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Our Where Bloggers Live group is talking about childhood today, and I took a cue from my friend, Penny, at Frugal Fashion Shoppers to focus on my hairstyles from childhood.
The stories our hair can tell, right??

Quote of the day: “Pay attention to what you pay attention to.” Amy Krouse Rosenthal

If you’ve been with me for a long time, then you know that I struggle to embrace my curly hair. In fact, I’ve written about it before, and reading that again makes me realize how we let our hair define us so much. So this quote brought it to reality.
Maybe my struggles with my hair is part of the reason I love wearing bold colors, glasses and hats because it takes the focus off my hair?

But let’s get to the meat of the post and explore my portfolio of hairstyles from childhood.

Bald baby photo

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Bald is Beautiful

Do you know how some babies are born with a huge head of hair? That wasn’t me. I was as bald as a cue ball. Even though I was the first and only child, there aren’t many baby photos of me at this stage. I know my mom commented once that they tried to tape a bow on my head to distinguish that I was a girl.

Of course, there are those cute headbands for girl babies now to fix that.

But another year goes by, and the hair starts to grow. It’s thin and curly, just like now. And do we notice that my mom had me wear the SAME DRESS in both photos? I just noticed that, and it’s shocking. This is from the woman who is extremely clothing conscious, and even remembers the details about what she’s bought and made.

Baby photos
Young girl-hairstyles from childhood
Photo of my grandpa (my mom’s dad) and me

Let’s Talk Curls

Those tight, kinky curls you see in the picture of me wearing my yellow swimsuit-those are the ones that drive me crazy. They don’t go where I want them to go, or do what I want them to do. Obviously, it’s a control issue.

But after I’ve slept on them many times, they do tend to straighten out slightly as you can see in my photo with my grandpa above.

Kinky curls remembering hairstyles from childhood

Check out the color of my hair too. It seems so red in many of these photos, yet the one with me in the purple dress below, it’s so blonde. Obviously, the summer sun must have lightened it up because I’m sure my mom wasn’t using Sun-In on it.

Blonde hair as a child

Hairstyles from Childhood

You can see in the next two photos that my mom did let my hair hang down. Until school started. Then you can see the evolution into pigtails, ponytails, whatever you want to call them.

Red hair as a kid
Favorite hairstyles from childhood
This is one of my most favorite photos EVER. Now if my hair would look like that daily, I might grow it long and embrace the curls!
Pigtails as a kid
With grandpa (my dad’s dad)

How the Pigtails Tell the Story

I was just enthralled to see the progression of my grade school photos and comparing my pigtails from year to year.

Just look at how the pigtails kept getting longer and longer (and so did my face, haha). Of course, my mom had many of those yarn ties to match each outfit. We laugh that when my mom dressed me for school photos I was always wearing red (as witnessed here).
But if you saw the photos from about 7th grade on, when I was picking out my own clothes, I was wearing pink!

One of my favorite memories about my pigtails is how when we would sit on the floor to watch movies in class (anyone else remember that?), a couple of my friends would always want to sit behind me and play with my hair. They would roll and unroll the spirals or take the pigtails out and braid them.
Maybe that’s why I always love to have my hair cut and styled to this day!!

So here are photos from kindergarten to 4th grade with the evolution of my spiral curly pigtails.

Evolution of hairstyles from childhood


They Were Chopped Off

Yep, the pigtails bit the dust in the middle of fourth grade. That was the year I got glasses. And my mom and I decided that the glasses and pigtails just didn’t look great together.
So off to the hair stylist we went and they got cut off.

Now in today’s day and age, we would have donated them to Locks for Love. Since that wasn’t around then, my mom put the pigtails in a shadow box that hung in her hallway.
In fact, those pigtails even moved out to Denver when she relocated from our home in Ohio. But luckily I put a kibosh on them making the trip to Arizona, haha.

Cut off the pigtails

Hairstyles from Childhood to Now

Of course, since then my hair has gone from short to long, and long to short. I had a bad beauty school issue with highlights that resulted in me bleaching my hair very blonde. And thus I was blonde from age 25 until I retired. I finally stopped highlighting my hair after selling my dental practice which saves me a lot of money!

BTW, I did wear a couple of hair pieces and wigs starting about 20 years ago too. Now that was FUN!

I always think hair is like our style. Very flexible since it grows and is relatively easy to change. And we put a lot of fuss and stock into our hair. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate, but it’s so fun to see all these changes in hairstyles from my childhood.

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