Older woman and how to style a midi skirt

Over 50: How to Style a Midi Skirt

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How to style a midi skirt was the subject of this week’s posts per a request from Maria. The idea of which tops work with a skirt was another part of this theme, and we have shown a variety of options.

Woman over 50 and how to style a midi skirt

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Quote of the day: “Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.” Arianna Huffington

This quote is powerful because I realize that trying different styles or ways to wear something really does seem scary. Too many times we say “it’s not my style” or “that’s not for me”. Yet by saying those words without trying it (and trying it many times, not just once), becomes very limiting. My theory is if we limit our options, we become stagnant.

The three of us all showed options of wearing different styles of tops as part of how to style a midi skirt. For these options, the biggest takeaway was proportion.
Lesley wore a matching top tucked in with a jacket. Charlotte tried two different pink tops and settled on the shorter one yet it’s not tucked in. And I am showcasing a graphic tee (along with 2 different jackets below).

Tucked vs not tucked

How to Style a Midi Skirt with a Graphic Tee

Graphic t-shirts are still going strong in the fashion world. They may seem childish and silly, yet when the message is great, why not showcase it? This one is from one of our FierceCon events, and while Fierce may not be the adjective you use, I bet you are fierce (in a good way).

A graphic tee is a great way to casualize anything. You think of a skirt as dressy, I bet, but when you pair it with a cute tee, it becomes more of an everyday style.

Other ways we have worn graphic tees:
5 Useful Ways of Wearing Graphic Tees to Stay Chic and Modern
Wearing Your Graphic T-Shirt Under a Jacket

Remember the idea of yin/yang in an outfit or pairing items from different classifications makes it fun and modern.

Graphic tee style

Skirt: Banana Republic Factory~~Top: Forever Fierce ~~ Shoes: Rocket Dog~~ Belt: Target ~~ Bracelet: thrifted~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours~~ Purse: Planet Couture-won in a giveaway

My Favorite Option

I wore the tee both untucked and tucked in. Like I always say, what I think is “right” is basically my opinion. There are NO laws against wearing it either way.
Yet as we explored in Lesley’s and Charlotte’s outfits, the proportions seem prettier when there is a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. (What none of us tried was to have our top be 2/3 and only show 1/3 of the skirt. But hold tight because I will try something like that soon enough).

Not only did I tuck in the top, but I also added a belt. Why? It seems more finished and you know how I love all of the extras. (BTW, the belt is still available, and I’ve been surprised at how much I wear it).
Then I wore sneakers (because we were shopping afterward) and added pops of color with my accessories.

Fierce graphic tee

Fun Accessories

All of my accessories are fun, but let me tell you about a couple of them.
First, the earrings are from a company made up of two sisters in Florida. I met them on Instagram and had to have this pair of hearts. They are called Lil Shop of Ours and they hand paint all of the products. Considering they only set me back $12, they are not only cute but affordable.

Then this purse is SO creative. I won it in an Instagram giveaway and it’s made from recycled newspaper covered with plastic. This is the COCO style of purses and it’s impressive that all of their options are under $100. It’s such a cool way to repurpose and they too are a woman-owned business plus these are made in the USA. Even the clerk at Target complimented me on it the other day.

Insider tip: This necklace was sold to me as a bracelet. It’s a great reminder of how it can be good to think outside the box for even your accessories.

How to style a midi skirt for a casual day

Sneakers and midi skirt

Sneakers and No Show Socks

Sneakers and skirts have that same yin/yang vibe as a skirt and graphic tee. Don’t think you can’t wear them together just because you’re older.
I will admit that some sneakers seem to work better than others. In fact, I blogged about this back in 2017 and wasn’t sure I loved both Nancy’s and Charlotte’s options (yet I styled their outfits, so it’s my fault). I still haven’t put my finger on what makes it work or not. Yet as I always say, a photo in the mirror can be very helpful.

If you are new here, then let me introduce you to the best no-show socks around. I have a page on my site dedicated to them so you can always find the latest discount code and shop easily. I partnered with them AFTER I bought some and tried them out and fell in love. They seriously are better than any others I’ve tried. And yes, I get a small commission if you purchase any, so thank you.
BTW, they don’t show normally, but I pulled my foot out a little to showcase the sock. Usually, they are hidden so I forget to tell you about them.

Casual skirt look

Fall Vibes on How to Style a Midi Skirt

I know Lesley showcased her outfit with a pink denim jacket, which goes to show we were on the same wavelength. Do you like one jacket better than the other? I have my favorite, of course, but I’ll let you decide.

Option A: Lighter wash and cropped.
Option B: Darker wash and hip length.

Insider tip: I do think this is a great example of why it might be good to have a couple of different lengths/washes of a jean jacket in your closet. Especially if you like to wear them a lot.

How to style a midi skirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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