Pain and Agony in Styling the Camouflage Fashion Trend

Pain and Agony in Styling the Camouflage Fashion Trend

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Woman over 70 in the camouflage fashion trend

Pain and Agony in Styling the Camouflage Fashion Trend

If you been shopping either online or in stores lately then you will have noticed a lot of the camouflage fashion trend. Why did I title this pain and agony? Only because you have to read Lesley’s response to the entire idea of camo.

Quote of the day: ” A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” Mary Kay Ash

While many of the people I surveyed don’t like the camouflage fashion trend, there were just as many women who do like it. And considering how it’s making such a huge splash in the style sector, I could point out that it will give you a “cool” factor when viewed by the younger generation.

Lesley really knows how to crack me up and I knew she didn’t really want to be involved in this idea of the camouflage fashion trend. But I’ll let you laugh when you read her commentary below. BTW, Lesley does not like the color green at all!!
But I will say that there is a lot of other colors of camouflage available now.

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Lesley’s Commentary

“Getting me into CAMO anything was like pulling teeth and WE KNOW how much experience Jodie has had at pulling teeth. She did give me fair warning and after much foot dragging I went online to find a camo I could live with before she forced me into some sort of GREEN camo something.  I won’t go into all the pain and agony I went through before I found this tee with blues, grey and a bit of black. 

CAMO being for camouflaging one’s self I had to think what I would be hiding in…..Of course with those colors I could hide in a rain puddle and hope some small dog or child didn’t go tromping across my back.  
Seriously ,  I really don’t know what to say seriously about wearing camo except ” the things I do for love” (of Jodie & her blog).  I guess this outfit could be classified as a run around town casual dinner with a fisherman (they love that fish hide in water).”

Camouflage Fashion Trend

A pop of color with your purse

Jeans: Baccine ~~ Cardigan: Zenara Premium~~ Top: Amaryllis ~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Purse:

Lesley styled her blue camo top with neutrals yet threw in a pop of color with her purse. Most of the camo outfits that I see on others tend to keep the overall look neutral and subdued.

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Blue camouflage fashion trend


Layering is such a great way to add interest to any outfit. I feel like most of us are very adept at layering over a tee like this. Throw on a cardigan or jacket and you’re more covered.
But layering the tee over another blouse is smart too.

I like how Lesley added the belt to this outfit too. While you don’t see it from the back with the cardigan over it, this simple addition creates more shape to the overall look.
And remember, Lesley describes her shape as a zucchini (her words not mine)

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Wearing neutrals with camo
Grey booties

Survey about Camo

I wanted to share some of the results about why my friends like and dislike camo. Maybe you can relate to some of these?
1-It’s a great neutral and goes with everything (like animal prints)
2-It’s fun (I think there’s a rebel vibe to it)
3-Versatile and classic

1-Too busy a print
2-It’s not feminine
3-It’s for the military, not fashion

Why do I keep showcasing it on the blog? I think the quote above is appropriate for this camouflage fashion trend. While personal preferences come into account with each of our own style, the camo trend is very popular right now.
That means it must resonate with many people from the young to the young at heart.

Insider tip: Even if the print is not for you, you can still get inspiration from people wearing it. Just think of it as an abstract print just like my pink camo sweater from earlier this fall.

Long grey cardigan
Camouflage fashion trend

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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