase coats because lots of them are on sale.

Insider tip: I would say the absolute first step for looking classy in winter is to NOT wear a black coat. That’s what everyone else is wearing and considering the definition of classy is stylish and sophisticated, being part of the crowd is not the goal.
However, if you do have a black coat, I’ve written about 6 ways to add “extra” to it.

You shouldn’t be surprised that Charlotte found this black and white color block coat at a thrift store. It’s one of those items you might pass over because do you need another coat? Yet it’s so interesting, and I think it’s the kind you SHOULD bring home (and then purge one of your boring coats).

Even though both colors in this coat aren’t my mom’s best colors, it doesn’t matter. Because even if she doesn’t have on a “good color” turtleneck like she does today, she can always add a colorful scarf.

Colorful Accessories

The fact that this statement coat is made up of two neutrals makes it easy to add a pop of color to the outfit with her accessories.
Charlotte did that with not only her earrings and purse but also her outerwear accessories.

Insider tip: Berets are a great winter option instead of a beanie that won’t mess up your hair yet will keep your head warm.

Making your outerwear classy

Layer Your Coat with a Vest

Outside with how to look classy in winter
Coat: Fee at RIt-thrifted~~Vest: Investments-thrifted~~ Leggings: Go2 ~~ Boots: No label-online ~~Headband: no label~~Gloves/Mittens: no label

This is one fabulous way for the idea of how to look classy in winter that doesn’t get a lot of press. Layering your coat. In fact, it’s the perfect way to make sure you are warm enough if your coat seems too thin or lightweight.

Lesley is showcasing this by adding a faux fur leopard vest over her boiled wool coat. I love how the shorter vest still allows you to appreciate the blue wool from all angles.

You can also layer another coat over your overcoat as you will see in some examples in the Other Inspiration paragraph below.

Insider tip: Stop thinking of a coat as having to be the outermost layer. Heck, I’ve even layered a bomber jacket UNDER a top in the past. See Tuesday’s outfit here.

Lesley is wearing her Go2 compression leggings and showing you the pocket below. That’s why she doesn’t have a purse with her. In fact, you can see the outline of her phone in her hip pocket and the other one is housing her ID and money.

Winter Accessories

I remember when I first saw fingerless gloves and couldn’t imagine why anyone would have them. Isn’t the whole idea of gloves to keep our fingers warm? But now with cell phones as part of our life, I do get it and have even knitted myself a pair.
The moral of the story?? Never say never!!

And Lesley is also showing another option for a winter hat. A headband that covers your ears but doesn’t have to flatten your hair.

How to look classy in winter with layering coats

Color and Texture

Faux fur scarf for a pop of color
Coat: Banana Republic Factory~~Skirt: Southern Soul Collectives -won in a giveaway~~Boots: Mix No 6-DSW~~ Scarf: Target~~ Purse: Maccessori -c/o PR item~~Hat: French Knot-c/o PR item~~Tights: Fleece lined-Amazon

One of the things I know is that color is the first thing that people notice in an outfit. This makes me question why in the heck are black coats so popular in winter.
Incorporating some bright and fun colors is one of the tricks of how to look classy in winter. You certainly won’t be invisible and dreary that way.

Not only is color a great addition to your outerwear, but having texture gives an outfit visual interest. Bulky knit scarves are fabulous for this detail, but I found a faux fur scarf that works just as well.

Insider tip: Your accessories do not have to match the coat. In fact, they stand out better if they contrast instead of match.


This incredible hat was a PR item that is such an incredible design. The best part is that it’s very warm because of the fleece lining inside of it.

Since my hat and scarf were items that I thought should be showcased, I kept my purse and boots the same color as the outfit and coat.

The tights are the sheer fake translucent tights that are all the rage on Tiktok. I just love them. At first, I thought I would want to wear lighter color tights with this look, but the darker ones do a better job to show off the design of the tulle skirt.

Pink overcoat for how to look classy in winter

Other Inspiration on How to Look Classy in Winter

Since this blog originated in Denver, Colorado, there is no shortage of examples we have showcased of outerwear that could easily fit into this idea of how to look classy in winter.

1-We have layered coats with shorter coats. PLUS long coats over long coats. Don’t be afraid of wearing more than 1 coat if it’s cold outside.
2Faux fur scarves have been the theme in the past.
3-My mom showcases a unique winter coat.
4-Leopard print coats times 3
5-This was a really cold day when I shared tips on staying warm shared by my stepmom who still skis every winter.
6-We talked about both the inner and outer layers when it’s 40 degrees.

Women over 50 and how to look classy in winter
How to look classy in winter

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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