Popular Casual Summer Outfits for Women over 50

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Casual summer outfits are the things we wear around town when running errands or going to lunch with friends. We talk a lot about what to wear for special occasions, but our life also consists of days when we are just hanging out (I still consider those days special since life is a gift).

Quote of the day: “Ultimately, art is trying to see things that other people don’t see.” Trevor Paglen

Going out and about our days in casual summer outfits doesn’t mean you have to give up looking stylish. There are so many different ways to use our clothing to fit the situation, yet still look fabulous as well as show off our personality.

Not only are you getting 4 women in different age groups for today’s idea of casual summer outfits, but we also wore various items. You will see looks with a pair of slim jeans, a jumpsuit, a skort, and a dress.

And even though I categorized these by our ages, they can work for any woman no matter what age your driver’s license says.

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Valerie: Casual Summer Outfits for 60-Year Olds

Jeans: Chicos So Slimmingg Girlfriend Slim Crop ~~ Kimono: Laundry~~ Top: LOFT~~ Shoes: Universal Thread-Target~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: Recycled wood-Grand Canyon gift shop ~~ Purse: b.o.c ~~Hat: no label

In Valerie’s words: “Jeans and a kimono are my go-to’s for running errands, shopping at the local farmer’s market, or lunching with friends. Kimonos are perfect for the summer and I confess to owning eight of them in various colors and lengths.
This tropical inspired kimono was a Mother’s Day gift from my stepchildren and I feel so loved when I wear it.

Apart from styling it with pants or jeans, kimonos make perfect bathing suit cover-ups. Jodie’s video (see it here) on how to style a kimono, inspired me to tie the front panels to shorten them.”

The raffia details give Valerie’s look a summery feel with the straw mules, straw hat, and straw portions on the purse. Heck, her hat even has those long ties that she has cascading down the front. This keeps the ties from getting lost in the tropical print and they almost look like a necklace.

Charlotte: Casual Summer Outfits for 80-Year Olds

Jumpsuit: Mom made it ~~Shoes: Zodiac-DSW ~~ Earrings: thrifted ~~ Purse: Vanessa-Macys

My mom isn’t usually a jumpsuit lover, which is exactly why I’m applauding her for wearing this. She’s worn this as resort wear in the past. It’s an item that she made a long time ago, and it’s a great example of how all jumpsuits are not created equal.

This jumpsuit has buttons in the front, so you aren’t finagling with a zipper in the back. That alone makes a jumpsuit so much easier for the bathroom consideration. Either that or look for stretchy material so you don’t have to be a contortionist to get out of the jumpsuit.

And the best part is how my mom accessorized with yellow earrings and a yellow purse instead of blue matching ones. The yellow really pops against the blue and creates one of those casual summer outfits that look so fashionable.

Lesley: Casual Summer Outfits for 70-Year Olds

Skort: Croft & Barrow-Kohls ~~ Top: Et Louise-Shers~~ Shoes: LifeStride-DSW ~~ Scarf: no label~~ Purse: Ming-thrifted

In Lesley’s words: “Unless I have a specific activity planned for a day, I consider a casual summer outfit as one with a tee and skort. I can walk the dog, grocery shop, pump gas, go to the bank, pick up library books, hit a thrift store, or sit around and watch TV.
I’m cool and comfortable and I look respectable in case I might run into a work supervisor. The other detail is that if I run into a friend who suggests lunch, I’m good to go. And heck, I could even bump into Mr. Right, and if that’s the case, I want to make sure I look great.”

I love that Lesley included a half tuck with her t-shirt. Sometimes leaving our shirt untucked can give off an unintentional vibe which can come across as sloppy depending on the elements. Since Lesley’s skort is a bit flowy, the half tuck is a nice addition.

Jodie: Casual Summer Outfits for 50-Year Olds

Dress: Spirit of Grace- Steinmart~~ Shoes: Modzori-use code 10Jodie– won in a giveaway~~ Belt: Target~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: Ideas Valyen-won in a giveaway~~Hat: Brooklyn Hats c/o~~Bra: Gatherall

Once I realized that dresses could be worn as part of casual summer outfits, I felt like my comfort level in the summer increased tenfold. The idea of throwing on a loose dress so there is air circulation makes such a huge difference. If you live in really hot climates, then you know.

I’ve also learned to size up in many of my summer items, so they aren’t tight and restricting. In fact, this dress is a Large (I routinely wear a small or XS), yet I love how it works for these 100 degree temperatures.

Insider tip: There is nobody but you who knows what size your clothing is, so stop obsessing over the number.

You might think that wearing a belt would be silly in this heat, but fabric belts tend to be cooler than leather belts, and I kept this one loose.

Insider tip: When wearing a belt with something that doesn’t have belt loops, I use a clear elastic (found on Amazon) to hold the end in place. Just slide the elastic on the belt before you put it on, and then pull it to the place where it’s needed. I leave it on the belt even when I put it away.

This brand of shoes has reversible straps so they can be changed up depending on the outfit. You might be surprised at how comfortable this pair is because the ramp angle is not steep at all, and they have a bit of cushion in them.
They aren’t my usual style of shoes as they have an edgy vibe to them, but I love getting adventurous with my clothing, and I call these a win.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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