Prevent Overwhelm with a Magnetic Scarf Clasp

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Using a magnetic scarf clasp

Prevent Overwhelm with a Magnetic Scarf Clasp

A magnetic scarf clasp could be one of those scarf hacks you never knew you needed until you tried it. How would I know? Because after Mary Katherine gifted me one, I’ve been wearing it a ton. It makes “scarf tying” a thing of the past.

Quote of the day: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

First I’d like to introduce Mary Katherine. She has been a loyal reader of our blog for awhile now. When she was out here in January, I was honored that she included a stay at our abode. Make sure to check back at the photos we took when she was here. I also twisted her arm to join us for this week’s blog photos. Not only does she love clothes and shopping like we do, she also has this magical magnetic scarf clasp to showcase.

As an aside, Mary Katherine is an amazing story teller, and has been itching to start a blog for awhile. With Rob’s help, she has MK’s Adventure website up and running now. Granted she JUST started it so stayed tuned for all of the fun. It will be focusing on 4 elements: rural life, fashion, food and travel, all from the perspective of the mature woman. If you want to know more about MK, I’ve included a little snippet at the end of the post.

This series of scarf ideas originally started as a way to take away the focus of a larger chest. As part of that idea, Lesley showcased fancy ways to wear two different scarves in her post. And our guest model, Mary Katherine gives us a item that is perfect for any kind of scarf overwhelm. Don’t forget to check out the many other accessories that help with our scarves.

Woman with cardigan and necklace

The Original Outfit

Mary Katherine (or MK as I call her now), started with a very basic outfit with a white column of color and grey cardigan. I’m sure you think that this outfit is wonderful on it’s own, just like with Lesley’s red dress.
Yet sometimes we either want to add a little more attitude to our outfit or heck, maybe it’s chilly out and we need more coverage. That’s when a scarf is a great accessory.

When your scarf is too big

So What is Scarf Overwhelm?

For a smaller person, scarves can be too big and bulky. Sure, you can stick with the smaller ones or thinner scarves, but sometimes you have a bigger one that you love.

For example, do you know about Liberty of London scarves? MK shares her story of this particular scarf.
“When I was a child, one of my elegant mother’s prized possessions was a silk scarf that she always proclaimed “came from Liberty’s of London” (someone had evidently brought to her as a gift, as she’d never been to London). When I made my first trip to London at age 22, of COURSE I made the pilgrimage to Liberty’s (gorgeous Tudor-style building) and got my mother and me new scarves.
My most recent trip there was 3 years ago, with another scarf on my list. The large square silk scarves were more than I wanted to pay – imagine!?!? I found myself on the top floor, where they sell FABRIC and….you guessed it. I bought a square meter of the silk for half the cost of the scarf, and spent 3 nights hand-hemming the edges myself (hope this makes Charlotte smile). The pattern is like Celtic imagery meets William Morris, and I LOVE both the design and the colors.”

So you can see why MK keeps and wears this particular scarf. Yet wearing it alone does seem too big for her petite body.

Using a Magnetic Scarf Clasp

What exactly is a magnetic scarf clasp? The brand that MK uses and gifted to me is Maggies and can be found on Amazon. In MK’s words, ” I was originally using these when I was much larger, and wanted to keep cardigans and jackets from flapping open. Then I discovered how great they are for keeping scarves in place ALL DAY without putting holes in your clothes. The idea of having my scarf secured and not billowing up, making my already-billowy bosom look larger is magical.”

Insider tip: There are many of these kinds of scarf clips or accessories that could help with your scarf tying. Keep your eyes peeled for the post tomorrow which will showcase even more options.

Grey print scarf with magnetic scarf clasp

Jeans: WHBM ~~Cardigan: Roz & Ali ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Keds~~ Scarf: Liberty of London~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: DKNY

Using a magnetic scarf clasp

I created a YouTube video where you can see exactly what these magnets look like. In fact, in the description of the video, I even linked to rings that color coordinate with these Maggie’s magnets, and other magnets that would work. If you can’t see the links, feel free to email me ( for them or comment asking for them.

Insider tip: If you don’t use the metal cover over the ball & ring portion, the magnet can stick to a dangly earring, a shopping cart, dinner utensils or a file cabinet. These magnets are strong!

All the Extras

Sometimes the extras don’t have to stand out much to still add fun to an outfit. For example MK still added some silver earrings and bracelet to the mix. Along with this purse that can be worn a couple of different ways due to the strap that clips on and off and is adjustable.

And then these jeans. Embroidery as a subtle detail. It’s one of those wonderful elements that take a pair of jeans and give them that little extra specialness.

The 411 About Mary Katherine

A Kentucky farm girl who’s been lucky enough to live around the world, her career included 15 years in banking, and now just as long in the hospitality industry where she’s managed a winery tasting room, taught culinary arts, and is now the events director at a theological seminary. She lives back on her family farm with her husband Glenn, and she loves fashion, travel, animals, gardening and cooking. She’s proud to have made it to age 59 and wants to make a ruckus for as long as she can. (You can see why MK and I get along so well).

Grey and white outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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