Fab Collab: The Ageless Appeal of Pearls at Sixty-Plus

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Pearl Necklace worn by 4 generations-the 40's through the 70's.

This week, Sherry from Petite Over 40 is joining us in a Fab Collab. The goal of this alliance is for each generation to take a chosen style item, give a personalized story from their life regarding that item and then style it in today’s life! 

The Pearl Necklace Styled by Nancy

Sherry (the 40’s generation) told her story here, and Jodie (the 50’s generation) related her history here. And now presenting Nancy’s (the 60’s generation) story in her own words:

When I think of pearls, I think of elegance. I have to admit, I don’t wear pearls very often, however, I did wear pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet for the most elegant event of my life—my wedding. That was a day I especially wanted to look beautiful for my husband to be!

I’ve noticed after reviewing pictures from the past that I also have worn pearl jewelry to other people’s weddings.

The reason I don’t wear them much might be because my mother didn’t wear pearls very much. She really didn’t wear any jewelry and when she did it was just costume jewelry. My parents came from tough times and didn’t spend money on what they considered extravagant things.

As a result, to my knowledge, none of the pearls I own are real pearls. I somehow have collected several lengths and shades of pearl necklaces with numerous styles of earrings to go with them.

Since my stepdaughter, Jodie, has upgraded my styling, I have found myself wearing them more often with a variety of outfits. I realize now, it doesn’t have to be just the “dressy” events. Pearls can be a casual jewel and because of that they now get a lot more use and love from me!

I wanted to show two of the pictures I found of my mother in the few times she did wear a “pearl” necklace.

This picture below includes the entire family (doggie too)—since we were all dressed up we must have been going to a special event. But I have no recollection of where we were or why we were dressed up!

Pearl Necklace worn by 4 generations-the 40's through the 70's.

And then this was on a cruise, with my parents about 2004!

Pearl Necklace worn by 4 generations-the 40's through the 70's.

Since I said they’re not just for “dressy” events, I thought I’d pair them with trousers & a sweater. I feel like I could wear this almost anywhere!

Pearl Necklace worn by 4 generations-the 40's through the 70's.

60’s Outfit: Nancy’s sweater has these small sequins all over it, but they’re very subtle! I think it makes it nice so she can wear it either casually or more formally!

Pants: Liz Claiborne (similar here)~~Tank top under: J.Jill (similar here)~~Sweater: J.Jill (similar here)~~Shoes: Sam & Libby (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: Mauzies (similar here)

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