Peep Toe Shoes: Secrets to Creating 5 Outfit Vibes

Peep Toe Shoes: Secrets to Creating 5 Outfit Vibes

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Peep Toe Shoes: Secrets to Creating 5 Outfit Vibes

Even shoes go through trends and while we don’t see peep toe shoes quite as much lately, I think this retro vibe can be used in all sorts of outfits. In fact, I’m not only creating different kinds of outfits, but also showing how to vary the color combinations.

Quote of the day: “Italy is known for tomatoes. Thailand for chilies. Germany for sauerkraut.
But tomatoes originated in Peru. Thailand imported chilies from Central America. Sauerkraut started in China.
Everything is a remix–and the world is better for it. Share what you know. Learn from others.” James Clear

EVERYTHING IS A REMIX!! Wow, I love that and that’s exactly what many of my posts are about. Just because these peep toe shoes have a retro vibe, does not mean they won’t work with all kinds of looks as I hope to prove. Incorporating dichotomy or the idea of yin/yang into your outfits is the way to go.
Plus it gives you a ton more variety which means your closet is bigger and more versatile.

So I will say that is the biggest secret to creating outfits. Stop pigeonholing yourself in certain categories or color combinations, and try new ideas! If you missed my Shop Your Closet series, that was the big takeaway:
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BTW, these heels are the brand Via Spago, and I bought them secondhand for $5. It was Lesley who suggested I create a post on ways to wear them. In fact, I wasn’t 100% sure I should buy them because they are a retro style. And that’s not my style really. Yet, I too am learning to be more open! I hope it inspires you to be also.
In fact, I talk about how NOT to categorize our pieces as part of shopping our closet. It’s better to think of these as pink shoes!!

Feminine and retro vibe

Monochromatic Retro Look

I started styling these peep toe shoes with an outfit that I considered somewhat retro, feminine and monochromatic. Then again, it’s hard for me to define retro because I’m not sure what that looks like. However, I figured a pencil skirt and beret would be different for me.
BTW, I did knit the beret.

Monochromatic outfits are easy for those of you who love to match. These shoes and skirt really seem like they were made to be together in that respect.
Of course, I did add a tad different color with my purse. It’s pink, but just a whole different shade of pink.

Summer dress up with peep toe shoes

Casual Summer Dress

The concept of heels and a dress certainly seem obvious, yet I paired it with what I would consider a more casual summer dress. In my thinking, this is an easy way to make a casual piece seem more special.
Then again, even though we consider an item of clothing casual, not everyone sees it the same way. For this dress, it’s linen and I ended up getting it for $4 at the end of the summer sales at Old Navy.

As for colors, I would say they “go” but don’t “match” exactly. Sure, there is a light pink and darker pink in the dress but they aren’t the exact same as the shoes. Yet, it’s like looking at a bed of beautiful spring flowers. They can all be different colors and you still go gaga over them.

Casual outfit with dressier shoes for an everyday look

Adding in Color with Peep Toe Shoes

I wanted to show how heels and jeans could be worn together. So I paired some white jeans, a graphic tee along with a white denim vest with these peep toe shoes. Even if you don’t wear heels, I think a fun and styled flat could make this outfit seem more intentional as opposed to always wearing sneakers. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my sneakers, but I love variety even more).
With this look I was trying for an edgy vibe since the white denim vest is a moto style. But I struggle with edgy almost as much as retro when it comes right down to it, LOL!

I used my shoes along with the accessories to add some color to the overall look.

Insider tip: Another way to style a small scarf. Tie it on a belt loop. I’ve seen it strung between the front belt loops, but the disadvantage to that is you have to untie it for every bathroom break.
This is the Gibby’s scarf and I have a new discount if you’re interested (JodieTOS25SPR). I TRULY love these scarves for their size and comfort.

Match the shoes to the jacket

Peep Toe Shoes and a “Matching” Jacket

Another outfit with jeans and heels, but I consider this different since I’m wearing a jacket and matching my shoes to it. I’m not sure this outfit has a true category, except as stylish, haha!! But you could call it modern or contemporary especially since the jeans are distressed.

As for color, this is a prime example of how color looks different up close versus far away. This jacket is actually neon orange and blue threads in a white jacket. Don’t believe me? See the close up of it as the title photo from this weekly wrap up post.
Yet from far away, I see the color pink. The moral of the story is to not obsess over matching too much. And take selfies of your outfits to see how things really look from another perspective.

Peep toe shoes and outfit ideas for work

Smart Attire

I think these peep toe shoes would be exactly something I would wear with my work attire. Even though I’m not working per se, I still wear these kinds of outfits when we visit any professional. I always think it shows respect to that professional person.

This time I’m showing again how the shoes don’t have to match the outfit. These add some color to an overall neutral look along with another Gibby’s scarf and the earrings. I really grab these scarves more than my others because they are so small and comfy. Even though I showcase a couple of ways to wear them, you don’t have to get creative with how to tie them!!

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