Practical Tips and Outfits to Wear Apple Picking

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Different outfits to wear apple picking

Practical Tips and Outfits to Wear Apple Picking

There are so many choices for outfits to wear apple picking. So I thought I’d include not only our outfits, but other considerations along with miscellaneous items that could be helpful. Granted you may not be going apple picking soon, but these ideas could work for many outdoor events.

Quote of the day: “The past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.” Virginia Woolf

This quote really spoke to me because sometimes we attend an event or occasion, yet the memories of it can be even better than the actual time. In a way, that’s how our apple picking excursion was.

Our Outfits to Wear Apple Picking

Arizona ideas of outfits to wear apple picking

The biggest thing I pointed out to both Lesley and my mom was the note posted on the website about this event. It said: *Please Note: We are rustic, a real working cattle ranch. Our orchard is a bonus to having this wonderful land to manage. We run our pigs through the orchard so there will be; mud and occasionally poo. Wear outdoor shoes!

If you missed the individual posts about our outfits, feel free to check them out now. We also included fun facts about apples or farm life in each of our posts.

At least for me, the shoe reference made me think of my rain boots and since they are somewhat warm, I wanted shorts to go with them.

Lesley also opted for shorts for the day, along with washable shoes.

And then Charlotte wanted to wear red since we would be picking apples. The funny thing is we were all surprised at the apples at the orchard. You can see them below.

Date Creek Ranch

This apple picking festival was at Date Creek Ranch which was about 1.5 hours from where we live. You have to remember that Arizona is very deserty. There are cacti and palm trees everywhere. So the idea that there could be an apple orchard among all of this is quite amazing.

Granted, you can see by the photos that the orchard is not as lush and extensive as the orchards in the midwest. But the day was not wasted. The ranch had a petting zoo for the kids and supplied the wheelbarrows and fruit picking tools. There were also options to purchase some of their grass fed beef and pork along with apple butter, already made pies, honey and cider.

Yes, we came home with not only apples. We always love to support the small businesses in our area!

The Apples

So the biggest surprise to us was the apples themselves. They were all green apples. And pretty small. In the photo above, they are sitting next to a 2.5 inch candle.

But let’s remind ourselves that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, eh?? The apples still tasted great. And the pie my mom made us was absolutely fabulous. Just so you know, the piece taken from the pie, is the piece my mom always gets when she makes a pie for us. My mom makes the best apple, pecan, blueberry and peach pies ever!!!

We still had some of the apples left after mom made this pie. So I put them in the crock pot and made applesauce. I was going to make an apple cake for which my friend, Judy, had shared the recipe with me. But with the temperatures still over 90 degrees outside, Rob didn’t want me to heat up the kitchen.

Outfits to Wear Apple Picking

3 Decades of women with outfits to wear apple picking

We’ve gotten pretty good at what to wear to our outdoor activities lately. So let me share with you some of the things we’ve learned. This could be a little different than a previous post about an outdoor sitting event.

1-Bring water. Sure, it’s more important in the drier climates, but everyone needs to stay hydrated. If you’re wondering where my water is, Rob has it in his backpack.

2-Sunglasses. Anytime you are outdoors, it’s important to have eye protection from the sun. If you don’t have prescription sunglasses, you can always get the kind like my mom has that go over your normal glasses.

3-Comfortable shoes. Sure, this is obvious, but it’s good to reiterate. Even though we are taking photos for the blog, we like to be realistic about our outfits to wear apple picking.

4-Your purse situation. You can see that all of us have purses that don’t need to be held. Whether that’s a cross body purse, a backpack or a belt bag type of purse, it makes it so much easier to have fun and not worry about your purse.

5-Hat. I included this because it was still hot for us on this day. Sure, that may not be the case for your outdoor event. But I did read something interesting recently. Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel recently traveled to Jordan and Egypt. Her realization was that being covered in the sun is actually cooler than having your skin exposed. Of course, you want the cover to be lightweight, but just the fact that the sun isn’t hitting your body helps keep you cooler.

Other Tips for these Kinds of Activities

Tips and outfits to wear apple picking

So if you are going apple picking, clothing and outfits aren’t the only thing you want to be thinking about.

1– Research if they will have the fruit picking tool for you to use. If you’re young, you can always climb the tree, but that’s dangerous. I would think all places would have them, but it’s good to know ahead of time.

2– Think about how you are going to carry the fruit. This ranch supplied the wheelbarrows to put the apples in once you picked them. But then it was good to have a bag in order to keep them together and transport them to your car.

3– I’m a huge proponent of snacks. When my blood sugar gets to low, I tend to get crabby. So we also took a couple of snack bars with us. These Built Bars are the ones we are eating now, and I even signed up to be an ambassador with the company. They are that good.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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