Fun shoes for summer

The Popular Embroidery Shoe Trend for Older Women

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Adding sass with accessories

The Popular Embroidery Shoe Trend for Older Women

The embroidered shoe trend is one that can give off that fun vibe without being too overwhelming. When someone asked me ideas to style embroidered jeans, I thought it would be fun to include all kinds of embroidered pieces with our styling tricks.
Charlotte started with her embroidered jeans and then Sarah and I showcased embroidered blouses.

Quote of the day: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Bill Cunningham

Everyday life has it’s ups and downs but cute shoes can be an easy way to up your chic factor. This is not the first time Lesley has worn these shoes because they are beyond fabulous!! In fact, she always says she loves them because there are so many different colors in them.

So let’s break apart how she styled them for this outfit that she would wear on a date to dinner, a patio party or even sight seeing.

Summer outfit for older women

Shorts: Steinmart ~~ Cardigan: Chicos~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Anne Klein ~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse:

Lesley does love the embroidery look on any kind of item!! This is a wonderful outfit for those of you who tend to style solid colored pieces but still appreciate some more pizzazz in the outfit. Adding that pizzazz with your shoes or accessories (including your purse) can be just as effective.

Long necklace for women

Print Mixing with the Extras

Having more than one print in an outfit can seem scary and overpowering to many women. Yet when I thought like that, I also reminded myself that interior designers use many prints with pillows on a couch or bed. So why not on our bodies?
Here is an easy way to dip your toe in the print mixing water! Wear a fun pair of print footwear and then mix in a fabulous print purse. Lesley is doing this by incorporating the embroidery shoe trend with a color blocked purse.

Adding a print with the embroidery shoe trend

Shorts for Older Women

Show of hands! How many of us have given up on wearing shorts? I know before I retired from dentistry, I would never wear them. My worry is they weren’t professional enough even when I wasn’t working.
And many of my older friends diss their changing bodies too much to feel comfortable showing their legs. I get it. I look at my legs and have the same thoughts until I remember all the quotes and positivity I share.

Our bodies are amazing, and there is no perfect. Embracing the changes may be hard because we don’t feel it looks good; however, what if the things we see were revered? What if wrinkles and veins were a mark of wisdom instead of embarrassment??
I realize I am swimming upstream saying these things, yet loving our bodies is better for our overall mental health. Continuous negative thoughts about our bodies can poison us more than you realize!! I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Luckily Lesley is open to wearing shorts too! The proportion with the longer top makes it a good look proportion wise.

Insider tip: If you have trouble finding the longer inseam you like for a pair of shorts, remember that you can have a pair of capris or pants cut off to the length you want.

Embroidery shoe trend with flats

Embroidery Shoe Trend

Embroidered footwear is something Lesley appreciates. In fact, this isn’t her only pair. You can see how she wore embroidered sneakers as one of the options with her knee length skirt earlier this year.
And if you ever need any tricks of getting shoes to fit better for narrow heels or higher arches, make sure to check out my promising shoe hack post.

Long cardigan style for summer with the embroidery shoe trend
Embroidery shoe trend for any age woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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