Green and pink skirt outfit

Pink Skirt Outfit: Simplistic and Different Color Combinations

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Green and pink skirt outfit

Pink Skirt Outfit: Simplistic and Different Color Combinations

I’m showing a pink skirt outfit with all different color combinations as presented by my color recipe. I kept the base outfit the same, and just varied the jackets and cardigans to give you ideas of how it would look.
If you want other ideas of wearing pink along with more examples of my color recipe, I’ve included those at the bottom of the post.

Quote of the day: “Big thinking precedes great achievement.” Wilferd A. Peterson

The moral of the story is that you should be able to use this color recipe for any outfit to find different color combinations.
Here are the ingredients in order of easiest to hardest:
1-Add a neutral
2-Try a neutral print
3-Match to one of the colors
4-Contrast Color
5-Color print

This color recipe could work for any season, and while this pink skirt outfit screams summer, I will give you ideas of options for each season. I know we learn about “certain” colors for a season, but let’s stop limiting ourselves (and our closets) this way. Pink is wonderful all year long!

Details of the Neon Green and Pink Skirt Outfit

This pink skirt outfit starts with the pink denim skirt I found at Old Navy hugely reduced to $5. The raw hem detail gives off a modern vibe and I love the buttons up the front.

I realize the top looks yellow in these photos, which is a good reminder that color is subjective and can look different depending on the lighting. However, in real life, I consider the top a neon green. It’s from Peach and just a tank top that could be worn for workouts, casual, or even a date night. I did buy this top during one of their sales which they have often.

Insider tip: If you check out Peach, your first purchase can be $10 off with my link and you would need to choose my name in the referral drop-down menu on the shopping cart menu page.

The pink heels blend in with the lightness of the skirt and keep the focus on the top half for this example. And I even kept the earrings the same for each look. This fun pair is from my friend, Joanne’s Etsy store.

Add neutral for different color combinations

Add a Neutral

Anytime you have a question of what to pair with another color, it’s safe to start with a neutral.

Insider tip: Your neutrals are black, brown, white, grey, navy, and I would also consider denim a neutral.

Now let’s talk about seasons. Since the tan is lighter, it gives off a summer vibe. For fall you could add a darker brown like chestnut. In winter, this would work with a charcoal grey (personally I think black would be too heavy). And then come spring, adding a white jacket would lighten up the look.

Neutral print with pink skirt outfit

Try a Neutral Print

Wearing a print piece can be a great way to add interest to a look. If you already have a lot of color in the base layer, then a neutral print jacket or cardigan would be a safe approach.

This camo blazer is a men’s blazer which is why it’s a tad oversized. Even though I emphasize alterations and finding things that fit, oversized items can have a place in your closet.

Now let’s talk about seasons. For fall, the most modern neutral print would be a darker camo print. You are seeing it everywhere and on all ages of women. The winter months might conjure up thoughts of a neutral plaid. And once spring comes about, a neutral floral print could work.

For more ideas about wearing camo, see all of us showcasing it:

Neon green and pink skirt outfit

Match to One of the Colors in the Pink Skirt Outfit

Because there are already two colors in the outfit, you could match one of the colors already in the outfit. Don’t stress about matching the color exactly. As long as they have the same tones, it will look great. My lime green jacket works fine with the neon green tank top. They both are basically a light green with bright tones.

Now let’s talk about seasons. For the fall season, you could try an olive green. Then when winter comes around, a darker forest green could be an option. Spring could make you think about pulling out the yellow instead. Remember, just because you “know” what the color is, doesn’t mean it can’t appear to look different depending on what you pair with it.

Insider tip: Beware if you hold up a color I suggest and it doesn’t seem to work, that could be because it’s warm or cool and the other colors are the opposite. Don’t automatically assume that all of those colors won’t work. The temperature and tones of a piece make a difference.

Color recipe for base outfit

Contrast Color

Now comes my favorite part of my color recipe. Add in a contrasting color. I know this can be scary for some of you. But to make it easy, think of it more like #3 only with a darker or lighter color. Just like I suggested other colors for the different seasons in #3, that’s what you could do here.

That’s what I did with this berry-colored cardigan. It may seem like a totally different color, but in all intents and purposes, it’s really a dark shade of pink.

Now let’s talk about seasons. For your fall wardrobe, this is when burgundy would be perfect. In the wintertime, you could wear a deep purple or even brick red. Then as spring approaches, lighten it up with a dusty rose.

Green print with pink skirt outfit

Color Print

Just like with #2, a print can give an outfit so much personality. Even though there are already 2 colors in this pink skirt outfit, doesn’t mean you can’t add a print that is colorful. I did this with a green print kimono which incorporates the #3 idea also. But don’t limit this to only print pieces with the colors of the base outfit in them. I bet you can find many others that work too.

Insider tip: One way to find new possibilities of color combinations in your closet is to hold up the “base outfit” next to EVERYTHING already in your closet. You will be so surprised by how many possibilities this gives you.

Let’s Talk More About Pink Color Combinations

Even if you aren’t needing pink skirt outfits, you might want some ideas of what other color combinations work well with pink. And I have you covered on that with some ideas below.

Other Color Recipe Examples

I have used my color recipe for many other color combinations and outfits. Feel free to check them out to see how the “recipe” can work for anything in your closet.

Different color combinations with pink and neon green

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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