The Perfect Men’s Holiday Gift with Jord Watch

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Jord's Watch for Men

The Perfect Men’s Holiday Gift with Jord Watch

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If you have ever struggled with what gift to get the men in your life, then you won’t be disappointed with the selection of Jord watches. I figured since we talked about getting jewelry for women earlier this week, it’s only fair to include the men too.

Now I have to confess quite a few things in this post.

First, I was approached by Jord watch last year and turned them down to collaborate with them. Why? Because I thought that the price point was too high for my readers. At least it seemed like it for me personally. But then when I thought about it afterwards, I realized that I had spent that kind of money on a watch for my hubby as a gift one time when I was on a girl’s trip in Santa Fe. On top of that, my mom was having to replace her watch recently, and it wasn’t an inexpensive purchase either.

The cherry on top is that Jord is offering an instant holiday coupon where you will at least get 25% off a purchase, and you could be lucky enough to get 40% off. This kind of savings, is only for blog readers, and these gift coupons are available for a limited time. That means depending on which watch you choose that you can save anywhere from $50-150.

Rob’s Outfit with his Jord Watch: Another confession is that Rob wasn’t too excited about this watch when he chose it online.

Now he loves his watches just like any guy. And he has at least 4 of them that he alternates between. One watch is the one I was talking about from Sante Fe which is very artsy and interesting. Another is one that was his fathers and is very sentimental to him. So I’m not sure if it was his mood the day he looked at these or what, but he was very ho hum about it.

UNTIL it came in the mail.

Planning for the Holidays with Jord's Watch


I am the first to admit that Jord watches does it right with the packaging for their products. If you end up giving this piece as a gift, it’s really impressive the wood box that it’s packaged in. The best thing is that you can then use that box to store the watch in when you’re not wearing it.

This may not be a huge factor for you when you buy something. At least it isn’t for me. I’m one of those people that doesn’t take much stock in the wrapping and coverings of items. Maybe because they will get thrown away? But when I say that Jord watches are packaged incredibly, I mean it. I would normally not take a photo of the box and such, but I thought since Rob was oogling over it, that you should see it too.

Jord watch packaging

I know you’re probably over the packaging, but I have to say 2 things. One, the smell of the wood was amazing when you removed this from the cardboard box. And second, there is this small drawer at the bottom of this wood box that acts as a humidity drawer.

Jord's Watch for Holiday Gift Giving

It’s a wood watch

This is thing that Rob didn’t realize when I had him pick out his watch from the online selection. So he wanted me to make sure that I told you this a couple of times. The band of the Jord watch and the face frame are all wood, and just so gorgeous.

And I almost wish I had recorded my hubby’s reaction when he was first looking at it. You’d think that he’d won the lottery. But the quality is amazing. And maybe you won’t believe me just reading this post or seeing these photos. But if you order one, then you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Wrist Candy Called Jord's Watch

This watch in particular that Rob is wearing is the Dover Series and is an ebony and rosewood combined. There are many other varieties available including bigger, smaller, and different colors. But I sort of twisted his arm to get this one, because I knew it would stand out so nicely.

Jord's Watch Up Close

Goods and Bads

I am nothing if not honest in my life, and I’m always touting that there is a good and bad to everything. So now that I’ve told you everything that Rob loved about this Jord watch, let me tell you the other side too.

Not that I would consider this a bad aspect, but the locking mechanism is different than most other watches. The wonderful thing is the metal is all hidden on the inside, so you only see the wood portion when you are wearing it. But the metal folds in to clasp in two motions, and it took Rob a couple of times to get used to this. I played with it too, and it works beautifully. It’s just a different way to get your watch fastened.

The other aspect that is different from many watches nowadays is the fact that it is a wind up watch. The good thing about this, is you never need to buy a battery for it. However you do need to wind it about once or twice a week.

Men's Fashion Including Jord's Watch

Jord purchase: (here)

Rob was gifted this Jord watch and I was paid to write the post. But everything I’ve confessed and written is absolutely true.

Thanks to you all! So make sure to sign up for your holiday coupon by clicking on the link. You could be lucky enough to get 40% off your Jord watch purchase. And worst case, you’ll save 25%. And you certainly don’t have to use the savings as a gift for someone else. It can absolutely be used for you! 

FYI, Jord watches is rewarding the 3 top influencers with the most sales ending after the Black Friday weekend. I don’t expect to be one of these because I don’t have the high numbers like many younger bloggers. However, if you do decide to go forward with a Jord purchase, I would love it if you used my link for the holiday coupon. I was hoping I could work with the company again, and then maybe I’d give away the watch to one of my readers.

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