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Practical & Comfortable Footwear Style: Jambu Shoe Review

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Charlotte is here with her Jambu shoe review of the Willow Knit mocassin. As we get older, the goal for practical and comfortable footwear doesn’t have to mean neglecting fun styles.

Quote of the day: “Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet.” Anonymous

I used this quote because finding comfort and style for our shoes doesn’t have to be as frustrating as folding that fitted sheet anymore.

The Jambu brand is synonymous with comfortable footwear for women, and the three of us are showcasing a couple of the Fall 2021 styles available.
My selection was a pair of chunky, Chelsea-style brown boots which I showed how versatile they could be worn with 6 different types of bottoms.

Lesley talked about this same style of shoe called the Willow yet hers were a suede pair instead of a knit upper portion as Charlotte is showing here.
The three of us also wore the Jambu mocassin called the Torino and styled them with different pants. I wanted to show how it was a shoe that could go with everything.

More about Jambu shoes
Details about the Willow Knit
Jambu Shoe Review for the Willow Knit
How Charlotte Styled this winter slip-on shoe

This is a sponsored post with Jambu Footwear. Details about what that means are at the end of the post. We work with them yearly because of their comfort. My discount code for the Fall 2021 period is JTOUCHF21 which you can use on any of the shoes on Jambu’s website until Dec 5, 2021.

I’ll include some background information about the company along with how my mom styled her outfit to include these shoes. But feel free to skip straight to the Willow Knit Jambu shoe review.

Colorful winter outfit

Jambu Footwear

If you are new to Jambu, then let me give you some background about the company. The Jambu line is all about comfort and style. Each shoe has memory foam insoles and has many options available in wide widths.

Many of their shoes have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health through supportive and durable constructions.

One of the hard things about purchasing shoes online is not knowing how they will fit. Since shoes can’t be altered like clothing can, that’s why these reviews can be so helpful.
As for their return policy, I love what they say: “We think life should be an adventure, but returning your shoes shouldn’t be! We’ve made it easy.” You can return shoes within 30 days of purchasing.


Another fabulous aspect about Jambu is their reward program because once you get a pair, you will want more. It’s easy to join, and you get 100 points just for signing up. After that, you can earn more rewards with every purchase AND on your birthday.

The rewards are easy to use also. You can get free shipping just with 100 points (which you’ll have after you sign up for the program), and then the more points you accumulate, the bigger discounts you save.

Insider tip: They also have a repurposing program available. Shoes can be donated back to Jambu where they will either donate them to their partner, Project Sole or broken down to be repurposed into new products. The best part is then you’ll get a $10 credit for your next purchase.

Knit mocassin with leopard jeans

Details about the Willow Knit Shoes

These are the same design as Lesley’s Willow shoes only with a softer knit upper portion of the shoe.

Here are the specifics on the Willow Knit but there are other slip-on shoes available this season with Jambu also.

  • These come in brown, grey, and navy and Charlotte is wearing the grey.
  • There is faux fur lining throughout to keep your feet warm.
  • Memory foam footbed.
  • Custom knit upper which can mold to the foot.
  • Gore on the sides to make it easy to get on and off.
  • Lightweight yet a firm sole.
  • All-terrain traction on the soles.
  • APMA accepted. The American Podiatric Medical Association has deemed this style for good foot health.

Jambu Shoe Review: Willow Knit

Let me give you a little background about Charlotte’s foot issues and preferences. Even though Lesley and mom are basically wearing the same shoe, their experience is somewhat different due to their different foot anatomy.

One point to note is that my mom didn’t have a lot of walkable shoes when we started this blogging journey. She had more high heels and pretty shoes instead. Yet since we have been exploring our area more and more, she has embraced the comfortable shoes.

Charlotte’s Jambu shoe review of the Willow Knit.

Why did you choose these shoes? “I liked the fur trim and felt like they would be good walking shoes for the winter season.”

Tell me about your foot issues. “I have a bump on the top of my right foot and bunions on both feet. My feet are normal width and I usually wear a size 7.5 M in shoes.”

What do you like about the Willow Knit Shoes? “The knit upper makes them perfect for a winter look and coordinates with many of my fall clothing. I also appreciate the faux fur lining since my feet are always cold. The other factor that is important as I’ve gotten older is the nonslip sole. Even though there isn’t snow here in Arizona, I still worry about falling.”

What didn’t you like about these shoes? “At first, the right shoe was tight over my big toe. I used my shoe stretchers in them overnight which helped tremendously. Since I would normally wear thicker socks with winter shoes, I might suggest sizing up.”

Insider tip: While it’s important to have the right fit with your shoes, it can be helpful to use shoe stretchers when you have a bunion, hammertoe, or other foot issues.

Overall thoughts? “I have a collection of Jambu shoes since working with them all these years and wear them a lot since they are comfortable and stylish. For this pair, I did need to use a shoehorn to get them on. I will be wearing these on many of our winter’s outside activities.”

Socks for Winter

Lesley also wore socks with her Jambu Willow shoes. Even though there is a faux fur lining in the shoes, it’s nice to make sure your ankles are covered in the colder weather.

My mom wore some black and white print socks that are almost indistinguishable from the print jeans and the shoes. This is a perfect way to camouflage your socks if you don’t want the focus on them.

Black and white leopard jeans with raspberry jacket

Jeans: Charter Club~~ Jacket: National c/o~~Blouse: Oxford Shirt Co.~~ Shoes: Jambu Willow Knit” c/o~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: no label

How Charlotte Styled These Tweed Knit Shoes

Even though these knit mocassins are tweed and therefore a print, I love that Charlotte styled them with a pair of print jeans. A black and white leopard print no less.

So much fun style and that’s just the bottom half of the outfit. But let’s talk more about print mixing with your shoes. Print clothing can sometimes seem intimidating because it stands out. Yet we are all wonderful women, so it’s good that we stand out.

We have blogged about the basics of print mixing in the past. One of the easy ways is to mix a print top and print shoes.

Insider tip: Finding a pair of print pants and print shoes that have the same overall colors makes them go together easily.

I know that print pants can also seem too bold. In fact, I remember the first time I wore my leopard pants, I worried that everyone would stare. But then I remembered the quote by Harry Winston that says, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”
And it’s SO true. We are visual animals, so people will look at you even if you are trying to blend into the background.

Insider tip: Do you have an item that seems too bold? Then do what I do and challenge yourself to wear it 5 times with different things. It helps make it feel more normal. That’s what I did with those leopard print pants that intimidated me at first.

Another time Charlotte wore these same shoes was with joggers and a faux fur jacket here.

A Bright Jacket & Accessories

Since the print jeans are black and white, I love that Charlotte paired a bright-colored jacket with them. The white blouse under the jacket is a perfect neutral and pulls the white from the print jeans.

This jacket is a knit, hot pink jacket with a ruffle at the bottom. The ruffle gives the outfit a bit of whimsey and can work wonderfully to camouflage any lumps or bumps you’re trying to cover.

You can see my mom wearing this jacket with a denim skirt.

Just because Charlotte is wearing bright colors and print pants doesn’t mean there can’t be accessories in the outfit. Those extra accessories are the way to add more personality to an outfit. I also think they help us to give our outfits an intentional look instead of seeming like we just slapped clothes on our bodies.

If you look closely, even the rings seem to coordinate wonderfully. The circular metal one mirrors the metal buttons on the jacket and the red round one ties in nicely with the purse.

The red purse and pink jacket don’t match but compliment each other. Remember pink is just a different shade of red so don’t be afraid to combine the two colors.

If you struggle with ways to wear your accessories, make sure to sign up to get my eBook below.

Wearing Willow Knit for Jambu shoe review
Bright jacket with leopard pants

Jambu Shoe Review Sponsored Post Details

This is a sponsored post with Jambu. What a sponsored post entails is that the company gifted us the footwear and paid me to write the post.
I feel so blessed to be able to work with smaller companies and they appreciate your support too. It is truly a win/win for everyone and your purchases and clicks show the company that blogging marketing really works. Thank you for reading and clicking over to explore their site.
We have worked with Jambu for 4 years now because we appreciate their comfort and style.

The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JTOUCHF21 for 20% off your purchase on anything on their site until December 5, 2021. If you’ve never tried Jambu footwear, they are one of the companies I’ve mentioned in my Comfortable Everyday Shoe post.

Jambu shoe review of the Willow Knit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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