Outstanding Summer Focus: Tote Bag Fashion

Outstanding Summer Focus: Tote Bag Fashion

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Chambray shirt style

Outstanding Summer Focus: Tote Bag Fashion

Why not have fun with your tote bag fashion this summer?? I have to confess that I never thought about how the purse I carried looked as part of the outfit back before blogging. But now I’ve seen the light, haha!!
The three of us are each styling a similar blue tote bag AND there is a guest model below with a different option!!

Quote of the day: “The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step outside the frame.” Salman Rushdie

This quote is a good reminder that other people see us in a different perspective. That’s why I always suggest to take a selfie of your outfit. Along with the idea that your tote bag fashion may actually stand out!

The details of how these posts came to fruition. I purchased my tote bag from a friend from her etsy site. My friend is Loretta from my Midlife Matters FB group and she started sewing masks last year. Then I saw her make a couple of tote bags (many of them reversible) and I figured it was time to give her some love. I bought one for myself and ended up liking it so much, I thought I’d buy different ones for Lesley and Charlotte as Mother’s Day gifts.
I’m not trying to sell Loretta’s bags at all. I just love giving ideas of how to style similar items. YET, if you are interested, you can click Loretta’s contact button to ask her for certain colors for a tote. It’s wonderful to be able to get what you want this way. (Make sure to favorite her shop while you’re there)

You can see that Charlotte styled her idea of tote bag fashion in the same manner as Lesley, whereas I chose contrasting colors.

Matching Tote Bag Fashion

Summer outfit

Pants: Style & Co~~ Top: Old Navy ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o~~ Hat: Target~~ Purse: Sand Dollar Girl

Lesley decided to style her outfit around the colors in her reversible tote bag. If you remember from many of our posts including the inside of her home, Lesley is quite taken with the color blue!!
Therefore, she started with a pair of white capris, added in a blue tunic (more information about that below), chose her blue sneakers and finished it off with a yellow baseball cap!

Tote bag fashion for women

Make an Item Work for You

This is such a huge point that I feel I say over and over. And let me show you a perfect point!! This “tunic” was purchased as a dress. Lesley then hemmed it to make it something she would wear over and over.
Even if you don’t sew, you can have things altered by someone who does. It’s worth the money to have something you will actually wear.

Insider tip: There are many other ways to transform a piece of clothing. For a dress, not only can you shorten it to a tunic, but you could shorten it even more to make it a top. Then there is also the idea of removing the bottom half, adding a waistband and making it a skirt.
Think about shortening pants to make them capris or shorts. How about taking off the sleeves of a jacket to make it a vest?

Yellow baseball hat


We wear hats all the time around here. Arizona has over 300 days of sunshine and the best way not to get burned is with a hat. Sunscreen is important too, but a hat is extra coverage. Even a baseball cap can give you some protection from the sun, and I think the softer colors are wonderful for just that. Baseball caps also tend to stay put better if it’s windy, so don’t think they aren’t a good option.
Lesley has had this Target hat for years, and wore it to our hot air balloon festival event to bring out the yellow from the bag.

Insider tip: If you are new to baseball caps, you have to bend and shape the brim to contour to your face. Most come with a flat brim, but don’t wear it flat!! See how Lesley’s is curved??

Colorful tote bag fashion
Jambu sneakers

Sneakers Fashion

Many of our blog posts are for a day of exploring or some fun event. It’s one way of how we are exploring our area. Therefore, comfortable shoes are paramount for such days. Lesley is wearing her blue sneakers from Jambu from Spring 2020. This pair isn’t available now, but Jambu and Walking Cradles are definitely our footwear of choice when deciding on comfy shoes.
They aren’t the only brands out there though but I love introducing you to wonderful products.

Other fun sneakers and comfy shoe brands we have worked with recently
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Women over 70 showing tote bag fashion

Meet Richlyn

Midlife women with tote bag fashion

I’d love to introduce Richlyn who is Lesley’s daughter. She was out visiting from Colorado and was game to join in. Granted she didn’t have a blue tote with her, but I let her borrow one of my other totes that is decorated with wine bottles (given to me by my best friend–thanks Mo)!

You can see how a fun, print tote bag can really give an all black outfit some sass. Finding a bag that showcases some of your hobbies and interests could be a way to start up a conversation with someone in the grocery store line!

Hot Air Balloon Festival

I promised I would include more photos from the hot air balloon festival that we attended this evening. We attended the “Glow” at night, and you can see the difference how wonderful they look against the darker sky.

Tote bag fashion

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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