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Powerful Results with Fashion Styling Kit Essentials

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I feel like there are basic fashion styling kit essentials that every woman needs. They can make your outfits fit better, feel better or just look better.
In fact, these are similar to some of my kitchen gadgets like my food processor or can opener. They may not be used daily, but they sure help a ton when I need them.

Quote of the day: “When we are no longer able to change a situation…we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

This quote is fabulous for this idea of fashion styling kit essentials. I realize that we would all like to find clothing that fits perfectly or needs no alterations. And trust me, I believe in that too. But I also think we waste a lot of time “searching” for that perfect, when other fabulous options are out there. These imperfect options might just need a little help to be more modest, or a cinch of a waist to change them from imperfect to perfect.

And that is my personality in a nutshell. I’m a fix-it girl. And these fashion styling kit essentials are what I call the tools of my trade. In fact, I have most of them listed in a tab on my site called Tools of the Trade under Shopping Links. There are other tools under that tab, so make sure to check it out.

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These 5+ fashion styling kit essentials are the ones I use regularly and think you will benefit from having them in your arsenal of tools.
I would also say these should be part of my best purchases post in all reality.

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Create a knot in a too big dress for waist

Elastics are a lifesaver when you need to cinch in some material and you don’t want to wear a belt. I used this trick for the dress photographed above by creating a knot on the inside of the dress and holding it in place with a small clear elastic.
But that’s not the only thing I use them for. They also are fabulous for:
1-To shorten a long t-shirt
2-Hold a scarf together either around my neck or on a hat
3-Pull up the material on a maxi skirt
4-As a belt loop

The advantage of these “orthodontic” elastics is they are clear and basically disappear into the material.

Clear elastic bands for fashion styling kit essentials

Insider tip: There are always a ton of clear elastics in a package, so share them with your fashionable friends.

The hair elastics work with thicker materials. You’ve seen Lesley use this trick for a faux tuck.

Hair ties to hold material


Magnets are basically like safety pins yet don’t damage the clothing material. They can work in place of elastics in some cases, but they are definitely better than safety pins on many materials. I do think it’s good to have both elastics and magnets depending on the situation.

Insider discount: The company extended my discount to my readers, so you can still get 15% off with code 15Jodiestyle on any Maggie’s products.

Maggies combo pack magnets
Combo pack

I have this Maggie’s Combo pack and even shared many ways that I used them last summer.

Glamour Maggies snaps
Glamour Magnets

Recently they have also been selling these smaller magnets called Glamour Magnets (for some reason they don’t show up on their primary Amazon page, but my link goes to them and the discount still works) that are wonderful for smaller and thinner pieces, and you can even wear them around your wrist as a bracelet.
I have been wearing them with my scarves and even used them to keep my cardigan closed so I could wear it as a dress on Thursday in this Daily Outfits post.

Insider tip: Magnets can interfere with pacemakers if worn within 6 inches of them.


There are a couple of ways to either cover your bra straps or provide more coverage to the top half of your outfit.

Halftees are my favorite item for the top half. I’ve become an ambassador for Halftees years ago because I love the idea of these “cropped” items. They come in a multitude of styles from turtlenecks to long sleeves and they are meant to add coverage without bulk around your midsection (who doesn’t love that?).
These magical tees can cover your arms, cover a too-big sleeve hole, add material to your cleavage, or camoflauge those bra straps.

Halftees as fashion styling kit essentials

Insider discount: Use my code, Jtouch20, for 20% off and I do receive a small commission. Thank you.

Other items that can work in the same way for your fashion styling kit essentials are
1-Bralettes-Remember you can layer them over your bra if you need more support. In fact, I wrote about them in the post.
2-Cropped tops-You may not wear them alone as intended, but you can certainly layer them over or under other clothing.
3-Normal t-shirts-Long t-shirts can be worn in the same way if you are looking for warmth.

I’ve showcased multiple versions of Halftees over the years

  1. Styling long sleeve Half tees
  2. 3/4 sleeve outfits with Half tees
  3. Half tees worn under sleeveless dresses
  4. 5 reasons to wear Half tees

4-PeekaBoo Shirttail

Peek a boo shirttail to cover your bum

Peekaboo Shirttails are basically lengthening your shirt without the bulk at the top. Just like your top half can use a little extra coverage from time to time, so can the bottom half. I recently discovered these shirttails that act as modest coverage with leggings, skinny jeans, or just anything you wish your shirt was longer with.
In fact, they remind me of the shirt and dress extenders that I’ve talked about in the past only this is without the bulk at the top.

Peek a boo Shirttail or dress extenders

Insider discount: I have a discount, JODIE20 since I worked with the woman who makes these.

5-Feet Fashion Styling Kit Essentials

Your feet are not exempt from needing a couple of fashion styling kit essentials, and the two I love the most are my Sheec socks and the reusable Soul Insoles.

Sheec socks are the best no-show socks available. I have a tab on my site with both Rob’s and my favorites although there are many more that you will love.
I love them so much I’ve written 2 articles about them.

It won’t surprise me that styles will change and we will embrace showing off our socks at some point. But right now, Sheec socks are the best way to keep them hidden in every kind of shoe available.

Insider discount: If you’re a first-time buyer of Sheec socks, I have a discount code, JODIE. If you have ordered from them before, I still appreciate you going through my page when you need to order more so I can get a small commission, plus it shows where their traffic comes from for marketing purposes.

Soul Insoles are a functional way to add support to any shoes that seem too flat for your foot. The best part is they are reusable from shoe to shoe.

Insider tip: After you put them in a shoe and wear them, make sure to take them out and store them in an easily accessible place. Otherwise, it’s hard to remember which pair of shoes they are in when you want them for another pair.

Fashion styling kit essentials for mature women

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