Passionate Reader’s Favorite Books from Childhood to Beyond

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Passionate Reader’s Favorite Books from Childhood to Beyond with Where Bloggers Live

The idea of showcasing our favorite books is the theme for this month’s Where Bloggers Live collaboration. The term passionate reader comes from the fact that as a kid during the summers, my mother would limit me to a book a day so I would do other things beside hole up in my room and read. (Granted, I cheated a little with this rule, but don’t tell her, haha).

Quote of the day: “A book is a gift you can open again and again. ” Garrison Keillor

I also have a fabulous memory of getting those scholastic book pamphlets in grade school where you could order books. Considering I usually wanted most of them, my mom ended up making me use my hard earned weekly allowance (of a quarter) to buy them myself.
After showing all parts of my house in this series (you can see all of the posts linked below), it’s no secret that I tend to hoard and collect things! Books were one of those items. I used to yearn for a room that I could make into my own library complete with a cushioned window bench and ladders to reach to the ceiling.

Recent Book History

Once I retired, I was ecstatic that I had time to join a book club. Some of my dearest friends are those I met in that group. However, since we moved to Arizona, I’ve joined an online book club through Facebook (feel free to join here. The only requirement is joining the Midlife Matters FB group. Feel free to email me with logistical questions).
After moving twice in the last 7 years, I’ve gotten rid of all my books besides the ones I’m reading at the minute. I depend highly on my local library and I love how Lesley, Charlotte and I will swap books once we’ve read them.
To me, the advantage of a book club is reading books you would have never chosen yourself. And some of my favorites now include those books!!

Insider tip: Choosing books is no different than choosing clothing. We get into habits and tend to pick the same things over and over. My advice? Join a book club!

What do I consider favorite books for this list? I would say they are ones I think about and remember portions from in my daily life. In fact, I may quote specific ideas in everyday conversation (probably not super accurately, but hopefully the correct idea, LOL).

For reference sake, I normally prefer uplifting and positive books. And if I had my druthers, they would all be fiction. Why? Because I feel like most of my reading is for entertainment, so I want to be entertained. Yet you may be surprised at my recent favorite books since they are mainly non fiction.
I am not here to give a review of the book, but to give you a glimpse on why these books made the list.

Childhood Favorite Books

What girl didn’t love Nancy Drew mysteries? Of course I had a collection of them and wanted to be a detective because of these books. Some of the situations in the Nancy Drew series were a tad scary, so trust me when I say I skimmed over those areas!! Otherwise I would have nightmares.

Then Judy Blume came along with Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. I probably read this book half a dozen times because it really hit home with some of the tween angst portrayed. I almost want to read it now to see what I would think.

Later Education and Books

List of favorite books includes The Princess Bride

In all honesty, I didn’t read much in college and dental school because…..textbooks!! I’m sure during the summers I finished off a romance novel here and there while I was catching up on my sunbathing. But my most favorite book was definitely The Princess Bride. Now don’t be surprised to see it as one of my favorite movies when that theme comes up too.
The first time I saw the movie was in a college auditorium where everyone said the famous parts out loud!! I’m sure that was part of the excitement. However, the book is EVEN better (aren’t most books?)!!

Recent Favorite Books

The four of these books, The Last Lecture, Still Alice, Being Mortal and Outliers were all part of my online book club (linked above) and I would have never read them otherwise.

The Last Lecture
I had no idea what this book was about since I live under a rock when it comes to current events. In fact, when I told my husband that we were reading it, he suggested to have a ton of kleenex with me. Not that he had read it, but he knew the premise. However, most of the time, I laughed through the book. And Randy’s words have hit home on so many levels.

Still Alice
Sure, this is also a movie, but I suggest you still read the book. It may be a fictional piece of work, but the author has a PhD in neuroscience and researched the topic extensively. I think I learned more empathy from this fictional piece of work than from any textbook.

Being Mortal
The author of this book is a doctor and searches through modern medicine about our aging.

Outliers: The Story of Success
After every chapter in this book, I would discuss with my husband about what I had just read. The concepts and facts were so enlightening!! If you haven’t read this, I think you’d LOVE it!!

Where Bloggers Live

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Favorite books from an avid reader

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