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Outstanding Style Hacks: What to Wear with a Yellow Skirt Set

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There are so many options of what to wear with a yellow skirt set. Because the advantage of a 2-piece set is that it can be broken up and worn with other clothing.
Not only that, I wanted to showcase some style hacks that I consider easy and outstanding.

And even if you aren’t a fan of the color yellow (MK, I’m talking to you), I try to include other nuggets of knowledge that may strike your fancy.

What You Will Learn
This yellow skirt set
Style hack: belt
Style hack: cuff bracelet
Ways to break up a 2-piece set

Quote of the day: “The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.” Sheryl Sandberg

By this time in our lives, we can think that we know everything we need to know about clothes and our style. Yet I have found that each and every one of us has tips and tricks that the rest of us can benefit from.

On top of that, we read many articles about doing this or wearing that for petite women, older women, or any other category. Yet the best style hack is comparing it on yourself. That’s the way to know what you like the best.

Insider tip: Don’t get caught up in classifications for styling your body. Remember that each of us is uniquely unique. Even if you classify yourself as an “hourglass” figure, your hourglass can be VERY different from someone else’s hourglass.

Join me as I give options on what to wear with a yellow skirt whether it is part of a set or not.
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Skirt: Elodie-Nordstrom Rack~~ Top: Elodie-Nordstrom Rack~~ Shoes: Vince Camuto-DSW~~ Necklace: thrifted ~~ Bracelets: QVC & Sally Hoffman Designs~~ Purse: Crown Vintage-DSW ~~Glasses: Voogue Me

A Yellow Skirt Set

You might not believe me when I tell you that I didn’t realize these two pieces matched when I ordered them online from Nordstrom Rack. Heck, I also didn’t realize the material was a yellow and white print.
I just happened to be on a yellow kick and both the top and skirt were a great deal. When they came together in the package, I realized they were the same brand and matched.

Thus was born this yellow skirt set. But this is the first time I’ve worn the two pieces together. Why? Because I wasn’t a huge fan of how they looked together.
You can see how there is a ruffle on the bottom hem of the top and the skirt is very flowy. When I first tried them on together, they didn’t float my boat.

Yet one thing I’ve learned is how my clothes aren’t the boss of me. Sure, the photo above on the right is how the 2 pieces look by themselves. But I can style them differently to create an outfit that feels right for me (photo above on the left).
Notice that I said what feels right for me?? There is no right or wrong in the two photos above (and later on). In fact, you could compare it as maximal style vs minimal style. And both options are good depending on the person.

Insider tip: Just because there is a ruffle of interesting hemline on a top doesn’t mean you can’t tuck it in or change it up.
The advantage of a ruffle at the hemline is it creates interest, especially with a basic bottom. But it could be too much with some other pieces. Yet remember it is just material-don’t be intimidated by it.

Yellow print top and skirt

How I Added Color to My Yellow Skirt Set

One of my friends once commented how turquoise is a color that accents everything fabulously. In fact, this information was directed toward home decor, (her blog is The Perfect LBD for Every Home) yet styling our home and styling our bodies are not at all that different.

You may think that wearing a yellow skirt set is enough color for one outfit. However, adding different color accents allows the eye to move around the look instead of being inundated by so much of one color.

In fact, you can see how I not only added turquoise as a brighter color but also some tan-neutral elements to break up the overall yellowness.

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What Accessories Work with a 2-Piece Set

I decided to bookend the look with turquoise sandals and a turquoise necklace. I didn’t want to overdo the turquoise elements, so the bracelets, earrings, and glasses all incorporate turquoise plus other colors.

The belt and purse are both a tan neutral instead of more turquoise or other colors.
In my reasoning, the neutral elements tame down the outfit and tie it all together.

Belt Hack

If you ever wear a belt over a skirt, dress, or pants that don’t have belt loops, you might notice that the end of the belt can stick out and be annoying.
Thus one of my outstanding style hacks is to put a clear elastic on the belt before you put the belt on your body, and voila, it acts as a belt loop.

Insider tip: These clear elastics can be found on Amazon. Since they are orthodontic elastics they come in a bag of 100. If you buy them, share them with your friends. An elastic will last a while but beware, they do break down over time.

Are you one of those that don’t embrace belts?? I can relate as it’s only recently that I’ve been wearing them more. But trust me, they can be a fabulous element in many of your outfits.
How do you know if your outfit needs one? Take a selfie with and without one and compare. That’s the best way to know.

Insider tip: Adding a belt to break up the top and bottom like this is a perfect way to wear two pieces together that aren’t exactly the same shade or color. The difference in color is not as obvious when you have the belt between them.

Cuff Bracelet Hack

Here’s another outstanding style hack that I have used many times for cuff bracelets.
If your cuff bracelet is too big and turns around on your wrist, then add some hat tape to it.

See the video I shared on Facebook showing how it works. (While you’re there on my FB page, make sure to like and follow the page).

Hat tape (found on Amazon) is great to size your hats, but it can be cut smaller to work for other items too. Like any kind of cuff bracelet.

Insider tip: I share many of these hack items on the page called Tools of the Trade. Make sure to bookmark it so you can find it easily when you need it.

Turquoise sandals

Turquoise Sandals

Now here’s a color of sandal that may not have been on your radar. It’s true that I talk about colorful shoes for any and every season, but turquoise shoes could be something that every closet needs.
Granted I say that about yellow and red sandals too, but it goes to show that summer is the time to embrace the colorful footwear.

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BTW, I found a ton of turquoise sandals being shown on my affiliate program, so if you are interested, email me at jtouchofstyle@gmail.com, and I can send you links for your size and budget.

Again, I’m showing the basics of what to wear with a yellow skirt set can be varied depending on how you style and accessorize the look.
As I compared at the beginning, I tucked in the yellow ruffle top and added a tan belt for the above left photo. I call this my maximal look.

The other option is to wear the 2 pieces as is so the top is untucked and there are no extras for a minimalistic look.

Which one resonates with you?

BTW, not all 2-piece sets are sold together. You might find them shown separately on a website.

How to Break Up Your 2-Piece Set

Even if you buy a 2-piece set, that doesn’t mean you can only wear the 2 pieces with each other. It’s no different than a business suit. Your closet becomes much bigger and more versatile when you open up the possibility of each item as a separate.

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Insider tip: Don’t hang your 2-piece set together. For this example, I hang my yellow skirt with my other skirts and the yellow top with my tops.
The reason for this is you will be more apt to wear it as a separate this way. And when you grab it, of course, you will remember it is part of a set, and can always wear it as such.

I have worn both pieces separately on the blog before.
You see the yellow top paired with pink print pants above for a family reunion. I discuss in detail why I paired these items together.

And then I styled the yellow skirt with a graphic t-shirt and sandals that then got transformed into a more fall-appropriate look in that same post.
I also wore it for a virtual birthday party here.

What to wear with a yellow skirt set

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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