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Powerful Changes to Retirement Community Fashion Style

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For my monthly makeover, I wanted to take an example of a look that I see a lot here in our area. I would call it retirement community fashion style.
Again with my monthly makeover posts, it’s not to say that the original outfit is bad. But the goal is to play around with our clothing items to create different looks and have fun with our style.

Quote of the day: “Imagine living life so carefully that there are no signs you lived at all. Raven Leilani

In all honesty, this outfit was borrowed from my mother, so you could also say that it is somewhat oversized. But that detail is also something I see often as part of this retirement community fashion style.
If older women have a choice, I find they opt for clothing that is a bit oversized rather than undersized. I don’t disagree with that thinking. It’s just an observation. Yet I will say, that fit is a huge factor in looking stylish.

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I came up with 11 different options to change up this retirement community fashion style outfit.

Insider tip: Don’t be limited with these ideas because you can mix and match to create even more looks.

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Common Retirement Community Fashion Style

Having fun with retirement community fashion style

Again, let me reiterate that by creating a monthly makeover article about this common retirement community fashion style, I’m not trying to say it’s awful.
What I hope women take away is the fact that by adding something different to a “set”, you can change the vibe and thus create variety.

The top and capris are not a set per se. My mother didn’t purchase them together and they aren’t the same brand. Yet many of the older generation fall into this “set” perspective because matching is something they’ve always done.
For the younger generation, sets are again becoming trendy, yet then again, the last thing I want is for every woman to look the same.

One reason I chose this common fashion community fashion style outfit is for these reasons:

  • The top is long (meaning covers the bum) with a crew neck and 3/4 length sleeves
  • Capris are pull-on
  • Footwear is neutral and blends in
  • Earrings are barely noticeable
  • Glasses are ho-hum

This overall retirement community fashion style is proportion-wise half and half and there is no focal point. In my opinion, this is exactly how women become invisible.
What I will say is that your hairstyle and makeup can be a huge factor in the total picture too. (Without my extensions, I felt a bit frumpy in the original outfit)

Let’s hear it for being unique and standing out among the droves of older women. And here’s the experiment.

1 & 2: Change Up the Top

If you’ve been reading my articles for any amount of time, then you know my motto-Be the Boss of your Clothes. That means you don’t have to wear an item the way it is advertised.

So for this top, I changed it up 2 different ways.

One way was to make it a one-shoulder shirt. This is not rocket science. Obviously, the shirt needs to have a neck that is wide enough that you can pull your arm through it, but then all you do is pull the sleeve to the inside. (And then I tucked it in my bra).
This does nothing to change the proportion, but it is much more modern and a tad sexy.

The second option is where I rolled up the sleeves and then created a side knot with a clear elastic. What this does is change the proportion from half and half to 1/3 for the top half, and 2/3 for the bottom half.
YES, you can do this even if your bottom half is large. The concept of “does this make my butt look big” is passe (have you seen Kim Kardashian?)

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3 & 4: Add a Topper

The options for changing up the retirement community fashion style outfit with a topper are endless. I wanted to show both a subtle and statement choice for this article.

Notice that with both of these looks, I tucked in the top. Not that it wouldn’t work by leaving it hanging. That’s something you need to try both ways, take a photo, and analyze it.
Both of these examples are ideas to get that 1/3 to 2/3 proportion, yet still have a longer clothing item on the top half.

The white moto vest matches the colors in the original outfit and yet it gives the look some added interest.

Then the textured yellow kimono is more of a statement since it’s a totally different color PLUS it’s crazy fun.

5-Bold Footwear with Retirement Community Fashion Style

Footwear changes for retirement community fashion style

Choosing footwear in a totally different color is one of those tricks that change the focus of a look. Granted the proportions of the overall outfit are still half and half, but your eyes have something more interesting to alight on.
This is also a great baby step to be bolder in your style because it’s such a small area of real estate that is far away, so it’s not right in your face.

Insider tip: You don’t have to wear heels for your bold footwear choice. Finding flat sandals in bright colors can be just as striking.

6, 7, 8, & 9: Accessories

I’m a firm believer that accessories are the cherry on top of any outfit. Not only can they create a focal point, but they take an outfit that looks like everyone else’s and makes it unique.

For my retirement community fashion style look, I used 4 specific kinds of accessories to make this outfit look different.
Remember, you can put 2 or more of these options together for even more looks.

  • Belt (found here on Amazon-size up)-The advantage of a belt is you change the proportion AND add a focal point if it’s colorful.
  • Jewelry-I added a mint green necklace and statement earrings. These do not have to be a set or match each other. In fact, feel free to incorporate bracelets and rings too.
  • Hat-Many women feel self-conscious in a hat, which is why I opted for a neutral one. But don’t let hats scare you. They are not only a great focal point, but they can also cover up a bad hair day.
  • Purse-This accessory can be as powerful as bold footwear. Make sure you don’t limit yourself to only neutral color purses and bags.

10 & 11: Change out the Bottom Half

Even though the top “goes” with the bottoms as a set, doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with all kinds of different colors and items. Don’t get pigeonholed into thinking that capris are the only option for summer and this top will only look good with matching bottoms.

I decided to wear this top with a pair of wide-leg pants. This pair is still available on Just Be Youtiful’s site and they are under $40. They are advertised as cropped, but they are the full length on my 5’2″ body.

For my second option to change out the bottoms with this retirement community fashion style look, I went with a yellow skirt. Granted, a pink or green one would be just as stunning.

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Makeover for retirement community fashion style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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