A Portfolio of Favorite Music with Where Bloggers Live

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Love and favorite music

A Portfolio of Favorite Music with Where Bloggers Live

How would you answer the prompt about favorite music? That was the theme for our Where Bloggers Live collaboration, and I admit that I struggled with it.

Quote of the day: “We cannot predict the value our work will provide to the world. That’s fine. It is not our job to judge our own work. It is our job to create it, to pour ourselves into it, and to master our craft as best we can.” James Clear

This quote really hits home when we think about our successes and failures. It will make more sense when you read the rest of the post below about my favorite music.

In all reality, I’m not much of a music person. So I tried to think about if would you like to hear about
1-How my mother used to make me take piano lessons since she never had the opportunity to take them herself growing up.
2-Maybe the years in elementary school when I decided to take violin lessons and hated it enough that I would “forget” my violin those days.
3-Or I could focus on the fact that for some odd reason, I can remember the words to many songs even when I have no idea who sings the songs.
4-Of course, I could easily just list my 5 favorite songs, but even that would be hard because I don’t really have favorite songs.

EXCEPT for 2 songs.

Can you guess where this is going from the photos??

Rob’s History with Music

My husband grew up in a household where his older brothers were musicians and had their own rock and roll bands. His two older brothers both went to the Berklee school of music in Boston to refine their craft.

The vibraphone instrument below that was Rob’s was purchased after his Uncle Sal saw them being played on the Mickey Mouse show. With many lessons and practicing, Robby became quite a young talent.

So talented in fact, that he was a guest on the Sonny Fox show at the age of 4. (No, we can’t find a replay of it although we have searched high and low). But Rob does have a TV Guide listing him as one of the guests!

What is a Vibraphone?

Since the vibraphone is not something you hear about frequently, let me give you a little history of it. It’s a musical instrument in the percussion family. It’s made up of two octaves of metal bars and is usually played by holding 2-4 soft mallets with which you strike the bars.

You can see young 4-year-old Robby is holding only 2 mallets, while 17-year-old Rob has 4 mallets in his hands. Yes, 17-year-old Rob’s hairstyle was inspired by Lindsey Buckingham.

The instrument is similar in shape to a xylophone but the music that comes out is more soft and mellow.
You will find them played in most symphony orchestras and the most famous vibraphone player that you might have heard of was Lionel Hampton (who Rob, age 8, actually met in Central Park when Lionel was giving a concert.)

Older Rob and His Vibraphone

While Rob loved playing the vibraphone and dreamed of having his own musical career with it, he was turned down by all of the big music companies in New York. We all know how that kind of rejection hurts. Therefore, he focused on a different kind of future with his studies.

However, he kept playing with his church groups, in coffeehouses, and even on the streets of Boulder to tell about his Christian faith (more to come about that in his upcoming book).

Favorite music by Rob

My Personal Favorite Music

Now fast forward to meeting Rob at an 8-minute dating event. (Want to read more about that? I talked about it in this Instagram post). When Rob and I started dating it spurred his creativity and love of music again.

The result? He wrote and sang 2 songs for me. Do you know how special it is to have a song written JUST FOR YOU? It’s incredible.

You can listen to these if you’re interested, on Rob’s YouTube channel. He apologizes that the sound quality isn’t perfect because they were transferred from a cassette tape.
I love that when Rob uploaded these songs to YouTube, he included a slideshow of photos. If you notice that my hair is way different in some of the uploaded photos, it’s because I used to have 2 different wigs that I would wear from time to time.

Song 1: Angel Girl

Song 2: Just 3 Words

There are 5 other songs written by Rob that are on his YouTube channel that he wrote in his younger days.

BTW, Rob has a viral video on YouTube of our murphy bed. It has over 2.5M views!! You can see more about the bed in our guest room post.

So obviously, my most favorite music in the world is the music that my own husband has written.


Where is this Vibraphone Now?

Rob kept his vibraphone in our basement when we got married. Every once in a blue moon, he would go down and play them, usually when I twisted his arm.
It’s like anything, when you don’t practice all of the time, you get rusty, and then you don’t have fun playing anymore.

When we downsized to our townhome in Denver, we tried to come up with some ideas of how to incorporate the vibraphone into our decor. One idea was to use it as a headboard against our bed.

However, at the same time, my cousin’s son was in his high school band and playing the xylophone, bells, and vibraphone along with all of the percussion instruments. So we gifted Rob’s vibraphone set to him so he would have them to play at home with which to practice.

Where Bloggers Live & Favorite Music

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