Is it Possible to Embrace Your Curls

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Is it Possible to Embrace Your Curls

You might call me hypocritical to ask if it’s possible to embrace your curls after I just talked about embracing pale skin. But I’m here to be honest above all. And while many of you congratulated me on giving up tanning, I still struggle with my hair.

Quote of the day: ” You can’t control everything. Your hair was put on your head to remind you of that.” Unknown.

And therein lies the truth behind curly hair especially. You really have NO control over it. Along with the fact that we always seem to want what we don’t have, right?

My hair history

When I was a kid, I didn’t mind having curls because they were tied up in two pigtails. Of course my mom had matching ribbons in my hair to complete the look.

What I really remember is the times we would sit down to watch a movie in grade school. My friends would love to sit behind me to curl and uncurl my pigtails. Talk about feeling special.

Now you might laugh if I told you those pigtails are hanging in a shadow box in my mom’s house. Nothing like being sentimental about hair!

Why is it Hard to Embrace Your Curls

I pride myself on being rationale. But it’s still hard for me to love my hair when it’s curly for some strange reason.

A couple of reasons is because curly hair is basically messy. And I’m not a messy person. I like things neat and orderly, and my hair is nothing of the sorts when I let it dry naturally. Besides, straight hair is sleek and sexy.

Another issue is I seem to have to use more products in order to define my curls and keep them frizz free as compared to when I straighten my hair. When I started the idea of having more natural curl days, I wanted to do that for the health of my hair. Yet adding in products isn’t my idea of keeping it healthy.

Still another reason is you can see the natural highlights better when my hair is straight. Take for example the photo above and below. They are both about the same time period, yet in the above photo my hair seems to have more colors.

And no, I don’t dye my hair. This is the natural color with grey and all. That’s a whole other topic, right?

Curly hair styled short

How hair Defines Us

It’s always so amazing to me how we let our hair define us so. Who hasn’t been upset when they have a bad hair day? Or feel fabulous when it styles perfectly? My mom calls it our crowning glory, and that is so true.

Yet it’s really just hair, isn’t it? Kinda like how our size doesn’t matter? I wish I had the magic wand to make me absolutely love these curls. Trust me, I’m getting better. But I am grateful I have the option to straighten my hair easily.

The reason I happened to write about this now? I just posted an Instagram Story earlier this week talking about my frustrations with my site going down. And I had let my hair dry naturally. Of course, many comments were about my “cute curls.” And I realized that it’s getting about time that I should embrace them. So what are your hair struggles?

Straightening the curls

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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